Saturday, September 06, 2008

Car Wreck and Tays Harp

It has been a long week. Well long since Wednesday. A car turned right in the path of my car and I wrecked me car. Got hurt a little not a lot but still feel crappy. I am feeling crappy now don’t feel much like blogging but I wanted to share with you all how Taylor figured in the wreck well not the wreck. After the wreck. I am just going to copy and paste my blog from MySpace here.
Thursday, September 04, 2008
Car Wreck ... Scary!!!
Current mood: grateful
Yesterday I was going into town to pick up some groceries and I was heading down the hill right past my house. As I got the bottom I saw a car in other lane and right as I got to the driveway area they turned right in the path of my car. It was so close I knew there was no way my brakes were going to stop me in time. I tried to steer away in the the other direction to get away from them but there was just not enough space between us.
The next thing I knew I wa screaming because I knew we were going to crash. Sure enough we did. Thank God I tried to get my car in other lane or we would have hit directly head on. Instead my passenger side landed in the middle of her grill. It knocked me so hard I was flying forwards and sideways thank god my seat belt kept jerking me back in place. My rear view mirror came flying towards me hit me in the head I thought my windshield had came in on me. When My car finally stopped I was so shocked and scared it took a few to register what happened. I tried to get out of my door but my drivers door wouldn’t open so I crawled over to passenger door to get out as I opened the door the woman in the other vehicle was walking to me carrying her little girl about 2.
Than god the child was in a car seat and wasn't hurt. The woman’s air bag busted in her face she had blood pouring from her face. it scared me to death when i saw her. Thank god it just cut her face a little and knocked some teeth loose.
I didn’t go with the squad because I wanted to get the legal stuff done first and get my car home. As the day went on my chest and back started hurting real bad and my arm was numb. Thankfully it is just a badly bruised chest and back from seat belt and being thrown back and forth.
But this morning I woke up with swollen and numb face. i dont recall hitting anything with my face. If it still swollen tomorrow I am going back to doc.
It was the scariest thing I have experienced. I was so scared I was gonna die or have something go through my body. My car is totaled. Looking from outside u think on some new fender hood bumper and it be ok but the frame is twisted that is why driver door wont open even though i was hit in passenger side. My motor mounts are twisted. But I am just thankful no one was badly hurt or killed.
I was driving a Chevy Lumina Euro Sport Coupe. She was driving A ford escape. i think that what its called. Like a big jeep van thing or at least to my little car its huge.
Ok a couple silly little things about the accident well in a way and related to music. Bucky Covingtons CD was in my CD player. When the crash happened I heard it skipping like crazy. Then all the sudden when car stopped the switch wasnt off and the the cd took off playing again and the song was I'll Walk. That kinda of spooked me at the time cause my head hadn't registered completely yet if I was ok so I shut it off, but after I got out and thought about it, how appropriate for that song to play. Thank God I did walk. it could have been so much different. I think this song will have a much different meaning for me now.
Ok another my rear view mirror has lights on it so when it flew off it was dangling by the cords. A guy at the scene helping looked in saw my mirror hanging. And said boy it knocked that mirror right off without breaking windshield. then he said your little harmonica is just dangling there to. ( The little harp we were sent from Taylor Hicks fanclub was hanging from mirror) I said yea that is Taylor Hicks he laughed and said well it isnt a good luck charm. i said well yes it is. he said oh do you figure? I said well I aint dead he laughed and said ok I see your point. I took that harp off mirror and put in pocket just incase they towed my car off.
When my husband got there I remembered Bucky’s CD was in player I had him get it out. They may have towed my car but they weren’t getting Bucky’s CD or Tays harp lol Yea I'm silly about that stuff.
And one more so the cop has me sit in cruiser to fill out report. His cell starts to ring and the song was Sweet Home Alabama.
I just had to share those silly little things.
I'll say one thing when something like that happens it makes you realize just how quick something bad can happen. We never know how much we have on earth. I am just thankful God saw fit it wasnt my time. I got to come home and see my babies (well they are 13 and 17) but still I was able to see my babies get off the school bus.
I have to try and get over the fright. i love to drive I always have. Today i tried to go to town in my sons car to get my meds and I had to turn around and come back home. i was shaking like a leaf and scared to death. i made my self later go and get the meds and groceries but it took willpower and saying to myself I can do to be able to. But I still wasn’t trusting myself much. i sure watched driveways all the way there and cars on the other side of the road.

Turns out my face is swollen because of the dye used in the cat scan it is allergic reaction. Also turns out my lungs and heart are inflamed. They have me on steroids pain pills and inflammation meds 2 of them.

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