Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bloggers Choice Awards - Taylor's Angels

Most everyone in the Soul Patrol has heard of Taylor’s Angels. Many have experienced the kindness of Taylor’s Angels. Taylor’s Angels is based on Taylor Hicks fans Taying it forward. Taylor’s Angels consist of a group of 7 ladies with hearts of gold, giving concert tickets and memberships to fans that cannot afford it. Also sending charity groups to concerts within the communities where Taylor Hicks is performing. Right now you can help Taylor’s Angels by voting for them at Bloggers Choice Awards where they have been nominated for Best Charity Blog. Go and vote today.

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Taylor's Angels said...

Thank you Cindy!!! What a nice thing for you to do! We appreciate all your support you have always given our group!

poetcindy said...

My pleasure to let others know of the things Taylor Angels does to help fellow Taylor fans. :)