Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Taylor Hicks: News and Happenings

I have so slacked in the last couple weeks in keeping this blog up. I have had a lot going on and making the time to do another thing was almost impossible. A friend wrote me and asked “Hey, where is the Taylor Hicks, Google alerts from you?” I decided I better get back to writing about a subject I love, of course I mean Taylor Hicks.

Great News “Just to feel That Way” is #1 in Adult Contemporary at This means that among all Media base monitored AC radio stations in the country, “Just to Feel That Way” is the most added song to their radio play lists in the last week. That is great news. Slowly but surely Taylor Hicks Single is making a impact on the Radio and it will just continue to grow.

Another piece of news I saw is that Taylor will be at Country Fest this summer. On June 23rd 2007 in Cadott Wisconsin, at 9pm Taylor will take the stage. He will be singing after Josh Turner and right before Sara Evans. Also performing earlier that day will be Chris Cagle and The Wreckers. In my opinion this is great news. I think several of Taylor songs would do great on the country charts. “The Deal, Hell of a Day, Places I’ve Been, Just to Feel That Way, and The Right Place” could all be great crossover songs.

The tour will be starting in a couple weeks. The first concert is Feb. 21, 2007 at the Florida Theater in Jacksonville Florida. The concert I am attending isn’t until April 24th in Columbus Ohio at Lifestyles Community Pavilion. Seems like forever right now until April but I know The Soul Patrol will be sharing recaps and pictures with all of us throughout the tour to keep us all informed on the experience. We will all feel like we were there with the great recaps everyone shares. Everyone get prepared because in 2 weeks we are all going to be going on a road trip to Taylor Hicks concerts. With the Soul Patrol Fans sharing their great recaps with everyone. Anyone attending the Columbus Ohio concert please post here maybe we all will get a chance to meet up.

Yesterday I was alerted to Taylor leaving a Montage for fans and he mentioned some by name. I was surprised to hear my online name mentioned as I am sure everyone else mentioned was. I am posting two of the Gofish videos from Taylor here.

Go fish artist voices