Thursday, June 05, 2008

Taylor Bracelet

Just incase you missed my post from a few weeks ago about the Taylor Hicks charm bracelet that I had made I am posting the video again. I have worn this bracelet everyday since I got it and it is a great conversation starter. I have many people ask me about it and then they want to know who the guy is in the pictures so I get to tell them about Taylor. One woman working the counter at a Speedway store did not even know Taylor had a CD out. After our talk she said she would look at Wal-mart for his CD if it is not there she is going to order it from Amazon. My husband says he could have gotten me a gold bangle bracelet that in his opinion would be better. Yea right, that would have no picture of Taylor I much prefer this.

I need rehab?

Men just do not understand why Taylor has captured the heats of their women. My husband says I need Taylor rehab, says I’m addicted. He thinks there ought to be a Taylor Hicks rehab like there is a drug rehab. I told him drug rehab works because drugs are bad for you and you want to quit them. Taylor is good for the heart and soul and no one, definitely not me, wants to quit Taylor. Like always he just shakes his head. I think one reason men do not understand is because they don’t get involved in anything or anyone the same way a woman does.

We think with our hearts. When we care about something or in this case someone we put our whole heart and our soul into them. We want to see someone we care about succeed in everything they do. If someone says bad things about them especially untrue things we jump to their defense. Men think most times with one part of their body and that affect does not last long. It never lasts as long as someone who is committed with their heart.

Taylor Hicks Teen Angel

Tomorrow is the big day. Taylor Hicks will make his debut as Teen Angel in Broadway’s production of Grease. I can not wait to start hearing recaps from those lucky enough to get see Taylor in this role. I know he will make the song Beauty School Dropout his own as he has done with every song he has sung. Taylor has the ability to take any song and make it his own and I know he will do the same with this song. Broadway I hope you are prepared for the Soul Patrol.

Off Topic – Father’s Day is around the corner. The kids went online and chose what they wanted to get their Dad for Father’s Day. They chose a FP Journe watch. These are beautiful watches. If you are still looking for something check them out.


It has been a wild spring here in Ohio. One day will be in the 90s, the next may be 60. Rain and tornado warnings. My allergies have been driving me crazy through it all. Last year my husband got me a IQAir Air purifier. This thing has been a life saver. My husband says it will also come in handy when I read all the recaps from Taylor’s stint on Broadway. Yea he thinks he is funny. Oh well is also probably right.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Free Lowes Gift Card

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