Friday, July 27, 2007

Taylor Hicks Bumper Stickers and More

I have been going to EBay to purchase my Taylor Hicks bumper stickers and decals. EBay is great to get this stuff but you can only get the car and truck accessories that are designed by someone else. There is no way to design your own. I started searching for sites that would let me design my own decals and I found a great site. You can create your own decals and much more. I am having them create a sign that will go in my rear brake light, the 3rd brake light that most all cars have now. It will say Soul Patrol and every time I hit my brakes those behind me will see Soul Patrol. If you would like to have your own decals, license plates and more created go to

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Taylor on the Radio

I have not heard Taylor on the radio since his new CD Taylor Hicks was released. I have called and requested for my local station to play him but they never did. I was about to give up deciding radio would play what ever they wanted. My boss sent me to purchase some office furniture today. As I was driving to the furniture store, I heard the familiar start of DIMYP. I arrived at the store before the song was finished so I stayed in the car until it was over. It was so great to finally hear Taylor on the radio, even if it wasn’t from his new CD. This is the first time the station in my area has ever played anything by Taylor, so hopefully it’s a start. I am so glad that my boss decided to send me to choose the furniture or I would have not heard it. I hope this is just the beginning and Taylor gets a lot of airplay.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Taylor Touches Hearts

We all know how a song can touch us deeply. There is a song called Daddies Girl by Red Sovine and ever since my Father passed away that song makes me cry every time I hear it, not because it makes me sad but because it causes me to remember how much my Dad loved me and how much I miss him. Waiting on The World to Change by John Mayer is another song I never grow tired of. We are all waiting on the world to change and this song just reassures we all crave the same thing a happy and safe world. There are many other songs that deeply touch me. But sometimes in life there is a artist that touches people as deeply as a song does. Elvis Presley was the first artist that touched me so deeply and I have always had a special place in my heart for Elvis. Just the mention of Elvis can put a smile on my face. It isn’t because of the music as much as it is the MAN himself.

We all know that near the end of Elvis’ life he changed drastically, the life of being so famous drug him down. But when Elvis first became famous there was not a more kind or generous man around. Elvis started from a poor home but he had such love and respect for his Mother and he let everyone know this. There are many stories of Elvis giving cars and ETC to those in need. Elvis’ fans are so devoted that even though he has bee gone for many years they are still devoted to him. He touched their hearts and they held him their dearly and still do.

Now there is Taylor Hicks, now many will say he does not have the best voice. I love Taylor’s voice, I love 99% of every song the man sings. I do admit though he may not have the world’s #1 Best voice, but it is not just the voice that keeps me involved in Taylor. It is the man himself, the fans, the way he treats the fans and just the whole package.

I just read a story at of Taylor being at Hagerstown, Maryland and Bruce Torres talks of stories from those standing in line to get tickets for the show. As I read this I felt chills and it touched me so much. Whether Taylor realizes it or not he touches the heart of his fans in more ways than he could have ever imagined when he first auditioned for American Idol.

Some people think it is silly the way fans act over Taylor Hicks but this southern man is not just a singer, he is a man that struggled to get where he is, he had many obstacles in his way but he was determined to get past these and make it. Fans can relate because we all have had obstacles that have deterred us in one way or another. Taylor is proof that sticking with it pays off.

Taylor makes a special effort to relate to the children and the disabled. His compassion for others touches people deep within their heart. At a time when the world seems to be at its craziest, when compassion for your fellow man seems a rare commodity, when others are Waiting on the World to Change, Taylor Hicks, one Heart and Soul at a time is making the world change. It may be just by brightening up the life for a fan for a brief second, by signing a CD or handing a harmonica to a child but no matter what, for at least that brief second the fan feels touched that Taylor Hicks, this man who does not have to give his time to the fans, does anyway.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comfortably Enjoying Taylor

As anyone who uses the computer a lot knows, having a comfortable desk and chair makes it a lot better on your back. I am on the PC almost all day and sometimes late into the night. A lot of the time is spent reading, posting and writing about Taylor but I also am a freelance writer and make my living writing online. My Aunt is older now and decided she did not need her executive desks and chair any longer and she just had my Uncle bring them to me. This chair is so comfortable and the desk is huge with lots of storage and space on the desk. I will not only sit a lot more comfortably but I will no longer feel all cooped up with a small desk with all my notes and such. Everything is now neatly organized. This will help with my writing and also make being on the PC so much more enjoyable for my body.

Guys Don't Understand

Husbands just do not understand are addiction to seeing Taylor Hicks perform every chance we get. I have only saw Taylor once and that was back in April, I know just a few short months ago. However as any Taylor addict knows once is not enough. My husband figures since I saw him once I should not want to see him again for a long time. He thinks it would just be boring to see the same person over and over again. I have tried telling him if he was to go to one concert he would understand, but nope he isn’t interested. He said he is not fighting to see someone when there will be thousands of women standing in front of him anyway. I even tried telling him about all the fans who have followed him to 15 or more concert, that did not help at all, he said well if your gonna spend that kind of money you might as well buy a Disney vacation home. Guys just don’t understand.


Well I haven’t gotten to see Taylor in concert this summer. However August 6th I’m going to see Mike Albert, he is an Elvis impersonator and he is great. August 9th I will be seeing Bucky Covington and August 10th I will be seeing Tracey Lawrence. I was hoping Taylor would show at a fair in Ohio but there are none scheduled. Bucky is the main show of the ones I am going to that I can’t wait to get to. Guess I better get a supply of bic pens together for autographs

Monday, July 23, 2007

Taylor almost got me a speeding ticket

Taylor’s CD always seems to make me just cruise along not paying attention to my speed. I am too wrapped up in the music. This morning I had to run in to town for something. I of course had Taylor’s CD in, the volume turned way up. The car I just got rides very, very smooth. You can be driving at 70mph and it feels like 30 or 40. A cop pulled me over this morning; I was going 65 in 35. I thought for sure I was going to get a speeding ticket; he luckily let me go with a warning. I guess I better get some more insurance like globe life insurance or something lol. 65 in a 35 could prove dangerous to my health. I guess while I am listening to Tay I better be watching that speedometer a little more closely.

Taylor Hicks and Surveys

I take a lot of surveys for market research. Tonight I took one about music, which I have taken several music related surveys. I constantly find myself hoping to see a song of Taylor’s or a question about Taylor on one of these surveys but as of yet I have not. One day I am confident I will start to do one of these and information concerning Taylor will be there. Until then maybe I will create one myself and post it here so you can all do a Taylor Hicks survey.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Technology and Taylor Hicks

I have spent most of the day online downloading every video I can find of Taylor Hicks, well those that I did not already have. I purchased an mp.3 player Friday and it holds video. So now I am a happy camper. I love technology and all the things that are now able to be done. What would we do with out the net, capabilities to record everything Taylor related and electronics to play those recordings in? My mp.3 player is loaded with videos of Taylor. I can watch him anytime I choose and no one in the house can complain I am interrupting their TV show lol. Yesterday I got some dead sea salt that I had ordered in the mail so I think after I finish a survey I just received I am going to relax in the tub with my terrific smelling salts and watch Tay videos for awhile.

Another Place to Post Reviews of Heart Full of Soul has a section to order books and Taylor’s book Heart Full of Soul is there. There is only the review I put there. It would be nice if more went and posted a review of Heart Full of Soul. We know reviews help people decide whether to buy a product. Putting more reviews there could alert people that do know of it to it and thus create more sells.

The 1 Reason Taylor Has a Hold on us All

Tomorrow Taylor Hicks will be in Indiana at the Elkhart 4-H fair. I so much wanted to attend this concert as it’s only a 5 hr drive; however I am not able to. I know all of you that attend will have a blast and once again Taylor will deliver a show that will have all the boards talking for a long time. I still try and figure out why Taylor as such a hold on his fans, of course that includes myself. There is just some people and/or some music that always makes you feel happy and puts a smile on your face. I think that may be the key to the addiction to Taylor Hicks that we have. He is always so happy and always smiling. We are always happy and smiling when we are in the presence of Taylor, listening to his CDS, or now, reading his book.

Smiling makes you feel better due to the release of Serotonin which makes us feel calm, poised, confident, and relaxed. So that could be part of the key to our addiction to Taylor Hicks, or course our smiles may make us feel all the above things however when we are watching Taylor perform we are far from calm as we jump and dance right along with him. Then there is the fact that Taylor looks so good that we are far from relaxed, excited is probably the better choice of words.

My wonderful Husband

My husband surprised me last night by having a room reserved at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast. He said he was starting our anniversary early when he bought me a Mother’s ring, and he continued with a wonderful night out. The room was absolutely beautiful. I wish I had pictures of it to share but I did not know we were going until we pulled into the drive. There was a beautiful lake that you could see right out our window. Maybe he will surprise me with a trip to a Taylor Hicks concert soon, since he knows I want to go to one so much.