Thursday, July 26, 2007

Taylor on the Radio

I have not heard Taylor on the radio since his new CD Taylor Hicks was released. I have called and requested for my local station to play him but they never did. I was about to give up deciding radio would play what ever they wanted. My boss sent me to purchase some office furniture today. As I was driving to the furniture store, I heard the familiar start of DIMYP. I arrived at the store before the song was finished so I stayed in the car until it was over. It was so great to finally hear Taylor on the radio, even if it wasn’t from his new CD. This is the first time the station in my area has ever played anything by Taylor, so hopefully it’s a start. I am so glad that my boss decided to send me to choose the furniture or I would have not heard it. I hope this is just the beginning and Taylor gets a lot of airplay.