Saturday, November 18, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Interview with Donna Reynolds Idol Thoughts and Foxes on Idol Writer

I recently interview Donna Reynolds she writes for Idol Thoughts and Foxes on Idol. Here is some of the interview.

What do you feel made Season five so popular?
The show has gained popularity every year, but I think season five was the most talented to date, and it was well-balanced in terms of musical styles. There was something for everyone – whether that is country, pop, rock, R&B, or Taylor!

Why do you think Taylor Hicks has become so popular?
Taylor is a musician, not just a singer or performer. His musical roots go deep, and he appealed to all of us who were sick of the cookie cutter pop singers that have long dominated Idol. Taylor “feels” the music and was able to bring the audience into his performances. I also think that his acknowledging his fans on a weekly basis made them fiercely loyal.

Have you got to meet Taylor?
I have not met Taylor (yet). He was very well-insulated, and I was not able to make a connection. I'm working on it, though!

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Taylor Hicks Do I Creep You Out?

I was just at and viewed the New video. They call it Do I make you Proud? Yes Taylor you do and you made me laugh like crazy to. The video has a little bit of everything. From Taylor being interviewed and discussing the New CD and when he started playing Harp, Guitar and writing songs then we hear some of Hell of a Day. Taylor looks so happy and like he is having lots of fun. Then it Do I Make You Proud Taylor talks about Do I Creep You Out from Sweet Al. Then Taylor starts to sing and I was laughing so hard. Instead of singing the verse Do I Make You Proud? Taylor sings Do I Creep You Out? He was having a lot of fun and you can tell he is happy over the Weird Al parody. it’s all in good fun and Taylor knows it. I have to say this is my favorite video yet of Taylor at rehearsals. It shows us the fun and happy side of Taylor. It was truly great to see him so happy and relaxed. I for one want to see more of this. Taylor asks Do I Creep You Out? The answer is defiantly NO! Taylor may excite us, he makes us smile, he makes us proud and he often makes us THUD. However, he never Creeps Us Out!

Taylor Hicks: Things Happen

I reported a few days ago that Taylor was supposed to call into the radio station Big106 this morning. I, like most of you listened from 8 A.M. - 10 A.M. EST. The call did not come through. The radio station was called by a couple people and they kept expecting him to call, he did not get to. We all have to remember Taylor is a very busy man. Something must have come up. Also remember Taylor is in California, the show ended at 7 A.M Cali time so Taylor may have still been asleep. I am sure though Taylor will let us know something about what happened whether it be through Gray Charles or some other way. But don’t fret we still will get our Taylor fix. Remember still has a video getting ready to air in a little bit. Sunday we get to hear and see Taylor before the NASCAR Race on NBC when he sings the National Anthem.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Top Ten Gift Ideas for a Taylor Hicks Fan

I just had an article published titled Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan. Would love you all to give it a read. Maybe you will get an idea for a gift or you can send it to someone who will buying for you. This will be their hint of what you want for Christmas. Here are of a few of the Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan on my list.

1) New Taylor Hicks CD – Due out in stores December 5th. Even if you know they are planning to buy a copy they would still appreciate a second copy to put in the car or to keep as a collectable. You can also preorder the CD so it will be shipped the day of its release.
6) Donate Money – The Soul Patrol supports Kid One Transport and Studio by The Tracks. Charities that is near and dear to Taylor Hicks heart. You could donate money to these great causes in your loved one’s name. Give them a card stating that you did this. Trust me you would make their day when they realize you cared enough to help these charities. It is also a great to help charities that really need it while giving a gift to a loved a loved one.

Click here to read the rest of the Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan. If you have other ideas for more gift suggestions leave a comment there and let every one know.

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Friday

It’s almost time for Taylor Friday. has a preview clip up of what is coming up tomorrow. It looks like it’s going to be a good one. Taylor seems to be happy and having fun. I thought it was funny Taylor talking about Weird Al’s Do I Creep You Out? He calls him Sweet Al. If you haven’t seen the preview yet be sure to go to and see it. Then tune in tomorrow to see the full video. Also don’t forget Taylor Friday starts tomorrow between 8 - 9 A.M EST. Taylor will be calling into Big 106 and you will able to listen to it at their

A Look Back in Time of Taylor Hicks

Tonight I decided to do some more searching to see if I could find some more news about Taylor that I may not have seen before. I was also looking for anything interesting as a Look Back in time of Taylor Hicks and I found something that at first got me scared and then I thought nope this is someone trying to scare fans. Well I clicked on the link and was smiling by the time I was done reading. I didn’t seen this piece of writing when it came out in March but I imagine those who did was scared at first also. It said Taylor Hicks is dying. Thank God they meant dying to be the next American Idol. The article also goes on to say Taylor Hicks is the blackest white man to ever enter the American Idol competition. That phrase reminded me of Elvis. Remember those who heard Elvis sing without seeing him thought he was a black man. Elvis had soul in him and you could hear it his voice. So that is another Tayvis connection. Another part of the article worth mentioning is “While Taylor seems to be in perfect health today, there's just no telling what condition his condition will be in next week, though one expert suggested it may be "blue(sy), gravelly, herky-jerky and perhaps even spastic." The last part of this piece is the caption under Taylor’s picture “The only sincere American Idol contestant to date.” Well that is My Look back in time of Taylor Hicks for today. To read the rest of the article click here

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Jib Jab Weird Al Do I Creep You Out?

First SNL did a Taylor parody. Then Weird Al wrote the parody Do I Creep You Out? Now Jib Jab a site very popular for its cartoons has a cartoon up of Weird Al's Do I Creep You Out? If it's true that Humor is a high form of flattery than Taylor must be feeling very flattered right now. In a years time Taylor has come a long way. He sure doesn't have to try and get people to notice him anymore, quite the opposite now. He may be wishing he could hide a little every now and again.

Do I Creep You Out Send To Friends Funny Animations at JibJab">

Taylor Hicks

I log on today and read something that makes my day. mentioned me by name in reference to the news that Taylor will calling into Big106 Friday morning it will be broadcast at there site and then he is singing the National Anthem Sunday on NBC. For just an ordinary blogger that is big news, or maybe little things make me happy. Ok enough with the self gloating. Just two days until we get to see another video of Taylor Hicks at Rehearsals. Tayday can’t come soon enough I love seeing the new videos each week. Keeping up with everything Taylor is becoming time consuming he is a very busy man; hopefully he is getting at least a little free time to enjoy his life. One thing is certain though with Taylor Hicks he does what he can to keep fans informed of what is going on. No one can say Taylor Hicks ignores his fans. He even leaves us little audio blogs at Gray Charles site That is so Cool!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wedding Cameras

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Taylor Hicks Friday

Taylor Hicks Friday will be a double dose this Friday. As usual will be showing a clip of Taylor. We will have to wait and see if it will be a Interview, Performance or Rehearsal. Either of the three will be great. However this Friday at 8 am Taylor Hicks will be calling into a local radio station in Miami. Paul and Young Ron will let us listen to the stream of Big106’s broadcast by going to Just go to the Paul and Young Ron Section to listen to the stream online.

Then after a great Friday tune into NBC Sunday because prior to the Nascar Nextel Cup Ford 400 that is being held at the Homestead Miami Speedway. Taylor will be singing The National Anthem prior to the start of the race. Tune into NBC Sunday at 2PM EST.

This will a great weekend of Taylor Hicks. Friday kicks it off and then Sunday we get to hear Taylor’s soulful voice sing The National Anthem.

Taylor Hicks: Pre-Idol

Ok I can’t sleep so I log on to my pc and I start surfing Taylor Hicks name. I thought I have seen and heard all things Taylor. Especially everything Pre-Idol. However, much to my delighted surprise I found something I hadn’t heard before. I thought I would share what I found with the rest of you as I am sure there are others like me who haven’t heard this. My search landed me at
I started reading and some of I have heard about before. “Taylor Hicks originally appeared on Tapestry, WBHM's locally produced arts and culture program, in December of 2005. Tapestry airs Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m.” “Described as a soul singer, Taylor Hicks is known for setting "soul fires" from panhandle Florida honky-tonks to the modern day chitlin-circuit of the old South. He's entertained with high profile artists such as James Brown, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Drive by Truckers, and Robert Randolph. Taylor is currently collaborating with contemporary blues legend Keb Mo. This is all pre-idol.

So I scroll further down and discover a Interview I had never heard before. It still amazes me how Taylor was never discovered and signed pre-idol. I don’t understand how someone could hear this man sing and pass on him. I guess that goes too show the bigwigs in the Music industry do not know what the majority of American’s really want to listen to. Thank God for American Idol if it wasn’t for them we would have never heard the amazing talent of Taylor Hicks. That would be like never having a Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Conway Twitty, or Bruce Springsteen.

Go give a listen to the link above. I promise you will love hearing Taylor sing and talk pre-idol. I am off to see if I can find more hidden treasures.