Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Look Back in Time of Taylor Hicks

Tonight I decided to do some more searching to see if I could find some more news about Taylor that I may not have seen before. I was also looking for anything interesting as a Look Back in time of Taylor Hicks and I found something that at first got me scared and then I thought nope this is someone trying to scare fans. Well I clicked on the link and was smiling by the time I was done reading. I didn’t seen this piece of writing when it came out in March but I imagine those who did was scared at first also. It said Taylor Hicks is dying. Thank God they meant dying to be the next American Idol. The article also goes on to say Taylor Hicks is the blackest white man to ever enter the American Idol competition. That phrase reminded me of Elvis. Remember those who heard Elvis sing without seeing him thought he was a black man. Elvis had soul in him and you could hear it his voice. So that is another Tayvis connection. Another part of the article worth mentioning is “While Taylor seems to be in perfect health today, there's just no telling what condition his condition will be in next week, though one expert suggested it may be "blue(sy), gravelly, herky-jerky and perhaps even spastic." The last part of this piece is the caption under Taylor’s picture “The only sincere American Idol contestant to date.” Well that is My Look back in time of Taylor Hicks for today. To read the rest of the article click here


Patricia Matthews said...

Great article Cindy but I cannot access the rest of it! I actually got a YOU ARE FORBIDDEN headline!

If you will email me a more direct link, I'll try again.

Thanks for all the good you do for Tay & the Soul Patrol!