Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone. Merry Christmas!!! I love a cold, white Christmas. Of course I’m not getting that this year. It is cold here in Ohio but there is no snow. It is still a great Christmas however. Had all my kids here today and we celebrated Christmas on Christmas. My oldest son and his girlfriend and her little girl were here with us also, so we had more to share the holidays with this year.

Now after New Years my spring fever will set in. I can not wait for spring and summer to get here. I love to spend the summer camping, hiking, swimming and attending outdoor concerts. I hope Taylor makes it this way for an outdoor concert. I loved attending Taylor’s concert last April in Columbus Ohio at the Lifestyles Community Pavilion, but I much prefer being outside on a beautiful sunny evening for a concert.

Last summer I attended 3 Bucky Covington Concerts that were outdoors. I would love so much to attend a Taylor Hicks concert outdoors. We already know Bucky is going to back in our area July 5th for an outdoor concert. It is going to be near a place we camp at every year so you can bet my camping gear will be ready. We will get a campsite and get it all set up, attend Bucky’s show and then head back to the camp site for a night under the stars. I just hope I get the same experience for a Taylor Hicks show.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Taylor Hicks Asian Idol Videos

Taylor Hicks Asian Idol Interview

Taylor Hicks and 6 Idols DIMYP (Asian)

Taylor Hicks Heaven Knows Asian Idol

Missing Taylor Hicks? - You Send Me

Taylor Hicks You Send Me

Sam Cooke You Send Me

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What is a Fandom?

I have never been one to join fan sites, yahoo fan boards or post to boards about a celebrity or a musician. I have been a fan Elvis Presley since I was a little kid and I surfed the internet to see what information there was out there about Elvis, that I might not know, but I did not join the boards or post on them. I didn’t join a fan club, I just quietly read and then went about doing something else. Then there was Taylor Hicks.

I started out just intending to read a little about him so I could write my first, and at the time, I thought my only article about him. I discovered TOSP first and soon I joined and starting posting. I discovered there were people just as crazy over Mr. Hicks as I was.

I soon sought out more websites and groups about him and I joined almost everyone I found. I post to some still but mostly at TOSP and Taylor Hicks Headquarters. What is it that keeps us posting at these boards? Is it just Taylor and what is gong on in Taylor news at any given time? That is part of it but I think a lot of it is that because we all share the mutual love and respect we have for Taylor Hicks; we have grown to know each other. We have become friends and confidents. In some cases we are closer to or fellow Soul Patrol friends than we are to even some our own family members or real life friends.

We can express our love and admiration of Taylor and we don’t get the eye rolls or the “Oh God not Taylor again” sentiments those in our life might give us. We all have a common bond. Though we all might support Taylor in different ways we all still admire him so much for fighting to get his voice heard. Through Taylor we have created lasting friendships that mean very much to us. We send each other gifts, cards, pictures and videos of Taylor and just words of encouragement when times in our life are hard.

A fandom can be complicated at times. It can be aggravating at times. Some times we might even start to agree with our family and friends and think we need rehabs. But one thing is for sure a fandom is a source of many things. It is a source to keep up with all things related to our Soul Man, it is a source to reach out for a helping hand when something is wrong, if you need a prayer, and thousands will send the prayer up into the heavens. Our hearts are warmed by the love we know we can find in friends we have made in the fandom. A fandom is a source to make friends that will last a lifetime.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Taylor Hicks Makes Billboard Top 100 Albums of 2007

Billboard released its Top 100 albums of 2007. Taylor Hicks self titled album “Taylor Hicks” came in at #74. This is a major accomplishment and Taylor should be very proud of himself. Taylor had very little radio and his promotion was not the best. For Taylor Hicks to still make the Top 100 list is amazing.

Some want to center on who did better than whom, that does not matter in the slightest as everyone is in different genres. Taylor’s talent is shining through and no matter what anyone does to try and tear him down his talent will continue to shine through and his career will continue to grow.

I am sure we all remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare was leading the race but because he thought he was guaranteed to beat the tortoise he messed around a little too long. In the end the tortoise won the race. As the story means, slow and steady wins the race. Taylor Hicks is following this pace and the hare will soon be left in his dust.

Below is the list for the Top 100

1 DAUGHTRY Daughtry
5 SOME HEARTS Carrie Underwood
9 NOW 23 Various Artists
11 B'DAY Beyonce
12 GRADUATION Kanye West
13 ME AND MY GANG Rascal Flatts
14 LOVE The Beatles
15 THE SWEET ESCAPE Gwen Stefani
17 AWAKE Josh Groban
18 NOT TOO LATE Norah Jones
19 TAYLOR SWIFT Taylor Swift
24 BACK TO BLACK Amy Winehouse
25 THE BEST DAMN THING Avril Lavigne
28 CORINNE BAILEY RAE Corinne Bailey Rae
29 ENJOY THE RIDE Sugarland
30 LET IT GO Tim McGraw
31 T.I. VS T.I.P. T.I.
32 LOOSE Nelly Furtado
34 CONTINUUM John Mayer
36 CURTIS 50 Cent
40 STILL FEELS GOOD Rascal Flatts
41 DREAMGIRLS Soundtrack
42 NOW 24 Various Artists
45 NOW 25 Various Artists
46 SIEMPRE Il Divo
50 DOUBLE UP R. Kelly
51 THE BLACK PARADE My Chemical Romance
52 THE OPEN DOOR Evanescence
56 CARNIVAL RIDE Carrie Underwood
59 REBA DUETS Reba McEntire
60 U218: SINGLES U2
63 YOUR MAN Josh Turner
65 HAIRSPRAY Soundtrack
66 MY DECEMBER Kelly Clarkson
68 5TH GEAR Brad Paisley
70 ONCE AGAIN John Legend
71 WINTERSONG Sarah McLachlan
72 MAGIC Bruce Springsteen
73 BACK TO BASICS Christina Aguilera
74 TAYLOR HICKS Taylor Hicks
75 THE CHEETAH GIRLS 2 Soundtrack
76 ICKY THUMP The White Stripes
78 STADIUM ARCADIUM Red Hot Chili Peppers
79 TIME WELL WASTED Brad Paisley
80 SAM'S TOWN The Killers
83 ONE - X Three Days Grace
84 A BEAUTIFUL LIE 30 Seconds To Mars
85 BIG DOG DADDY Toby Keith
87 JUST LIKE YOU Keyshia Cole
88 COCO Colbie Caillat
89 GRAMMY NOMINEES 2007 Various Artists
93 DON'T YOU FAKE IT The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
94 LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON Birdman & Lil Wayne
95 SMALL TOWN GIRL Kellie Pickler
96 I'M NOT DEAD Pink
97 EYES OPEN Snow Patrol
99 LUVANMUSIQ Musiq Soulchild
100 WAKING UP LAUGHING Martina McBride

Also lets not forget those who came in the Top 200 Fantasia's self-titled second disc was #105; Elliott Yamin finished at #114; Katharine McPhee grabbed #159; and Bucky Covington took #187.

My charts mean nothing but if I were to chart my Favorites of the idols in order of preference it would be like this,

1) Taylor Hicks
2) Bucky Covington
3) Carrie Underwood
4) Kellie Pickler
5) Elliot Yamin

That’s all that would chart on my list because that is the only Idols I listen to

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bucky Covington Festival of the Bells

As most of you know not only am I a Taylor Hicks fan, I also like Bucky Covington. He was closer to my area last year than Taylor was so I only managed to see Taylor once, I however saw Bucky 3 times. I have told every body I hope Taylor, Bucky and Kellie all three come near me alot this summer so I can see all three. Well I just got a email alert and July 5th Bucky Covington will be in Hillsboro Ohio at The Festival of The Bells. A few years back we saw Mike Albert, an Elvis impersanator their. We camp at Rocky Fork alot in that area so you can bet I will be there this summer to see Bucky. My concert plans for the summer are starting now I just need Tay to come here.

It's Good to be Us

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Las Vegas Here I may come - If Taylor will be there

Oh Boy I just checked my mail. I have supposedly won a 3 night free stay at a Las Vegas hotel. It says that it is not a gimmick and it is 100% free. It figures my phone is down and I can not call to check about this supposed win. I would ordinarily just throw it away and not even think about it. I am not one to travel that far away from home. But now that I am a Taylor Hicks fan, traveling seems like a good thing, if Taylor is going to be where I travel. So I will check into these tickets and if they are REAL and Taylor is going to be in Las Vegas, sometime in the next year. Which is how long I am supposed to have to use them, than Las Vegas bound I may be with a free hotel stay.

I need a Taylor Hicks Fix

It is the Christmas season once again. I remember last year was such a great year. Not only did I have all my family around and enjoyed our time together so much, it was also a great time of year for Taylor Hicks fans. Taylor’s first CD after wining Idol came out, that was Christmas gift. The one everyone knew was the only thing I wanted. I also interviewed Taylor last December. He was on many Christmas specials. It was great, Taylor totally Taylorized the Christmas songs he sang.

This year Taylor is out and about. He is going to be at The Liberty Bowl President's Gala is scheduled for December 28, 2007, @ 7:00 PM CST at the Peabody Hotel. Taylor will play for about 90 minutes during the dancing and entertainment time (he is the headliner). The President's Gala is black tie and tickets are $175 each.

The AutoZone Liberty Bowl is scheduled for December 29, 2007, @ 4:30 PM EST / 3:30 PM CST. It will air on ESPN. So hopefully we will get a Taylor Hicks fix and get to see him on this.

Taylor Hicks will be playing at three of their locations in the Phillippines. They are:
• Glorietta - December 18, 2007 @ 7:00 PM @ Glorietta 4 Park
• Greenbelt - December 19, 2007 @ 8:00 PM @ Greenbelt 3 Park
• TriNoma - December 20, 2007 @ 7:00 PM @ Trinoma Activity Center
It is so great Taylor is taking his music to other countries. I just wish he was coming to Ohio this month.

But I sure wish Taylor was scheduled to be on some Christmas show this year. I need a Taylor Hicks fix. I wish I could turn on the TV and get a tv lift , by seeing Taylor perform. I guess I will just put my DVD’s in the player and play the shows from last year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taylor Hicks Columbus Ohio Concert - Pictures

In April I attended my first and as of yet my only Taylor Hicks concert, in Columbus Ohio. My pictures did not turn out the best. I don’t know if it was the lights , the darkness of the venue, more than likely it was my cheap digital camera. I was in the first row and thought I would get amazing pictures. I have not shared my pictures before because of the low quality. I was looking through them today and found a few that are ok and decided to post them and share them with you. So here are my pictures from the Taylor Hicks Columbus Ohio Concert this past April. Enjoy!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Favorite Taylor Hicks Songs

The Fall

Ain't No Sunshine

Call Me The Breeze

Places I've Been

Sweet Home Chicago

The Deal

Heaven Knows

The Right Place

The Runaround

Missing Taylor? Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Off Topic - Better Caring

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Win Trip for Two to Party for the Patrol and A Soul Affair

Tayor Hicks Concert December 28th

We have all been waiting to hear news when Taylor will be doing more concerts. There is now news of a concert. There is a gala, in Nashville; on Friday night on Dec. 28th at the Peabody Hotel, the concert starts at 7:00 pm. Taylor will play for 90 minutes. The gala is black tie and tickets are $175 per person. This concert is a little to far away from me and with Christmas and all about as affordable as a Girard Perregaux watch. The 29th is our anniversary so maybe my husband will surprise me with a trip to Nashville. I plant the idea in his head and see what happens. But no matter what it will be great though to hear all about it from those that do go. I love reading all the recaps from those who attend shows. They have such fun and the excitement and fun comes through in their recaps, making those of us who did not attend feel like we were there with them.

Wishing I would win the Lotto

I have always wanted to visit Graceland, home of Elvis Presley and to see the ocean. I have never managed to do either of these. I buy the Ohio lottery tickets and hope to win big so I can travel around the world and see every landmark I can think of. Ever since Taylor Hicks won AI my places to visit have been added to. I tell my husband I want to go to shows Taylor is doing in other states or to visit Alabama. I have a friend who lives in Alabama and she and I have tried to talk my husband into moving to Alabama. My family and friends know that I play the lottery now and then, hoping to hit it big. My husband told me the other day if I win to first get a real estate agent and to make it one in Alabama because he knows we will probably move there. I couldn’t help but laugh, I guess he finally realizes he may as well accept I am a Taylor fan. He however knows we would probably not move away from Ohio, unless of course my oldest son and his girlfriend agreed to move with us.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Missing Taylor? Take me Home Country Roads

Everyone remembers the Top 9 week. Taylor sang John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Roads. Many people including Taylor did not like Taylor’s version, I however did like the song. It was not my favorite of Taylor’s but I still liked it. Maybe it is because I love country music. So lets watch Tay sing it again and also John Denver.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Taylor Hicks Themed Items

Not only am I a Taylor Hicks fan, I’m also a big fan of Elvis Presley. Practically everyone on my Dad’s side is a fan of Elvis. So today I was looking online to find some Elvis Christmas gifts for my aunts. I found a site that sells all kinds of different Elvis Gifts. From purses, hot sauce, makeup mirrors and Zippo lighters to almost anything you can imagine. There are so many items to choose from I could buy my whole family Elvis themed items for every holiday, for a very long time. This got me thinking to Taylor Hicks themed items. There are several already, but I can’t help but wonder will there soon come a day when we will be able to go one website and find almost anything we want with Taylor’s imagine on it? Just a thought for the day, which was going through my head.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Strange Taylor Hicks Dream

Last night I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I lived in Alabama and I was driving down the road. Every few feet there was a sigh that said, land for sale, with an arrow pointing the direction to go. I passed quite a few of these signs and they all kept pointing the same direction. I kept thinking to my self that lots of people had land to sale. Finally after passing about a dozen of these signs I decided to go the direction that one of the signs showed.

I turned left then a few miles later I turned right, and so on and so on for quite a long trip. I finally ended up in an area that simply said, this is the land for you to buy. Next to that section of land was a beautiful log home. Now I don’t mean just an ordinary log home. This was a mansion of log home.

I was figuring my expenses in my head trying to decide if I could afford to buy land and build a home. Then I heard someone behind me say “Hi Dear, can I help you with something?” I turned around, and their behind me, was Taylor Hicks, he informed me he lived in that beautiful log home. I then awoke to the sound of my ringing telephone. I hate being interrupted from a great dream.

Missing Taylor? Trouble? If we don’t get our Hicks Fix, Maybe.

Ray Lamotagne – Trouble

Taylor Hicks – Trouble

What Could you do if You Were Rich and Famous?

My kids love playing The Sims game. Ok, I confess I do to. But today my daughter decided her home needed a theater inside it. She wanted some special carpet for the theater floor. So she typed into search to find some Sims home theater carpet. She came upon a site that sells actual theater carpet for your home. Can you imagine actually having enough money and a home that is large enough for a theater? The best I could do is make 1 room in my home a TV only room and put the carpet there. A 12x18 room would only cost me a little over $700 to put the carpet in. I guess I’ll pass on that. But just had to share with you the things we could do, if we were rich and famous.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Taylor Hicks - Black Friday Push

Black Friday is a major shopping day for the holidays. Today was the big push for Taylor Hicks CD. The fans really leapt into action and Taylor’s been climbing Amazon’s charts today. Here are Taylor’s Amazon sales figures as of 11:45 pm EST. Sales Rank: #238 in Music
#1 in Music > R&B > Soul > Southern Soul

#1 in Music > R&B > Soul > Blue-Eyed Soul

#3 in Music > Classic Rock > Southern Rock

I had a friend and her daughter visit me today. They had heard me talk a little about Taylor Hicks, but they didn’t really know who he was. I showed them some videos on my PC and they listened to his music. They enjoyed Taylor so much they left my house and went to Wal-Mart to each buy a copy of his CD.

My friend’s daughter is 24 and she thinks Taylor is gorgeous. Well now anyway she said. They had seen some pictures I had of Taylor while he was idol. Today they saw all the pictures I have of Taylor. She said Dear Lord what happened to that man? He was ok before but now he is Hot! She is big into diet stuff and she asked me if I thought he had used hoodia or something. LOL

Taylor’s sales are doing great today and he also made at least 2 new fans, so all is good.

If you haven’t purchased Taylor Hicks yet or just want to get another to help his sales then follow this link to get your CD now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Taylor Fan World - We Need a CD

I can not wait for Taylor to emerge with his new CD. Not only do I need a Taylor fix, but we need to divert attention back to what is important, because some fan blogs are causing google alerts to go out that show the fans as being pretty silly. It seems some people put too much time into what girl Taylor is or isn’t dating. Worse yet one site wants to make it seem as though he committed the automate crime. Now they even brag that the national media is getting involved. Not because this story is something unusual in the celebrity world, but because the fans are so involved in it. This site is excited over this. Come on get real “if” this goes nationwide it is just going to show that site and the defense sites as being silly. So once again Taylor’s fans are going to come off looking nuts.

I won’t deny that is true for some. All fan bases have some over the top fans. However this will just label the whole fan base that way. The site who started all this crap probably needs some affordable life insurance because they have exerted their self so much in trying to prove Taylor a liar, no correction they wanted to be the center of attention and they got that, but all this had to do some damage to their heart, because really can you do this crap to a person and not feel some guilt. I am sure their conscience has to be telling them how wrong it all is. They would never admit to it though.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Missing Taylor? He’ll Not Fade Away

Buddy Holly and The Crickets made Not Fade Away a famous song that all the kids, dressed in poodle skirts danced to. I wasn’t around in the 50’s but I have always enjoyed all the music from that era. I could not find a video of Buddy Holly singing this one. I did find a video of the song however, enjoy!

And of course here is Taylor’s version


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taylor having last laugh

On the thoughts of Taylor’s career and if he did or didn’t lie, I forgot to mention one very important thing. Taylor’s checking account. I would bet money that none of the “catch him in lie worshippers” can match his money. So I guess that means Taylor has the last laugh. The more they condemn Taylor, the more they actually help. More people stumble upon the site, who may have not heard of Taylor and they go to find out more about him. They listen to his music, they like what they hear; they become a fan, which gives Taylor even more money. Yep Taylor is having the last laugh.

Sticking by Taylor

Taylor Hicks, as we all know started out playing bar gigs and weddings. There is a site out there that wants to convince everyone that Taylor Hicks is a horrible and dishonest person. Saying he lied to his fans. I myself really don’t care either way. I will still buy Taylor’s music and go his concerts no matter what. What they fell to realize, is that a few short years ago Taylor Hicks would play a bar gig and there would be many empty bar stools. No matter what comes of this Taylor will no longer have to worry about having fans to come and hear him sing and buy his music. Taylor has a huge fan base and the majority of them will not let something this stupid stop them from enjoying Taylor and his music. No I don’t drink the supposed SP Kool-Aid, I also will not drink the let’s catch Taylor in a lie drink that they offer. Elvis Presley died from a drug overdose. This did not stop his fans and nothing will stop Taylor’s fans from sticking by him no matter what.

A Soul Patrol Themed Holiday Candle

I have a friend that makes christmas candles and every year she makes me some scented brightly colored candles to display around my home during the holidays. Today she brought me a new candle that she had made for me. I wish my digital camera was not broken, so I could show you this beautiful candle. I am hoping to get a new one soon and will post the picture then. For now I will just describe the candle. It is a bright green and it says Soul Patrol. The candle sets up and there is a wick to light on each letter. Sort of like in the middle of the letters going the length of the candle in bright red is written Patrol Your Soul. So the candles reads Soul Patrol, Patrol your Soul. She said when she hears me speak of the Soul Patrol it makes her think of something religious. Because she says you need to always Patrol (monitor) what is in your heart and soul. I will not be lighting this candle even though it has a delicious cinnamon scent. I want to always be reminded to Patrol my Soul.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Missing Taylor? Wonder if he is in the city?

Stevie Wonder – Living for the City

Taylor Hicks – Living for the City

Taylor Hicks Winning over the Masses

I think my husband has finally accepted the idea I am a Taylor Hicks fan. He updated my PC so it could be hooked into my TV, had the cable company schedule a time to come and turn on HDTV and got a plasma TV and plasma stand. Oh sure all this stuff is great for his TV viewing pleasure also but he knows all this makes it much easier for me watch all things Taylor and to watch them in style. I remember my Mom saying, when Elvis first came out, that most of the husbands and boyfriends did not like him. He took the attention away from them. She said it didn’t take long before Elvis’s talent and charisma was so evident that these same guys who could not stand him grew to appreciate and really respect Elvis I see the same thing happening with Taylor now. It’s all good.

Taylor Hicks Whomp at the Warfield

Taylor Hicks “Whomp at the Warfield” concert has been getting rave reviews. From those who attended the concert and from those who saw the concert on HDTV. I wasn’t able to see it, as I did not have HDTV. That all changes next week, I am having HDTV installed; I hope Whomp at the Warfield is still airing. I have also heard about a commercial video using the song The Fall. I really hope to see this as The Fall is my favorite song of Taylor’s. My cable company was trying to explain how they are going to get me set up such as saying they need to bring bulk cable. Umm Ok as I told them I don’t care how it is done, just get here and get done. I need my Hicks Fix.

Taylor Hicks TV

Thanks to MissyScarlet at TOSP for alerting fans to Taylor Hicks TV. While it may not actually be on TV it is the next best thing. Blip TV is a video sharing site. Similar too, Gofish and Youtube, however with Taylor Hicks TV as an example it is set up so each video is on the screen and plays one right after another. I am so glad my laptop has a video card that hooks to my TV. I am able to watch Taylor Hicks TV on my TV. Check it out. There are 21 songs by Taylor and 1 clip of Taylor talking to the crowd. This is a great way to pass the time while Taylor is on break.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Missing Taylor? Let's Take it to the Streets

First Michael McDonald with the Doobie Brothers – Taking it to the Streets

Taylor Hicks - Taking it to the Streets

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Missing Taylor - Day 2 - Easy

Today I am posting “Easy” by Lionel Richie and Taylor Hicks. I have always loved this song. I have been a fan of Lionel Richie for as long as I can remember. Taylor’s version is once again EXCELLENT.

Easy By Lionel Richie

Easy by Taylor Hicks

Leave your thoughts here in the comments section

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Taylor Hicks Cover Songs

This blog is going to show all of Taylor’s AI Performances and the original artist performance. Taylor has done some excellent cover songs that were not just on American Idol. I am also going to be posting videos of these. The First is “Ain’t no Sunshine” Originally by Bill Withers.

Ain’t no Sunshine – Bill Withers

I truly enjoy Bill Withers version, however Taylor’s Version gives me goose bumps, when he starts playing the harp, that’s it I’m done. I so hope that Taylor has some songs like this on his next CD.

Ain’t no Sunshine – Taylor Hicks

Missing Taylor Hicks?

Taylor is on break writing music for his new CD. No news and no concerts is giving us all Taylor Hicks Withdrawl. We are missing Taylor. So I have decided what I will be doing, while Taylor is taking a much needed break and writing some new music for a new CD, for us all to enjoy.

I am going to start posting a video of a Taylor preformance on American Idol, there will also be a video from the original artist. Lets discuss Taylor's performance. We can discuss his performance verses the orginal or just leave a comment with what ever the videos make you think about.

Ok My first song is "Levon" I just loved it so much when Taylor sang this song. I loved how Simon admited he was wrong. It was a great nite for Taylor.

First here is Elton John singing "Levon"

And now here Taylor Hicks singing "Levon"

And I can't resist here is Sam Cooke "A Change is Gonna Come"

Here is Ray Charles Singing "Swanee River" I could not find a video of it. So I created my own. So Glad my record collection contained this one.

And here is Taylor's Audition singing A Change is Gonna Come and Swanee River

Ok let's discuss.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

baby on way - Maternity Clothes

I got my niece a beautiful maternity blouse from KIKI Fashions. A website that has beautiful and in style maternity clothes. She loves this blouse. It fits well and enhances the baby belly as she calls it. It is made of very soft material. She is now ordering all her maternity clothes there and as even told a couple friends about it. The prices are not over board either. They are actually priced lower than the store she used to purchase her clothing from.


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Bored - Bed Talk

My aunt purchased a bed a few years a modern platform beds, she decided she would prefer a different bed and gave me her “Old” bed. This bed is far from old. It still looks and sleeps as brand new and I love the platform beds. I am glad she decided she did not like it. Yes I am bored so I blogged about a bed.


I have needed a nice comfortable chair for my desk. Office furniture is actually more important then some people might think. Sitting at a desk all day can be hard the back and the rest of your body. I spent a fortune on my desk and computer but my chair was a cheap 20 dollar chair. I know have a executive chair that is really supportive and comfortable.


Florida is where many people who live in the colder states travel to each winter in order to escape the cold and snow. They often look for an Orlando vacation home rental to stay in. I would love to have such a place to escape to when winter hits Ohio. But even if I did I would have to return to Ohio for Christmas I love a cold and snowy Christmas. I hope we have a white Christmas this year.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bed and Breakfast

I was surfing the internet today, looking for Bed and Breakfast Inns around the nation. I am working on an article about the best of the best; anyway as I was looking for them I noticed a really nice one that caught my eye. Mendocino bed and breakfast in California is located on the Northern California coast, with cottages and rooms spread out over 9 acres of lush gardens, meadows and forested land as well as Cliffside cottages providing the perfect setting to catch the sunset. It sounds beautiful and I was thinking it would be nice to talk to some people who have stayed there and write an article about their experiences at this beautiful place. So if you have stayed there please contact me.

Whomp at the Warfield

It seems so strange not be getting daily updates from Soul Patrollers, about a Taylor Hicks concert they attended or a Television program that aired and we were able to talk and share our thoughts and opinions on how Taylor performed, ho he looked, how happy he seemed, etc. Taylor is taking some time to get some music written for his next CD. We don’t exactly know when that will be. This means we don’t know when the next tour will start. One thing we do know is soon the DVD release of “Whomp at the Warfield” will be out for us to purchase and we will able to watch Taylor in concert whenever we feel like it.

I can’t wait to get the DVD pop it in the player and sit in my recliner (if my husband doesn’t grab the chair first) and watch Taylor singing and dancing and entertaining the audience.

Branson Missouri Concert

I have so much going on the next few months. After I finally got my husband into the idea of attending Taylor Hicks and Bucky Covington concerts, I am now able to get him to agree to travel almost anywhere. We are planning to go to Branson Missouri, during Christmas break. That is if the Ohio winter weather holds to let us travel. So far we have been having great weather. I haven’t even needed heat yet this year and it’s the 21st of October. With my luck the cold and snow will hit and hit bad as soon as we get ready to leave.


Every Christmas my husband gets me several gifts. There is always a necklace or bracelet among the gifts. This year I told him if he gets me some jewelry he needs to see if he can find some one to personalize and make some Soul Patrol themed jewelry. Of course he just laughed. Oh well its Christmas maybe he will

Ohio State Buckeyes

I am not into football much. I have never been to a football game. I only watch it on TV when Ohio State plays Michigan. This year I will be getting Ohio State Buckeyes tickets. My husband and I are planning to go to at least 2 of the games. I have to admit I am excited about going. Never thought I would want to go to a football game. I guess as I get older I am enjoying doing more things. Maybe its because my kids are almost raised and it is easier to go do things now.

Stuffed Teddy Bears

Christmas will be here before we know it. I have a few friends who are also Taylor fans, which I want to, buy for. I have been trying to find someone who sells stuffed animals. I want to have the personalized with what designs or sayings I choose. It would also be cool if I could find a company that puts in musical boxes with the song you choose. Anyone have any ideas?

Saturday October 27th

I can not wait until next Saturday. A friend of mine is going to meet Taylor and she is taking along a gift that I mailed her for him. At least knowing this will make next Saturday better than yesterday. My husband got in his truck. No one was hurt, thank God. The truck was totaled however. I hope we don’t have to mess with finding truck accident lawyers. The other driver does not have insurance so it’s hard to tell what we will have to do.

Hannah Montana Tour - The Most Wanted Concert

I said when I first started this blog that I might also cover other musicians. It might seem weird to cover Hannah Montana but right now this girl is all the rage. MY daughter is bugging me every day to get her Hannah Montana tour tickets. I read on Yahoo news that scalpers are getting as high as $3,000 for tickets. A radio station had a contest for fathers to race in high heels to get tickets. Many Father’s showed and raced in the high heels to try and get the tickets. We Soul Patrollers are dedicated to doing what it takes to see Taylor in concert. Parents are dedicated to doing what ever it takes to get their children to see their idol Hannah Montana. My husband would never put on high heels to get me anything. I have a feeling though my little girl could talk Daddy into doing it for her. That’s the way it should be.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Taylor Hicks Withdrawl - Did Taylor Spoil Us?

The Soul Patrol is going through Taylor Hicks withdrawl. A non – fan may ask how can you go through Taylor Hicks withdrawll? Did Taylor spoil his devoted fan base? Yes in a way I guess he did. In January 2006 American Idol introduced the viewing public to Taylor Hicks. Taylor found his way into the hearts of millions of viewers. Many people who had never watched the show before started to watch because wither they had caught a glimpse of Taylor Hicks as they were scanning through the channels or someone told them to tune in and see this gray haired guy who could sing like you would not believe. Others simply tuned into to see what all the fuss was about or because they saw one of Taylor’s crazy dance moves or quirky movements. Either way once they tuned in they were hooked.

Soon Taylor fans were uniting online and creating websites and talking online about this gray haired guy. Past CDs of Taylor’s were being discovered and fans were not only enjoying seeing Taylor on American Idol they were also online listening to anything recorded by Taylor Hicks.

As we all know Taylor became the 2006 American Idol. The AI concerts were selling so well that new dates had to be added. Now to give credit where credit is due season five was a extremely talented year and they all had a part in the sell outs. Taylor was also appearing with LIMBO after the AI shows were over.

Taylor was very accommodating to his fans in making his self accessible to them. Further embedding him in our hearts, the tour ended and Taylor set out to get his CD ready. Did we go through withdrawl? Maybe a little but not much. Taylor was leaving voice blogs at Gray Charles for his fans. Fans were being very devoted at relaying each and every encounter they had with Taylor. Keeping everyone up to date on his goings on.

There were countless TV appearances, radio interviews, magazine articles and just about any avenue you could think of to know where Taylor was and what was happening.

November 6, 2006 videos available became available for fans to be able to take an inside look at studio rehearsals on the site in a series of memorable performances. The excitement of Rehearsals Fridays was rampant throughout Soul Patrol Land. The site was bombarded with fans anxious to get their Taylor Hicks fix.

December 12th 2006 Taylor Hicks was released and fans rushed to their stores as soon as it went on sale. I went to Walmart at midnight to get my CD, making them go dig it out and give me my copy then. Many fans did this. But before the release of the CD once again the internet gave us our Taylor Hicks fix early. Myspace had preview clips of 3 songs off the CD a few weeks before it’s release. Then December 6th a site had the full CD available to listen to it. I do not remember now what site that was so if anyone knows please let me know.

December 14, 2006 the AOL Sessions featuring Whomp music posted on the internet. Once again fans went rushing to the site to get news.

December 14, 2006 Initiated agreement with GOFISH as first featured artist; responding to videos and comments from fans. Everyone started posting questions or making montages for Taylor to view. Then we would get video answers from Taylor.

There is so much more ways that Taylor communicated with fans and ways in which fans relayed information to other fans. There is so much in that aspect this would turn into a small book if I tried to post it all. The point is we never truly got a chance to have Taylor withdraw. We thought at times we did but really we didn’t there was so much going on.

Now Taylor has taken a much needed and deserved break. Not completely he is still out doing some things and appearing at football games and such. However there are no rehearsals now, no new gofish, and no Gray Charles audio messages. Now the Soul Patrol is experiencing their first real Taylor Hicks withdraw. So did Taylor spoil us? Yes I believe he did. Is that a bad thing? Of course not, will the Soul Patrol be able to take this withdraw and survive? Of course we will. The Soul Patrol is a united fan base and know that Taylor will be back fresh rested and ready for the excitement that will once again follow his every move. He thrives when he performs he can never stay away for long. There will be a new CD, new tour, new appearances, new concert recaps. The excitement of the first time we heard this song or saw him perform something new on TV, the first new interview many firsts surrounding the new music will be plentiful once again.

A happy, rested and healthy Taylor will be back again to spoil his fans. Just remember how it seemed we couldn’t wait for each and every thing that has happened in the past year and half, but we made it through. Half the fun of anything is the excitement and anticipation of it. I for one am very excited for the new firsts that are about to happen and will be anxiously but patiently waiting. The Taylor Hicks fix everyone is wanting will be here before we know it. The Soul Man will be back to spoil his fans and take away the Taylor Hicks withdrawl blues.

Do You Want to Touch?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I will enjoy what I want, when I want

I am sure almost every devoted fan of Taylor Hicks has had people that just do not understand what all the fuss is about. I know I have several that have tried to change my opinion or treat me like I have lost my mind. Taylor Hicks is what many like to call Old School music. I still haven’t figured out why they seem to think this is bad thing. Some of the greatest legends of music are old school. So this argument really does not hold.

I don’t let people’s opinion change my mind. I have never been one to succumb to the pressures of peer pressure. I have always been one to like what is not necessarily considered cool. I know what I like and when I am devoted to something or someone I stick with it forever.

Elvis Presley is a great example of this. I have always been a fan of Elvis. He died when I was 10 years old, but that did not stop my respect and love of this man. Sure I grew up liking all the popular groups as a teen but Elvis was always #1 in my heart.

In the 80s being a teen and a huge fan of Elvis was not the cool thing. I took a little teasing about listening to Elvis and oldies music in general, Tommy Roe, Sam Cooke, Ritchie Valens, etc. This did not stop me from enjoying this music or the Elvis Presley and Beach Party movies. If anything it made me even more stubborn to stick to my guns and not hide what I enjoyed.

Why do people think it is ok to treat someone like they are silly or goofy for what they like? I mean what I enjoy should not bother someone else and if it does so what. I am a devoted fan, if I enjoy something I will shout it from the rooftops and if someone doesn’t agree then so be it, they however should keep their unsolicited advice to themselves.

When I became an adult and had my own home there would be Elvis collectibles in my home plus maybe a calendar and a picture. I had an 11x14 picture of Elvis dressed in a red shirt hanging in my front room. Everyone that came to my house thought they had the right to complain about this picture. If I would play Elvis music or any oldies music they thought they had they the right to complain and tell me to put in something else. Did I? Nope! It is my house and no one has a right to come into someone’s home and complain about something in it or the music playing. If you don’t like it than stay away, doesn’t that seem logical?

So anyway back to Elvis and being a fan. I was hooked on Elvis, I still am, and I listened to other artists and enjoyed them a lot. However, none ever compared to Elvis. If I was in a sad mood and wanted to cheer up all I had to do was play an Elvis record or watch a movie and I would be smiling in no time. Not one other musician had the ability to change my mood the way that Elvis did. Everyone who knew me knew if you were going to buy me a gift then anything Elvis related would be the best bet. Did I request items about any other musician? Nope it was always “only Elvis”.

I never thought anyone would ever join that place in my heart that was reserved by Elvis. Now I don’t mean I am in LOVE with Elvis but something about Elvis got in my heart as a child and it just grew as I got older. I never thought that spot would include anyone else. However, season five of American Idol would prove me wrong. It’s a long story that I have talked about many times before, at many places online, but the short of it is Taylor Hicks grabbed a hold of me as the season progressed and though I did not realize it at the time he was about to do the same thing for me that Elvis had always done.

So now not only does my home have items that relate to Elvis there are now Taylor Hicks Items. Lets see in my front room right now is an autographed poster, Taylor’s book and audio CD of the book are on my coffee table, his CD Taylor Hicks is in my CD player where it is always at, it is a 3 CD player, Taylor of course is set at 1. I have the CD of DIMYP. I have DVD’s I have made on my TV stand that have anything I can find about Taylor online. I have the AI Finale along with each performance Taylor did on the show, Jay Leno Appearances and so much more. My computer has Taylor as the background so when the pc is on there is a picture of Taylor. I have a 45 LPM of DIMYP. In my bedroom in a trunk are all kinds of magazines Taylor has been in.

So now more than likely when you come to my house you will hear Taylor singing or see him on TV singing or doing an interview. Do people complain? Sometimes, but I think they have learnt after all the complaints of Elvis that I do not care what they think or say. I have my own mind. I know what I like, it is my home and I will enjoy what I want, when I want. Why do I enjoy Elvis Presley and Taylor Hicks so much? Umm I think that is another post.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


In the world today with all of the stresses of life and also throughout the world, more and more people are turning to drugs to cope with the depression they feel. When they finally realize they have a problem that they can not handle on their own they are seeking help to conquer this problem that is destroying their life and he lives of those around them. They turn to drug rehabs and there are many reputable rehabs out to et the help that you need.

Home Buying

Are you planning on buying a home or selling yours? If so you need to make sure to find a good and reputable realtor. Buying or selling a home is a major life decision and you want on the help you can get and not be worried about if you are being treated right. So before you sell or buy a home be sure to choose a quality real estate agent.

Tenneesee Football

If you are looking for any type of photos of Tennessee football follow the above link to purchase lots of great photos or gift certificates. These are replay pictures and also stadium pictures. You can also purchase framed photos and wall murals. Check out the site and see if you find something you like or maybe a unique gift or a family member or friend.

Just because I'm bored

Are you asthmatic, have emphysema or just want to check your oxygen/pulse rate? Than a Pulse Oximeter is what you need. I have asthma and I love my oximeter, it helps me know when my oxygen level is to low and I know it is time to take a breathing treatment or go to the hospital to be treated by a doctor.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I’ve been using a laptop for about a year and I have a cable I run from my desktop cable box to my laptop. My laptop doesn’t have wireless. But I have decided it is time to use this laptop the way it is meant to be used. I purchased a wireless router and the card I need to hook my laptop up. Now I just have to take the time to get this all hooked up and ready.


Here it is October and Halloween will be here before we know it. This means Christmas is upon us, I have already been considering what I am getting friends and family for Christmas. Taylor Hicks Items are great for Christmas gift idea. I know several people who love to read so Taylor’s book will be great for them, his CD for the music lovers and I have a couple to buy for that love decorated t-shirts so I will be ordering some Taylor Hicks shirts and such. Christmas is a great time to share the music of Taylor.

I've Neglected My Taylor Blog and I also have read New ones

Summer has really taken up a lot of my time. Even though fall is here the weather here in Ohio has been beautiful and it still feels like summer. I haven’t kept up with this blog as much I used to, because I have been out with the kids when they are not in school, enjoying this beautiful weather. I have seen some of the new blogs that have popped up finding things to dis Taylor or his GF about. I have also read lots of people complaining about these blogs. The best way to make something disappear is to simply ignore it.

These types of blogs are out to get page views and they know the Soul Patrol will rush to defend Taylor. They also know fans will also tell other fans about the crap that is being written and more page views will arise to see if someone is actually posting such stuff. Do not go to the sites, do not post and they will soon get tired of it, when they are not getting the attention they feel they deserve, and they will then disappear.

I listen to all kinds of music from Elvis Presley, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Bucky Covington and of course Taylor Hicks among many others. I don’t care if they are or are not having sex or who they having it with. I don’t care if they tell the truth or not about their personal life. Key words Personal Life.

If I knew something personal about some artist I like I would not get on the net and tell the world. I would probably tell my friends and family but that would be it. I mean really who would believe me anyway. I myself have to wonder what goes through a persons mind when they decide it is ok to make such a big deal out of someone’s life, especially when they do not even know this person. Maybe if they worried more about their own life they would not have the time to get so involved in someone’s life who is basically a stranger.

But all this is just my opinion, my two cents, for what it is worth. Actually it may not be worth 2 cents because just like the “We know it all bloggers” I don’t know shit. At least I admit to it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I have started taking the kids to play mini-golf. Now they want to try regular golf. I have been looking around to find a place that sounds good golf equipment. I found a sight Ping Golf, it seems to have good prices. The kids are starting to enjoy doing all kinds of new sports and golf is one that they are really getting interested in. Who knows maybe one of them wil be the next Tiger Woods :)


My husband has been redoing our yard. We are putting in a pond and he has been installing some outdoor lighting. We live in the country and it so dark out here. We want to make it where we can go outside at night and have family over and enjoy cooking out at night and such. The kids are excited at all the changes we are making. With the weather changing we won’t be able to enjoy a lot of this year but next summer we will probably be outside most of the summer day and night.

Florida Vacation

My aunt is going to Orlando Florida next month and invited me on an Orlando vacation with her. I have never been to Florida so I can not wait for this trip. I wish Taylor was going to be there when we go but still I will enjoy seeing the ocean and taking in all the sights of Florida. I have never seen the ocean so I can not wait to finally see it for the first time plus it will be great to spend time with my aunt.

Just cause I'm bored

I went bedroom furniture shopping the other day. I got a whole new bedroom now. My old bed was so wore out. Maybe now I will finally get a good nights rest. The set is going to be delivered today. It is a lot of work getting all the old stuff out of my room but at least when the deliver the new they will set it all up for me. Think I will have a yard sale to get rid of the old stuff. I might as well make a little money to help offset the cost of the new stuff.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Aunt needs to be a Taylor Fan

My aunt called me today. She is in Las Vegas; she called to let me know she was staying on the Las Vegas Strip in an Imperial Palace Las Vegas. She informed me how beautiful it is. My Aunt is 70 years old and doesn’t look a day over 50. She gets around like a 30-40 year old. She always goes to places like this and has such a great time. I think I need to try harder to get to be a bigger fan of Taylor. She likes him but not enough to travel to see him. If I get her to change that opinion then I can go with her and see Taylor so much more. :)

Telemarketers a Pain

I have recently been getting calls from telemarketers like crazy, to purchase term life insurance. It is from the same company. I have told them numerous times I don’t want it. I have told them to take me off their list and still about every other day they call again. I use to work as a telemarketer so I know the person calling is just trying to make a living but still it gets old saying over and over and over, I don’t want it. I guess that’s why I didn’t last long as a telemarketer I do not like to bug people. I wish more people were like this. Maybe today I’ll just shut off my phone before the calls start.

Missing Taylor Concerts

As must of you already know I am a self-employed freelance writer. Sometimes I make a lot with my choice of a home based business sometimes I don’t. It depends on how often I write articles or find clients who need things written. A lot of the time I get writers block. Having this blog helps some with that as I can write about anything I choose here. Which a lot of the time is about Taylor Hicks. There is always something going on in regards to Taylor and the Soul Patrol and if I still can’t think of something to write about then I can just ramble on about him. I sure wish he would come back to Ohio soon. April seems like years ago now. That is the last time I saw Taylor in concert and also was the first time I saw him in concert.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Luggage for our Travels

The Taylor Hicks Tour is about to come to an end. For just awhile. We all know Taylor loves being out there and preforming live. We all know he will be back. Many fans have traveled all over, following Taylor on many stops. We all know by now that having great luggage is a must. Some of us need to purchase our first good set to start following Taylor when the tour starts back up. Others need to replace the worn out luggage that has followed Taylor on his many stops. travelpro is a great site to check out for luggage.

Listen to Taylor in a Outdoor Kitchen

I have been searching for things to write about at my article site and I found something I had never thought about before. Most everyone loves to cook-out. We spend lots of money buying the perfect grill. We then carry our cooking and eating utensils back and forth from the kitchen to the grill area and back again. Well now we can have an outdoor kitchen. There are beautiful cabinets we can have installed around our grills. We can then leave everything we need for grilling outside in the cabnets to be within easy reach of the grill. Just imagine more time to sit around listening to Taylors Music and talking about him.

Hobbies for our Hubbies

Now as we Soul Patrol know us ladies spend a majority of our time online talking with fellow Soul Patrollers that we hold dear. We follow all the Taylor Hicks news there is. If you man is like mine he complains often he is bored. Well maybe we can help them get a hobby so they do not interrupt our Taylor Hicks Hobby. There are many hobbies that they can do such as golfing or how about slot cars and race tracks. I found a nice site where you can order very nice race tracks and more. Have them check out the site tonight well once your done with the Soul Patrol :)

Taylor Gifts

I've been trying to think of a special gift I cold give to Taylor someday if/when I meet I him. There are lots of ideas I have seen floating around and also lot's of great gifts that fans have given him already. I was thinking maybe something personalized. But I would want something unusual. I don't really know what that would be though. We all Taylor golfs maybe personalized golf balls. I'm only half joking. I wonder if there is somewhere you can get those persoanlized. Maybe with Soul Patrol on them lol. Oh well just thinking(typing) out loud.

August My Busy Month

It has been a month since I posted to this blog. I knew it had been awhile but I sure did not realize it was that long. I have had PC problems plus been busy getting out with the kids and doing things. I realized a few weeks ago that my children are almost grown and before I know it they wil no longer be living at home waiting for me to find things for us to do as a family. My oldest already moved out, he has a job and a girlfriend and I don't see him often. My other two still at home are 16 and 12. So August has been a very busy month for me. My family and I have gone on many cookouts, swimming days, fairs and concerts. I found out the first week of August that on August 10th I would get to Interview Taylor Hicks for a second time. You can read it here Taylor Interview It was so great to speak with Taylor again. We was hoping to attend a concert this summer but Taylor has been just to far away for us to go. The next tour hopefully Taylor will come closer and we can see him at least a couple times. I went to a concert in April and it was such a great concert experience I can't wait for my children to see Taylor live. We are also huge fans of country music. I found out Bucky Covington would be at the fair 20 minutes from me and got tickets for me and my daughter to attend. This concert was at the Ross County Fairgrounds. A storm stopped the concert but Bucky found a way to please the fans, you can read about this here you can also wathc Bucky singing Back when we were Gods here My daughter is completely in love with Bucky so when the concert did not turn out the way expected she begged me to find another show we could go see. A week later Bucky was going to be in Dayton Ohio so off we went on another roadtrip, this time my husband, son and neice joined us. You can read it here We all enjoyed the concert very much. Bucky puts on a great show. My daughter and I stayed after the show to get an autograph and Bucky won my daughter even more when he smiled so big at her and called her honey. Below is a video from the show.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Taylor and The Oaks

Everyone is still wondering if Taylor is actually going to live at The Oaks, a beautiful neighborhood on Lake Guntersville in Scottsboro, Alabama. I have a friend that lives a few miles from there and she is very excited about having Taylor has a neighbor in the future.

THE OAKS features real estate-size parcels in a park-like setting located on Alabama's largest lake, Lake Guntersville is a 70,000-acre Lake in the town of Scottsboro. Amenities include a gated entrance, clubhouse, boat launch, marina, paved roads, underground utilities and Lake Access parcels.

I guess everyone will just have to wait and see if Taylor actually builds a home and lives there. For the fans nearby I am sure they will love having Taylor live so close

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bucky Covington Meet and Greets

I got an e-mail the other day and I got 4 free meet and greet passes to meet Bucky Covington Aug 9th at the Ross County Fair. My husband and my 12 year old Daughter and 16 year old son are going with me. My daughter is so excited to meet Bucky. We are all (well not my son) huge Taylor fans and I so hope that the next concert I go to of Taylor’s I get a meet and greet. We are however fans of Bucky to. My daughter loves I’ll Walk the most of his CD. She has been making fan pages that she wants to give to Bucky and every morning when I get up there is another fan page left on the bathroom sinks for me to add to a book we are making of information to give to Bucky. She is also making a list of little gifts she wants to buy to give to him. My husband is not a huge fan of going to concerts; he says it’s not worth the money. He however agrees that since our daughter is so excited about meeting Bucky it will be money well spent. This is her chance to meet someone she admires and maybe soon we can also meet Taylor. I will have lots of pictures to share when the concert is over.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Taylor Hicks Bumper Stickers and More

I have been going to EBay to purchase my Taylor Hicks bumper stickers and decals. EBay is great to get this stuff but you can only get the car and truck accessories that are designed by someone else. There is no way to design your own. I started searching for sites that would let me design my own decals and I found a great site. You can create your own decals and much more. I am having them create a sign that will go in my rear brake light, the 3rd brake light that most all cars have now. It will say Soul Patrol and every time I hit my brakes those behind me will see Soul Patrol. If you would like to have your own decals, license plates and more created go to

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Taylor on the Radio

I have not heard Taylor on the radio since his new CD Taylor Hicks was released. I have called and requested for my local station to play him but they never did. I was about to give up deciding radio would play what ever they wanted. My boss sent me to purchase some office furniture today. As I was driving to the furniture store, I heard the familiar start of DIMYP. I arrived at the store before the song was finished so I stayed in the car until it was over. It was so great to finally hear Taylor on the radio, even if it wasn’t from his new CD. This is the first time the station in my area has ever played anything by Taylor, so hopefully it’s a start. I am so glad that my boss decided to send me to choose the furniture or I would have not heard it. I hope this is just the beginning and Taylor gets a lot of airplay.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Taylor Touches Hearts

We all know how a song can touch us deeply. There is a song called Daddies Girl by Red Sovine and ever since my Father passed away that song makes me cry every time I hear it, not because it makes me sad but because it causes me to remember how much my Dad loved me and how much I miss him. Waiting on The World to Change by John Mayer is another song I never grow tired of. We are all waiting on the world to change and this song just reassures we all crave the same thing a happy and safe world. There are many other songs that deeply touch me. But sometimes in life there is a artist that touches people as deeply as a song does. Elvis Presley was the first artist that touched me so deeply and I have always had a special place in my heart for Elvis. Just the mention of Elvis can put a smile on my face. It isn’t because of the music as much as it is the MAN himself.

We all know that near the end of Elvis’ life he changed drastically, the life of being so famous drug him down. But when Elvis first became famous there was not a more kind or generous man around. Elvis started from a poor home but he had such love and respect for his Mother and he let everyone know this. There are many stories of Elvis giving cars and ETC to those in need. Elvis’ fans are so devoted that even though he has bee gone for many years they are still devoted to him. He touched their hearts and they held him their dearly and still do.

Now there is Taylor Hicks, now many will say he does not have the best voice. I love Taylor’s voice, I love 99% of every song the man sings. I do admit though he may not have the world’s #1 Best voice, but it is not just the voice that keeps me involved in Taylor. It is the man himself, the fans, the way he treats the fans and just the whole package.

I just read a story at of Taylor being at Hagerstown, Maryland and Bruce Torres talks of stories from those standing in line to get tickets for the show. As I read this I felt chills and it touched me so much. Whether Taylor realizes it or not he touches the heart of his fans in more ways than he could have ever imagined when he first auditioned for American Idol.

Some people think it is silly the way fans act over Taylor Hicks but this southern man is not just a singer, he is a man that struggled to get where he is, he had many obstacles in his way but he was determined to get past these and make it. Fans can relate because we all have had obstacles that have deterred us in one way or another. Taylor is proof that sticking with it pays off.

Taylor makes a special effort to relate to the children and the disabled. His compassion for others touches people deep within their heart. At a time when the world seems to be at its craziest, when compassion for your fellow man seems a rare commodity, when others are Waiting on the World to Change, Taylor Hicks, one Heart and Soul at a time is making the world change. It may be just by brightening up the life for a fan for a brief second, by signing a CD or handing a harmonica to a child but no matter what, for at least that brief second the fan feels touched that Taylor Hicks, this man who does not have to give his time to the fans, does anyway.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comfortably Enjoying Taylor

As anyone who uses the computer a lot knows, having a comfortable desk and chair makes it a lot better on your back. I am on the PC almost all day and sometimes late into the night. A lot of the time is spent reading, posting and writing about Taylor but I also am a freelance writer and make my living writing online. My Aunt is older now and decided she did not need her executive desks and chair any longer and she just had my Uncle bring them to me. This chair is so comfortable and the desk is huge with lots of storage and space on the desk. I will not only sit a lot more comfortably but I will no longer feel all cooped up with a small desk with all my notes and such. Everything is now neatly organized. This will help with my writing and also make being on the PC so much more enjoyable for my body.

Guys Don't Understand

Husbands just do not understand are addiction to seeing Taylor Hicks perform every chance we get. I have only saw Taylor once and that was back in April, I know just a few short months ago. However as any Taylor addict knows once is not enough. My husband figures since I saw him once I should not want to see him again for a long time. He thinks it would just be boring to see the same person over and over again. I have tried telling him if he was to go to one concert he would understand, but nope he isn’t interested. He said he is not fighting to see someone when there will be thousands of women standing in front of him anyway. I even tried telling him about all the fans who have followed him to 15 or more concert, that did not help at all, he said well if your gonna spend that kind of money you might as well buy a Disney vacation home. Guys just don’t understand.


Well I haven’t gotten to see Taylor in concert this summer. However August 6th I’m going to see Mike Albert, he is an Elvis impersonator and he is great. August 9th I will be seeing Bucky Covington and August 10th I will be seeing Tracey Lawrence. I was hoping Taylor would show at a fair in Ohio but there are none scheduled. Bucky is the main show of the ones I am going to that I can’t wait to get to. Guess I better get a supply of bic pens together for autographs

Monday, July 23, 2007

Taylor almost got me a speeding ticket

Taylor’s CD always seems to make me just cruise along not paying attention to my speed. I am too wrapped up in the music. This morning I had to run in to town for something. I of course had Taylor’s CD in, the volume turned way up. The car I just got rides very, very smooth. You can be driving at 70mph and it feels like 30 or 40. A cop pulled me over this morning; I was going 65 in 35. I thought for sure I was going to get a speeding ticket; he luckily let me go with a warning. I guess I better get some more insurance like globe life insurance or something lol. 65 in a 35 could prove dangerous to my health. I guess while I am listening to Tay I better be watching that speedometer a little more closely.

Taylor Hicks and Surveys

I take a lot of surveys for market research. Tonight I took one about music, which I have taken several music related surveys. I constantly find myself hoping to see a song of Taylor’s or a question about Taylor on one of these surveys but as of yet I have not. One day I am confident I will start to do one of these and information concerning Taylor will be there. Until then maybe I will create one myself and post it here so you can all do a Taylor Hicks survey.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Technology and Taylor Hicks

I have spent most of the day online downloading every video I can find of Taylor Hicks, well those that I did not already have. I purchased an mp.3 player Friday and it holds video. So now I am a happy camper. I love technology and all the things that are now able to be done. What would we do with out the net, capabilities to record everything Taylor related and electronics to play those recordings in? My mp.3 player is loaded with videos of Taylor. I can watch him anytime I choose and no one in the house can complain I am interrupting their TV show lol. Yesterday I got some dead sea salt that I had ordered in the mail so I think after I finish a survey I just received I am going to relax in the tub with my terrific smelling salts and watch Tay videos for awhile.

Another Place to Post Reviews of Heart Full of Soul has a section to order books and Taylor’s book Heart Full of Soul is there. There is only the review I put there. It would be nice if more went and posted a review of Heart Full of Soul. We know reviews help people decide whether to buy a product. Putting more reviews there could alert people that do know of it to it and thus create more sells.

The 1 Reason Taylor Has a Hold on us All

Tomorrow Taylor Hicks will be in Indiana at the Elkhart 4-H fair. I so much wanted to attend this concert as it’s only a 5 hr drive; however I am not able to. I know all of you that attend will have a blast and once again Taylor will deliver a show that will have all the boards talking for a long time. I still try and figure out why Taylor as such a hold on his fans, of course that includes myself. There is just some people and/or some music that always makes you feel happy and puts a smile on your face. I think that may be the key to the addiction to Taylor Hicks that we have. He is always so happy and always smiling. We are always happy and smiling when we are in the presence of Taylor, listening to his CDS, or now, reading his book.

Smiling makes you feel better due to the release of Serotonin which makes us feel calm, poised, confident, and relaxed. So that could be part of the key to our addiction to Taylor Hicks, or course our smiles may make us feel all the above things however when we are watching Taylor perform we are far from calm as we jump and dance right along with him. Then there is the fact that Taylor looks so good that we are far from relaxed, excited is probably the better choice of words.

My wonderful Husband

My husband surprised me last night by having a room reserved at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast. He said he was starting our anniversary early when he bought me a Mother’s ring, and he continued with a wonderful night out. The room was absolutely beautiful. I wish I had pictures of it to share but I did not know we were going until we pulled into the drive. There was a beautiful lake that you could see right out our window. Maybe he will surprise me with a trip to a Taylor Hicks concert soon, since he knows I want to go to one so much.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I went to the park earlier to listen to Taylor read me his book. I didn’t get to Taylorize anyone because I was to involved in listening to Taylor to notice anyone around me. It was a nice way to spend the evening. I sat under a shade tree while my daughter and son played. My husband was home putting up blinds and rearranging the furniture in our bedroom and front room. So I returned home and my husband had another great surprise for me. He handed me a small box. I opened it and inside was a beautiful mothers ring. I have always wanted one and he got me one. Our anniversary is August 16th and he said it is one of my gifts and he wanted me to have it now. It has 3 birthstones and the name of each of my children. It is a beautiful ring. He got it from reeds jewelers. SO I had a great day today, Taylor, a loving husband, new blinds and a ring with my children’s names. Who could ask for more?

New Music Forum to Promote Taylor

I found a great new site. Well forum it’s a music forums. There are a lot of different categories there for music and instruments. I did not see one for harmonicas but still we can use this great forum to help promote Taylor. We pick a category of music and use it to discuss Taylor Hicks music. The Soul Patrol likes to find new ways to promote Taylor and this forum would be perfect. What better way to introduce people who may not have heard Taylor’s music to learn more about him and discover for themselves why we love Taylor’s Modern WHOMP music so much. I am constantly looking for new ways to promote Taylor to those outside the Soul Patrol and this music forum would be a great avenue to do just that. I am going t head to music forum and start a thread about Taylor I hope everyone who reads this post will join me. I am going to try and find other avenues to promote Taylor. I’m going to find some book clubs also to promote his book Heart Full of Soul. If you find some sites outside f the Soul Patrols radar to promote Taylor’s music or book please let me know. We can spread the world of good music one site at a time.

Whooo New Faux Wood Blinds and a Date with Taylor

My husband came home for work today and he had purchased a set of faux wood blinds for our living room, bedroom and dining room. He is getting ready to put them up and rearrange the furniture in the rooms, also he told me to grab my Heart Full of Soul audio CD and go the park and relax. Whoo hoo a few hours alone at the park with my headset on listening to Taylor Hicks read to me. Pretty good evening, maybe I’ll Taylorize a fan or two while I’m gone.

Taylor Hicks on TV

Taylor was on The View yesterday; he discussed a little about his book and then sang The Right Place. He sounded and looked amazing. He also looked very happy. Then He was on Hannity and Combs, they discussed American Idol and Taylor’s book, Heart Full of Soul. I loved seeing Taylor on TV twice in one day. I hope soon he will be on Oprah. He is going to be at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair in Indiana Monday. I was hoping to get to go but once again it looks like I’m not leaving Ohio.

Soul Patrol the Bathroom

As every fan of Taylor Hicks knows we take every opportunity we can to promote Taylor and let the world know who he is. I would have never thought of using bathroom vanities though. My husband did, he put a new vanity in our bathroom yesterday. He then told me to go look at the new vanity and let him know what I think. I walked in and it is a beautiful vanity but what makes it unique is my dear sweet husband put a decal on the lower cabinet that says Soul Patrol.  I can’t wait to hear the comments from company when they go to the bathroom. They can’t blame me though this time it was my husband lol

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heart Full of Soul

I got my copy of Taylor's new book Heart Full of Soul last Thursday. I started reading it as soon as I got home and did not put it down until I was finished. I stayed up until 2am. I just could not go to bed until I finished reading it. It is a very interesting read. I wrote a review of the book f you would like to read it it can be found here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where oh Where is Heart Full of Soul?

Here it is July 11th and I still have not been able to locate Heart Full of Soul. I have checked in the town I live in, at Wal-Mart, the library and our local bookstore. I have even called the town next to us. The bookstores said they would only order it if someone requested it and then they would only order the copies requested. The woman said that if a book doesn’t get a lot of publicity from company that markets the book then they don’t order it. She said she had no idea Taylor Hicks had a book coming out. I then called the Wal-Mart in that town and they will have it Friday, she also said they have had about a dozen people come in to the store in the last day requesting it. She is not sure how many they will have but she took my name and said she will hide one back for me just in case.

I never thought it would be hard to find a copy, so I did not preorder. I have learnt my lesson. From now n if I want something really bad I am not going to count on my local stores having it I will pre-order. However at least I know Friday I can purchase the book. Three more days, I can surely wait that long, I think. Another good thing came out of calling and trying to find it. Our library is going to request copies for each branch, there are four branches so at least their will be chances for people to find the book at the library and read what Taylor Hicks has to say.

I have seen several threads on boards with spoilers of the book. I read a couple just to get me a small Hicks fix. I have since stopped reading these threads though. When Taylor’s CD was set to come out a site had the whole CD where you could listen to it. I could not resist the temptation and I listened many times to each and every song.

I then went to Wal-Mart at midnight the night it released and purchased two CDS. I was so very excited to have the CD in my hands; however the excitement of putting it in the CD player and hearing Taylor’s soulful voice was gone. Now don’t get me wrong. I loved listening to it on the way home. I still play it everyday but the initial excitement was not there because I had already heard each song many times. Except for Hell of a Day, I had not heard the new version of it, so there was that thrill of hearing it for the first time. Noticing the new verse that had been added, it was amazing hearing it that first time.

I ignore the book spoilers, because I want the excitement of reading each and every line for the first time. I want to read Taylor’s Hicks story from beginning to end and let me mind freshly picture each life story he takes me through on my own. I want to be in those moments and not stop and realize I have already that part. I want the fresh excitement of discovery.

It is like at Christmas when you want to know what you are getting. If you find out before you open the gift it is great to know what is ahead for you, however when the time comes to open that gift and you know what is inside even though you are happy about what it is and you know you will use, wear of play with it many times, that initial excitement, when your heart races and you feel like jumping up and down because you got what you wanted, that excitement is gone and cannot be recreated again.

I want that heart pounding feeling when I begin to read Taylor’s book. I want to draw my own conclusion and thoughts on what I read. So even though it is hard to resist the temptation to read the spoilers, I will, I will avoid temptation and Friday Night when Heart Full of Soul is my hands, I will find a nice quiet place and I will sit down and read Taylor’s book from start to finish and then I will reread it again. My excitement will be fresh and new.