Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Music Forum to Promote Taylor

I found a great new site. Well forum it’s a music forums. There are a lot of different categories there for music and instruments. I did not see one for harmonicas but still we can use this great forum to help promote Taylor. We pick a category of music and use it to discuss Taylor Hicks music. The Soul Patrol likes to find new ways to promote Taylor and this forum would be perfect. What better way to introduce people who may not have heard Taylor’s music to learn more about him and discover for themselves why we love Taylor’s Modern WHOMP music so much. I am constantly looking for new ways to promote Taylor to those outside the Soul Patrol and this music forum would be a great avenue to do just that. I am going t head to music forum and start a thread about Taylor I hope everyone who reads this post will join me. I am going to try and find other avenues to promote Taylor. I’m going to find some book clubs also to promote his book Heart Full of Soul. If you find some sites outside f the Soul Patrols radar to promote Taylor’s music or book please let me know. We can spread the world of good music one site at a time.