Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Favorite Taylor Hicks Songs

The Fall

Ain't No Sunshine

Call Me The Breeze

Places I've Been

Sweet Home Chicago

The Deal

Heaven Knows

The Right Place

The Runaround

Missing Taylor? Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Off Topic - Better Caring

I have thought of my Mom alot today and realised many of us sooner or later has to think of checking out what to expect with a nursing home, whether it is for us or a loved one. BetterCaring is a great site for anyone who needs answers to very important questions about the care in a home, finances and more. You can look at the care options that are available so that you can arrange the best kind of care and receive tips from BetterCaring care experts. You will also find a forum where you can discuss with others the experiences they have had in the care system. My Mother is in a home now, she has Alzheimer’s and this site would have been a great help when my Father and I were researching the best place for her. The site is easy to navigate and the stories users share will touch your heart.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Win Trip for Two to Party for the Patrol and A Soul Affair

Tayor Hicks Concert December 28th

We have all been waiting to hear news when Taylor will be doing more concerts. There is now news of a concert. There is a gala, in Nashville; on Friday night on Dec. 28th at the Peabody Hotel, the concert starts at 7:00 pm. Taylor will play for 90 minutes. The gala is black tie and tickets are $175 per person. This concert is a little to far away from me and with Christmas and all about as affordable as a Girard Perregaux watch. The 29th is our anniversary so maybe my husband will surprise me with a trip to Nashville. I plant the idea in his head and see what happens. But no matter what it will be great though to hear all about it from those that do go. I love reading all the recaps from those who attend shows. They have such fun and the excitement and fun comes through in their recaps, making those of us who did not attend feel like we were there with them.

Wishing I would win the Lotto

I have always wanted to visit Graceland, home of Elvis Presley and to see the ocean. I have never managed to do either of these. I buy the Ohio lottery tickets and hope to win big so I can travel around the world and see every landmark I can think of. Ever since Taylor Hicks won AI my places to visit have been added to. I tell my husband I want to go to shows Taylor is doing in other states or to visit Alabama. I have a friend who lives in Alabama and she and I have tried to talk my husband into moving to Alabama. My family and friends know that I play the lottery now and then, hoping to hit it big. My husband told me the other day if I win to first get a real estate agent and to make it one in Alabama because he knows we will probably move there. I couldn’t help but laugh, I guess he finally realizes he may as well accept I am a Taylor fan. He however knows we would probably not move away from Ohio, unless of course my oldest son and his girlfriend agreed to move with us.