Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Storm Causing Me Lack of Taylor Hicks Information

I have missed so much info regarding Taylor Hicks this week. I am in Ohio and the ice storm that came through has had my electric out since Wednesday Morning. Then yesterday my phone goes out. We are surviving though. Kerosene heaters and lanterns sure come in handy. Though cooking is a challenge. They are saying they hope to ave electric on Sat at 6pm but no guarantees. I am at the library right now using the WIFI access to check on what I have missed so far. So Feb 17th we will get to see Taylor Hicks video. Can not wait for that to be come available. Also saw where Taylor has gotten 19 spins on the media base chart. Awesome!! Looks like Taylor doing things HIS way is going to pay off for him. I can not wait until I get to hear Taylor’s music on the radio where I am at. Ok that is all for now. Hopefully I have my electric and everything back on soon. I am hating winter. They say we have lots more snow coming next week. Geez I am getting spring fever. Catch up with ya’all later on.

Update Electric is back on YIPPEE Phone still out but I have heat and can cook so who cares lol

Here are some pics I took Wednesday morning when I got up. It was cold and I was barefoot so i took them from the porch. In between the cars and mailbox is our road. Yea its there under the ice and snow.

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