Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Rich Being Rude - My Vent

This past week the New York Post published a piece that Simon Cowell earns 36 million dollars a year from Fox’s reality show American Idol. I still do not understand what on earth Simon Cowell offers that entitle him to that kind of pay. He has no talent, unless you call insulting others a talent. What about the firefighters that risk their life’s every day, the policeman who encounter people every day that are breaking the law and may shoot them, the ordinary people who are out working hard every day sometimes in extreme rather conditions or being exposed to chemicals that put the health at risk, the troops who are risking their lives 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What about all the elderly who cannot afford their medicines, the children who have horrible diseases and their parents cannot afford the medical treatment they need?

I know all celebrities and musicians receive way too much money but at least these people have a talent and do things that entertain us and bring joy to our lives. But Simon Cowell, come on all that man can do is call people names and find ways to put them down. If he can’t find fault with their singing he will insult their hair, clothes or dancing ability. As he looked in a mirror he isn’t all that. Then on top of that he makes way more than Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Both of whom have talents and firsthand experience in the music industry. It just seems crazy to me for anyone to think Simon is worth that money. I wouldn’t even spend the cost of ticket or the cost of gasoline to go see him spew his dribble somewhere. I guess the world takes all kinds of people to go around but really we have people all over who put people down and degrade them every day for free why pay Simon Cowell such a huge, ridiculous amount to do it?
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October 13, 2008
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October 13, 2008
WHAT has been long suspected about bad blood among the judges on "American Idol" over money was confirmed over the weekend.
Nigel Lythgoe, the former executive producer of "Idol," says that Simon Cowell is earning $36 million a year from Fox for the show - far more than his counterparts, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

Jackson's and Abdul's "salary has never been advertised and Simon has been in Forbes which is why I am talking about it," Lythgoe told an Australian newspaper.
"But there is always jealousy in every job.

"Why is he getting more than the other two judges? Because it is believed that he brings more to the table."

Lythgoe, who quit the show at the end of last season to concentrate full-time on his own series, "So You Think You Can Dance," believes Cowell is worth every penny that he's paid.

"He has actually handled his negotiations quite brilliantly," Lythgoe says.
Cowell's negotiating strategy has been never to sign a contract for longer than 12 months.

"He's only ever negotiated by the year," Lythgoe said. "And now he is getting something like $22,000 per minute."

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Great Chance to Win Some Money

Hi everyone. I have found a fun and rewarding contest. Most everyone, especially women love to shop. I am sure most of you have some funny, crazy, weird, etc. shopping stories. Well ebill me wants to know those stories and each month they will be rewarding $1,500 to people and there will be a grand prize of $15,000. All you have to is visit there site sign up and create a YouTube video or write it out to be entered. When you sign up they ask for URL please give as the URL in the sign up page, so they will know that I referred you.

With Christmas right around the corner and Taylor Hicks starting in Grease, it would be great to win some extra spending cash. So head over there now and sign up. Don’t forget to let them know sent you. Here is the link to signup. If you are one of the lucky winners please let me know. It would be so cool for one of my readers to win. Video about contest is below.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helping a Soldier

My sister has been sending emails back and forth to a soldier stationed in Iraq for about 6 months now. She is starting to get a box of goodies together to send him for Christmas. She has all the traditional stuff she is going to include, toiletries, crossword puzzles, candy and cookies. She asked me what other stuff he might like. I told her to send him CDs and books that those would help entertain him, which I am sure is something that he needs.

So of course I told her I would help fill her box by putting in Taylor Hicks CDs and his book Heart of Soul. I told her about jewelry sprout and the Proud of our Troops Drive. She thinks it is great that people do stuff like this to send stuff to the troops and is thrilled I am helping fill her care package.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Video Interviews

There have been many interviews with Taylor hicks. There are audio, printed and video interviews. Today I am going to cover a few video interviews with Taylor Hicks. Below you will find 5 video interviews. There are many more and you can find them at YouTube. If you have one you especially like and wasn’t others to see it post the link to in the comments sections.

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On my Mind

Ok so this post isn’t a Taylor Hicks post but it is on my mind. It seems this year has flown by. Halloween is right around the corner, which means Christmas will be before we know it. It seems every year I swore that I was not going to spend as much as the year before. Then every year I spend more than the year before. When kids get older the price to get items they truly want goes way up. Just one gift alone will cost me over $300. The WII is a gaming system I have to try my best to get this year (I’ll enjoy that one to) and mp3 players, I-pods and cell phones just to name a few. I wonder if they would settle for an antique Christmas it could consist of an Atari System, cassette recorder, am/fm radio with ear phones and a couple tin cans with string in between them. I know, I know, not likely. But it would sure save my pocket book. Guess I better start checking the Black Friday ads after Thanksgiving. Umm maybe they could have those ads to save us money in getting Tickets to see Taylor in Grease. That way we could buy more tickets and take others to see the show. Hey it’s a idea, whether it’s a likely idea or not, it is an idea.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taylor Hicks E! News October 20 2008

E! News hosted by Ryan Seacrest gave us a quick glimpse of old footage of Taylor Hicks with Katherine McPhee after the Season Five finale announced Taylor Hicks as the 2006 American Idol winner. It wasn't much footage but even a quick glimpse of the Soul Man looking Hot is a good thing. Ryan was talking about 60 illion votes being cast for Bush as president verses 63 million for Taylor Hicks and Katharine. Even though it wasn't "new: news it was still great to hear Taylor mentioned and see is handsome smiling face.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

How the Internet Changed Music

The internet is a huge place. There are no limits on where you can visit or what you can discover with the internet as your guide. The internet has changed music and continues to change it more every day. Before the internet and sites such as Face Book, MySpace, Live Journal and Yahoo Groups to name just a few getting your music out to those who would enjoy and appreciate it consisted of relying on a record contract or doing live gigs and getting a following that way. With the internet you can post your music online and get it out to many more people. Even if you do not have a record deal you can still get a large fan base that love and appreciate what you do. The internet has changed music so much.

The artist can interact more with their supporters though blogging, emails, journal entries and so many more ways. You build a more intimate relationship with you fans with the help of the internet than ever before. The fans feel more connected to the artist and are very supportive of everything they do. It almost builds a friendship of sorts between the artist and the fans. An artist who spends their time building the fan base and devoting some of their free time becoming personally involved on some level with the fans reaps the benefits for the rest of their career.

Many artists use the internet for this very purpose. For examples I will name a few that I follow.

Taylor Hicks is the first artist that I started keeping track of on the internet. There was a site Gray Charles that posted almost daily about Taylor. Taylor would check in now and then to leave audio blogs for his fans about things going on in his career. Fans loved every audio blog that Taylor left and talked together about the goings on in Taylor’s career. Taylor still leaves blogs now and then at other sites such as his MySpace about what is going in his career and so forth. His fan base has created many fan montages of Taylor and there are many fan run websites that keep up with all things Taylor Hicks. The fans have become friends with one another and meet when concerts are going on to go together, sometimes having pre concert parties or going to dinner together and the talk is Taylor Hicks.

Go here to read the rest.

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