Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taylor Hicks in Grease Coming To Ohio

I got a alert today letting me know Taylor Hicks would be in Columbus Ohio December 16-21st. He will be on the road with the Grease tour. I wanted to go to New York and see Taylor as Teen Angel but the cost of such a trip was just not possible. Now I will get to see Taylor as Teen Angel. Grease has always been my favorite musical. I have never seen the play but I cannot wait to see it. Even if Taylor was not in it I would still love to see it, Taylor playing Teen Angel is an added plus for me.

I have seen a few people post about how Taylor shouldn’t do this because he won’t be able to release a new CD and tour it until later. It just drives me crazy how people say what he should or shouldn’t do with “HIS” career. Sure I want a new CD and to see Taylor in a concert but it will all come in Taylor’s time. He knows what is best for his career and he is the only one who has the right to decide when, where and what he will do. All we can do as fans is either support his choices or move on. We have no right to tell him how he should handle his career.

The internet is a good thing at times but at other times it can be very bad. Before electronics became so advanced and before the internet we listened to music and we bought CDS when they were in stores but we didn’t know the inner workings and we didn’t know everything going in some careers until an appearance was announced on TV or radio. Now that everything is so far advanced we get so much more information about the celebrities we like and maybe in a way it isn’t such a good thing because we can post what we think all over the met and that celebrity can read what is being said. I don’t know maybe it is just me but I would hate to go on the internet and see my every move monitored and to read that I am making wrong decisions or I change my mind too much or I don’t do what I say. My life and my career is my business and the choices I make are my own. I know how they will benefit me and no one has a right to tell me I am wrong and the same holds true with Taylor Hicks and all celebrities.