Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Concerts, Fans, Luke Bryan, Taylor Hicks, Bucky Covington

I went to a Luke Bryan concert last night and I also had a meet and greet. It was a pleasure to meet Luke. He is a real sweetheart. I talked my sister and her hubby into going even though the only thing knew about Luke is they had heard the song All My Friends Say. They left complete fans and stood in line after the show to get his autograph.

Last summer I got my sister in law and niece into Bucky Covington and this summer my brother climbed on board the Bucky train. I have managed to meet Bucky twice and Luke once so far and get them some new fans along the way.

One thing I have found out is attending the concerts works best to get people to check someone out that you recommend better than just telling them about a song. Each person that I have gotten to finally give Luke and Bucky a chance is solely because I talked them into going to a concert and they walked away fans.

All my friends and family still argue with me about Taylor Hicks. I know if on his next tour he comes near enough to get them to attend a show they will become fans of his as well. I have yet to meet Taylor. I attended a show April 2007 but I did not go back to the bus to meet him. I chickened out I guess. I still regret not doing it but if I make it to another show I will wait as long as it takes to meet Taylor. I have so enjoyed my meet and greets with Bucky and Luke and cannot wait to meet Taylor. It will happen some day.

For now my stereo cabinet is starting to hold a nice collection of autographed CDS from Bucky Covington, Luke Bryan, Kellie Pickler, Chubby Checker and Judd Starr. I can’t wait to add Taylor’s top the collection. Some say go on e-bay and buy one. I will wait until the day I can have Taylor sign it with me there watching. By then thought I’ll have quite a few to get signed. I have the Do I Make You Proud CD and 45 record, Taylor Hicks debut CD, Heart Full of Soul Book and will be adding the Early Works CD and his new album due out this fall. I do have a autographed poster that was mailed to me after I interviewed him though.