Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why Rocks

Ok I am sure you clicked on this thinking since the title says why rocks and this is a Taylor Hicks Blog, then just maybe has done something with Taylor. Well that isn't the case. Well in a way it is as my video will show you. Anyway I have been wanting a new digital camera and a camcorder to document all the things my kids and family members do and to also be prepared should Taylor come to my area for a concert. had exactly what I needed. I got my camera and camcorder for a much better deal then I could have gotten at a store for just the camcorder. So below you can see my video about why rocks. Yes I found a way to incorporate Taylor into it. Ryan Seacreast is the Deal of The week Host so this gave me a perfect way to get Taylor into this video and still keep with my main theme about why I love

Enjoy and please leave me comments here or at YouTube.