Thursday, July 19, 2007


I went to the park earlier to listen to Taylor read me his book. I didn’t get to Taylorize anyone because I was to involved in listening to Taylor to notice anyone around me. It was a nice way to spend the evening. I sat under a shade tree while my daughter and son played. My husband was home putting up blinds and rearranging the furniture in our bedroom and front room. So I returned home and my husband had another great surprise for me. He handed me a small box. I opened it and inside was a beautiful mothers ring. I have always wanted one and he got me one. Our anniversary is August 16th and he said it is one of my gifts and he wanted me to have it now. It has 3 birthstones and the name of each of my children. It is a beautiful ring. He got it from reeds jewelers. SO I had a great day today, Taylor, a loving husband, new blinds and a ring with my children’s names. Who could ask for more?

New Music Forum to Promote Taylor

I found a great new site. Well forum it’s a music forums. There are a lot of different categories there for music and instruments. I did not see one for harmonicas but still we can use this great forum to help promote Taylor. We pick a category of music and use it to discuss Taylor Hicks music. The Soul Patrol likes to find new ways to promote Taylor and this forum would be perfect. What better way to introduce people who may not have heard Taylor’s music to learn more about him and discover for themselves why we love Taylor’s Modern WHOMP music so much. I am constantly looking for new ways to promote Taylor to those outside the Soul Patrol and this music forum would be a great avenue to do just that. I am going t head to music forum and start a thread about Taylor I hope everyone who reads this post will join me. I am going to try and find other avenues to promote Taylor. I’m going to find some book clubs also to promote his book Heart Full of Soul. If you find some sites outside f the Soul Patrols radar to promote Taylor’s music or book please let me know. We can spread the world of good music one site at a time.

Whooo New Faux Wood Blinds and a Date with Taylor

My husband came home for work today and he had purchased a set of faux wood blinds for our living room, bedroom and dining room. He is getting ready to put them up and rearrange the furniture in the rooms, also he told me to grab my Heart Full of Soul audio CD and go the park and relax. Whoo hoo a few hours alone at the park with my headset on listening to Taylor Hicks read to me. Pretty good evening, maybe I’ll Taylorize a fan or two while I’m gone.

Taylor Hicks on TV

Taylor was on The View yesterday; he discussed a little about his book and then sang The Right Place. He sounded and looked amazing. He also looked very happy. Then He was on Hannity and Combs, they discussed American Idol and Taylor’s book, Heart Full of Soul. I loved seeing Taylor on TV twice in one day. I hope soon he will be on Oprah. He is going to be at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair in Indiana Monday. I was hoping to get to go but once again it looks like I’m not leaving Ohio.

Soul Patrol the Bathroom

As every fan of Taylor Hicks knows we take every opportunity we can to promote Taylor and let the world know who he is. I would have never thought of using bathroom vanities though. My husband did, he put a new vanity in our bathroom yesterday. He then told me to go look at the new vanity and let him know what I think. I walked in and it is a beautiful vanity but what makes it unique is my dear sweet husband put a decal on the lower cabinet that says Soul Patrol.  I can’t wait to hear the comments from company when they go to the bathroom. They can’t blame me though this time it was my husband lol

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heart Full of Soul

I got my copy of Taylor's new book Heart Full of Soul last Thursday. I started reading it as soon as I got home and did not put it down until I was finished. I stayed up until 2am. I just could not go to bed until I finished reading it. It is a very interesting read. I wrote a review of the book f you would like to read it it can be found here.