Thursday, December 28, 2006

December 27th Billboard posted an article about Taylor Hicks touring scedule. In the article they also stated that "Hicks' album debuted last week at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 but drops this week to No. 15. It has sold 500,000 units thus far in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan." You can read the article at Billboard
Some are a little worried that the album has dropped to No. 15 but all CDS drop at sometime and then come back up as I am sure Taylor's will, especially once the single is put out and starts to air on the radio. But selling 500,000 units in two weeks is amazing and I am sure Taylor Hicks is thrilled with this.

This means Taylor Hicks album is Gold. It hit gold within two weeks. I am sure platinum is close. I enjoy this album so much I love every song on this album. If someone asks me to choose a favorite that is almost impossible for me to do as I throughly enjoy each song. I listen to this CD everyday. Either on my computer, in the car or in my home stereo. I am going to have to buy a couple more. One to keep to replace the one I am surely going to wear out and one to keep unopened just incase I get to meet Taylor in the future and have him sign it.

My home town newspaper also published my interview with Taylor Hicks in the paper. The scan of it is below. Taylor Hicks went on American Idol to have his voice heard. In his words "Because I think I've Got one." We the viewing public agreed and I am so glad that Taylor Hicks decided to try out for American Idol, as I love hearing his voice very much.

Taylor Hicks: Interview published in my hometown paper

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Taylor Hicks: No 2 on Billboard and Best Mannered Person 2006

Taylor Hicks, Has come a long way since he auditioned for American Idol back in January. First Simon Cowell said he would not make because he was not marketable. However, Taylor Hicks won the hearts of thousands and became the 2006 American Idol winner. He toured with the other idols this past summer. Stopping along the way the to play with his pre-idol band LMBO and many other people on his journey. His album went on sale December 12th and today came in No. 2 on The Billboard 200 for his Arista debut album titled "Taylor Hicks", Taylor's album sold 298,000 units this first week. Which in anybody standards is quite good. I am sure Taylor is very proud of his accomplishment. He doesn't have to worry anymore about having his voice heard any longer. It has been heard and is very much loved. His accomplishments thus far doesn't stop there however, Taylor Hicks was commended for being a role model to young people, heading the list of the “Ten Best-Mannered People of 2006,” for his example of humility and politeness, as named by the National League of Junior Cotillions, an etiquette and social training program that involves thousands of young people in the United States. Taylor Hicks exemplifies exactly what a American Idol should be. Taylor Hicks song from American Idol "Do I make You Proud?" is a perfect song for Taylor. With all this news being reported about Taylor I am sure everyone agrees that Yes Taylor you do make us proud. None of this news is new to the fans of Taylor though we already knew he had these qualities and could make a truly great album filled with beautiful songs. To read the report Taylor Hicks Heads Ten Best-Mannered People of 2006 List click here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Merry Christmas

And this one I created Merry Christmas everyone
Note: The song was Created by Shelley of Monkbot Talk, That is her singing. She did a awesome Job!!!

Taylor Hicks: Go Fish Videos

Taylor Hicks - A few gofish videos that I just feel are great

Taylor Hicks and Others Goofing off Love Paulas Comments

Taylor Hicks clips from AI Extra

Just love this from Christmas in Washington I want a Taylor Hicks Christmas CD

Taylor Hicks - Christmas in Washington - Santa Claus Is Coming

Simply Beautiful
Taylor Hicks - Places I've Been

Friday, December 15, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Soul Patrol, New CD,

Taylor Hicks fan base The Soul Patrol has had some comments made that we are just fawning middle aged women who do nothing but buy Taylor Hicks' CDS and talk about his body parts and what he should or should not do. The fan base is far more than that and I have written an article to show what The Soul Patrol is all about. You can read it here Taylor Hicks Soul Patrol

Some reviews are coming out about Taylor's CD "Taylor Hicks" Most are actually pretty good reviews even those who do not like most of the album, like the tracks written and produced by Taylor Hicks himself. That is a pretty good compliment if you ask me. Goes to show what we already know Taylor Hicks has loads of talent.

I however like the whole CD. I like every song on the CD. Heaven Knows, Give Me Tonight, Gonna Move and Runaround are great up tempo Whomp dance Songs. The Right Place, Places I have been and The Maze are beautiful songs. And of course I love Taylor Hicks' originals of The Deal, Soul Thing and Hell Of A Day. I love this new version of Hell Of A Day. I listen to it over and over. My favorite song Taylor has written is The Fall I absolutely adore this song and was so hoping it would be included on this CD. However, that just makes me look forward to the next one and the possibility that it will be included on it.

With all the excitement of Taylor Hicks new CD I forgot to check out I am so glad I did last night. They have a long Taylor medley over there that was put up the 14th and I love it ,hearing Taylor sing one song after another is so great.

In Case you don't read the comments here Victor just left message if you haven't been to Rehearsals lately your missing out check out more of Taylor
Special Stringout

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks Posters

A friend just emailed a picture he took in California of a building that has Taylor Hicks Posters on it with the Cover of his New CD pictured. And the date of Taylors CD debut.Today is a great day to see this as it is 12-12 and Taylor Hicks CD is now out for everyone to enjoy. If you see a place that has a Taylor Hicks Poster take a picture send it to me, and I will put it on here for all the fans to see and enjoy. Let's spread the Taylor Love through Pictures.

Taylor Hicks

Its is The Day 12-12, Taylor Hicks CD is now in stores. I waited until late last night to finish my Christmas shopping. I did this so I could buy 2 copies of the CD as soon as it went on sell. At 12:10 A.M. they did not have them out yet. I went up to the electronics section and asked them to please get them. They did with no argument at all though they did not know who he was, of course I was more than happy to fill them in on whom Taylor Hicks is. By the time I left I had them interested and they were getting ready to listen to it. If I had not had to get up early to send the kids to school I would have stayed around to catch what they had to say after listening. I am sure however they liked it. Everyone who has been to my house and I have played Taylor's music for them either his pre-idol, idol or new songs on VH1 have been Taylorized. Well all the women anyway. I have only won the men over when I let them hear Heaven Knows on VH1. Now I am watching Taylor on The Early Show. He is describing Whomp Music. I do believe the world will accept and love Taylor Hicks and his New Style of Music.

This morning when my alarm clock went off the DJ was telling some guy he was going to get to hear a new style of music in a few and then he wanted his opinion. Well of course this woke me up and I was eagerly waiting for the commercial to end so I could hear them discuss the New Style of music. Of course I thought they would come back and say Whomp Modern Soul ant then play Runaround. But when the commercial ended the DJ announced it was acid country. No I do not now what it is I shut the clock off when i found out it was not Taylor. I however do not it will be long before one day I am woke up by the sounds of Taylor Hicks and Whomp Music.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Journey

I have written several articles about Taylor Hicks and would love for you to read them if you have not yet. Taylor Hicks has come a long way since the first article I wrote. I remember when we were all so excited for his CD to come out and we all thought December would never get here. However even while waiting for the CD to come out we were never without news and information about Taylor. Whether it be recaps of the Idol Tours and fans who attended and shared the experience with us, or those who attended the after show gigs with LMBO. Taylor stayed in the public eye. From magazine and radio interviews, playing with Snoop Dog, WIllie Nelson and The Allman Brothers, videos at and so much more. The journey up to this point was an exciting time and now its just going to get better, as Taylor Hicks' CD is about to merge onto the music scene and then his tour starts. It has been a very exciting and active year and I do not think it is going to let up. Who knows what Taylor Hicks has left to surprise and entertain us with.

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks CD and TV Appearances

Another great week of Taylor Hicks is upon us. Monday Dec 11th Taylor Hicks will be appearing on The View on ABC. Tuesday he will be on The Early Show on CBS. Also Tuesday is the release Of Taylor’s CD. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can listen at This CD will be a hit it is filled with 12 great soulful tunes. Taylor Hicks’ first CD is great music, from ballads to toe tapping, foot stomping songs. Something for every one is on this CD. Also don’t forget has something special planned for 12-12 and we also get our Tayday on 12-15. Christmas in Washington airs Wednesday on TNT and Taylor will be performing. 12-14 Taylor Hicks will be on the Megan show on NBC. Once again The Soul Patrol is about to get a healthy dose of their Taylor Hicks fix. The best of course is the release of his CD on 12/12. Finally the long wait is here Taylor’s music is about to break onto the music scene.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Interview is Now Up

Interview With Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks: A peak into the Interview

Taylor Hicks was kind enough to talk to me via phone about his music and his future plans. The interview will be up shortly for everyone to read. I will post the link when it is up. I thought I would give you a small sneak peak into my conversation with Taylor Hicks yesturday. Enjoy and you should be able to read it all shortly.

You've been compared to the likes of the great Ray Charles and Elvis Presley. Is it a lot of pressure to live up to the hype people are creating for you or are you more concerned with leaving your own mark on the industry?

Taylor - I'm very flattered to be in the same sentence as those two artists and I'm just trying to really make my own path and mark my own way.

It's rare to find a relatively new artist cultivate such a strong following of fans in a few months' time. How does it feel to have such a strong outpouring so early?

Taylor - Well it really helps the cause, it really helps my music and I'm just very appreciative of all those people that are on The Soul Patrol.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Taylor Hicks: My Interview With Taylor Hicks

I know many are waiting for me to let them know how my interview with Taylor Hicks went. It is easiest just to post it here than try to post everywhere. Taylor is a very nice person. He answered all my questions so I will have a good article for everyone to read soon. I was very nervous. My hands even started shaking. Taylor told me to not be nervous. Taylor is having a blast and he loves his job. I told him I liked his album had heard it at VH1. He was thrilled to hear this. I cannot give a lot of details right now you will have to wait until the article is ready. Taylor Hicks is just the way we perceive him to. Even though it was over the phone I could tell he is as sweet and sincere as we feel he is. He is as excited over this album as we are and he is very appreciative of The Soul Patrol.

Taylor Hicks: Listen to Whole Cd

What a treat today was. I got up to watch Good Morning America. Taylor Hicks was playing at Hard Rock Café. The Soul Patrol was there in full force smiling and having a great time singing right along with Taylor. Once again you could see Taylor was having the time of his life. Just seeing the smile on his face is contagious.

After that I go to Gray and low and behold I see a link to hear Taylor Hicks CD. At first I stall a little do I really want to hear it all before I get my CD? Then I decide yes I do I will still be thrilled when I pop the CD into my car stereo and turn it full blast on my way home from Wal-Mart.

This CD is everything I expected it to be and more. Taylor Hicks knows exactly what it takes to make not just a good song but a truly great, soulful unforgettable song. It is hard to choose a favorite so I won’t even try. If you aren’t a fan of Taylor Hicks yet just go buy his CD on Dec 12th and you will be Taylorized! Taylor Hicks, The Soul Patrol is so thankful for you and bringing back real music. You will be a legend and The Soul Patrol will continue to grow.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taydays Ahead

Another week of Taylor is right on us. On Tuesday December 5th Taylor Hicks will perform his new single, "Runaround" from his upcoming CD on the ABC Good Morning America fall concert series which airs at 7-9am EST. Since it is a fall concert I hope we get to see and hear Taylor perform more than one song. Then on Wednesday 9am Taylor will be on Live with Regis and Kelly. Don't forget Tayday at

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Taylor Hicks: is getting prepared to give us more Taylor Hicks. On December 8th we get our usual Tayday. They will show the video of Taylor Hicks rehearsing “You are so Beautiful.” Then on 12/12 we get a special video. This is the day of the release of Taylor’s CD Taylor Hicks. We will all be rushing out to get Taylor’s CD. Don’t forget to visit Rehearsals though and see what the special video will be. We also still get Tayday on 12/15. With all the TV appearances, rehearsal videos and Taylor’s new CD we are getting a healthy dose of our Hicks Fix.

Though truly I don’t think it is ever enough. My husband says I’m addicted and going to over dose. I say what a great way to go. It’s an exciting time for Taylor Hicks and The Soul Patrol. I am sure Taylor has pulled in lots of new fans with the amazing appearances he has done on TV. Seems like every performance shown just gets better and better and Taylor gets hotter and hotter.

Last night on Leno Taylor sure figured out how to use that camera and those eyes created a lot of thuds all over Soul Patrol Land.

Taylor Hicks: Runaround on Leno

I'm Speechless

Smokin' Hot

Friday, December 01, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks e-card/ jukebox

You need to check out the Taylor Hicks e-card/juke box. You can e-mail this to anyone whether it is a Soul Patroller or someone you want to check out Taylor’s music. You can add a message to the Taylor Hicks e-card /jukebox. The 3 songs that we hear at his site are played over and over for your enjoyment. I am listening to it now Taylor’s wonderful voice playing over and over. We can send our e-cards this Christmas in Soul Patrol style by sending everyone in our address book this Cool Taylor Hicks e-card/ juke box. Add a little message telling them Merry Christmas I have sent you some great music to hear by the wonderful man Taylor Hicks.

Taylor Hicks: Tayday

It is Tayday. Once again we get a lot of Taylor Hicks today. First this morning Taylor Hicks will be on the radio with Ryan Seacrest. As of this posting it has not aired yet so you can still catch it go to and click on listen live. And of course is giving us our usual Taylor Hicks fix. This time it is Living for the City, be watching for it to go live. The best yet is tonight on Jay Leno on NBC when Taylor Hicks will once again be on with his Jay. I cannot wait to see this and you can bet Taylor will be singing Runaround. I cannot wait to see him perform this song on Leno tonight. Tayday is once again going to be great. TGIT!!! (Thank God it's Tayday)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Runaround

I did not get to see Runaround on TV. However Taylor Hicks Runaround is now up at I love this song more and more every time I listen to it at Taylor However after seeing it performed just now by Taylor that is it. It is my favorite song. Taylor is just amazing he is a true musician in every sense of the world. If I ever seen anyone have so much fun while they are out there singing it is Taylor Hicks. Every time I see or hear Taylor Hicks it just seems he raises the bar higher and higher.

On AI when Taylor did Jailhouse Rock and In the Ghetto that was the moment I was convinced without a doubt that he would win. I am a huge Elvis fan and Taylor just won me even more over if that was possible when he did Elvis so well. I did not think he would top it. Then finale night he came out playing that harp and rockin it. I thought ok that is the top. However after seeing Taylor Hicks doing White Christmas and Runaround I now am convinced he will keep raising the bar higher and higher and keep leaping right over it.

Some think Runaround is not Taylor but I think it is exactly Taylor. Taylor Hicks is so talented he can take any song and make it a winner. This song will be topping the charts and if I ever get to see Taylor perform it live I will be extremely happy. Taylor keep doing what you do we love you for it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hick's Rockin White Christmas

I tuned into Christmas at Rockefeller Center. Where I am at I knew I would only get to see Taylor Hicks sing White Christmas. I know White Christmas is a slow song and I love fast Christmas songs. However since Taylor was singing it I knew I would love it.

Taylor started the song as usual I am loving, seeing and hearing Taylor but I am so wishing I could see and hear him do Runaround. Well all the sudden when I least expect (well ok I knew Taylor would make it his own. However we got more than expected.) Taylor Hicks kicks it in and Taylorizes the song.

Taylor completely rocked this song out. With him scatting, movin and grovin. He was all smiles. I could tell he was having a blast and I thought there you go Taylor show them you can rock it out. Then the harp comes out. I was smiling right along with Taylor. My husband was watching Jericho in the front room I kept yelling for him to get to the bedroom and listen to Taylor Hicks rock it out. He ignored me oh well his loss.

This is the best version ever of White Christmas. I was thoroughly pleased and proud that Taylor Hicks once again made it do it what it do. The Soul Patrol knew what we were doing when we spent all that time voting for Taylor Hicks. All the doubters will soon be changing their tune.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Upcoming Interview with Taylor

I am in a very good mood today. The site I write for has been working to get me an interview with Taylor Hicks. I was not getting my hopes up that this would happen. However today I log on and one of editors has sent me a message letting me know that if I am available it will be scheduled. I give my contact information. I then receive a forwarded message from my editor and I am very ecstatic now. Come Monday as long as nothing happens I will get to Interview Taylor Hicks. Here is the body of the e-mail I received.

Cindy will get a call from either Fanscape or J Records at the number you provided. From there we will conference in Taylor . The time is confirmed for 3pm EST on Monday, December 4. I will let you know if anything changes – because it often does! Thanks Mike

I know come Monday I will be very nervous but also very happy to speak with Taylor and get to ask him some questions. The article will be able to be read at the site mentioned above and I will post something here also. It is so great that Taylor Hicks and his PR people are letting me have this interview. Wish me luck everyone!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Soul Patrol we have a challenge at Gray Charles

Ok Soul Patrol, GrayCharles has given us a challenge. Taylor Hicks CD is set to release 12-12 and as of 7:30 EST this morning it was #59 on the Amazon charts. Grays challenge is simple for a huge fan base like the Soul Patrol to do. Get Taylor Hicks CD to # 20 today well we did it. At 12:15 it was #19 and #2 on Movers and Shakers. Some lucky poster on that thread will receive singed copy of Under the Radar. Next challenge get Taylor Hicks to top 10 in next 24 hours. Five lucky posters will receive a signed copy of Taylor Hicks New CD if this happens. I know we can do it. We can get Taylor to #1. Also proceeds that Gray receives from ordering through his link will go to a charity of Taylor’s choice. Come on Soul Patrol lets do it for Taylor the Charity and a big plus for us. We get Taylor’s Great voice to listen to. Go to Gray’s now get in on the challenge let’s show what The Soul Patrol is made of.

Update 1PM EST #18

Update: Ok Soul Patrol Get Taylor to # 5 and some lucky poster will get a personal phone call. Best Thankyou I can imagine. Get over to Grays.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Taylor Hicks: See if your compatable

Ok Soul Patrol do you want to know if you are compatable with your Idol Taylor Hicks? If so click to see if you are good match with Taylor Hicks.

Match yourself with Taylor Hicks

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Plays with the Allman Brothers

Taylor Hicks still gets around. Even with doing television shows and making his album he still finds time to get out and make appearances. I read an article where Taylor appeared with the Allman Brothers or as it was called Thursday Night Gregg Allman and Friends. Lucky for the audience one of the friends was none other than our man Taylor Hicks. Taylor played harmonica for one of the songs. The article states “I dig him. I think winning "American Idol" was bad for him, mainly he's gonna be pigeonholed into something he's not. He’s a legitimately talented dude who is much bigger than the label. And he did a helluva job on the harmonica - and he knew better not to sing when on stage with Gregg Allman. He wasn't gonna win that one.”

Though I do not agree with the last part, Taylor Hicks can sing with the best of them. I love to hear Taylor’s voice and singing with someone is not a competition it is just a matter of the two voices complementing each other. Taylor Hicks can be the center of attention and he can also complement well with another voice. I for one would love to hear Taylor do some great duos in the future. Also Taylor hasn’t been pigeonholed into anything. He is exactly what he claims to be and American Idol didn’t change that. Taylor’s new album will show what he can do. I have heard three of the songs and I love them all.

I would have been thrilled to have been there Thursday night and hear Taylor play harmonica. That man can play some mean harmonica. As the article says “Taylor Hicks is a legitimately talented dude who is much bigger than the label. And he did a helluva job on the harmonica.” Truer words could not have been said. I’m thrilled Taylor is still getting out there and more people are hearing what he can do. I see the Soul Patrol growing by leaps and bound each day. Keep doing what you do Taylor. To read the rest of the article click here.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Get Ready

Hey Soul Patrol we have only 5 days until we get to see Taylor Hicks on TV again. Christmas in Rockefeller Center will air Wednesday November 29th on NBC at 8PM. Lionel Richie, John Legend and Our Man Taylor Hicks among others, will be performing. Can’t wait to see and hear Taylor’s wonderful voice. Hopefully he will get sing “Runaround” because it is a fun dance song that will get the crowd going. If Taylor sings “Runaround” and Lionel Richie sings “Dancing in the Streets” it will be a party!

On December 13 Christmas in Washington will air on TNT at 10 PM. Once again Taylor will be performing. Christmas 2006 just gets better and better. Rehearsals Videos of Taylor Hicks, Taylor’s preview clips from his CD, interviews we have read with Taylor and Taylor on TV only thing better is being there.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Right Place

The Right Place is up at This song is simply all about Taylor’s wonderful voice. I love this song too, so far I love them all. Each one for a different reason, The Right Place was written by Bryan Adams for Ray Charles. Maybe it is just me but I swear I can hear Ray singing this song. I can invison Ray sitting at the piano and swaying back and forth as he sings this song. I bet any Ray Charles fan will love this song. Taylor’s voice in places, even reminds me of Ray Charles a lot. Taylor has done Ray proud with this song. It is beautiful and soulful. If anyone still says Taylor Hicks can’t sing then they need to have their hearing checked. This CD is going to have so many possible genres that each song can play in. I imagine we hear Taylor on pop and country stations as well. Taylor has been compared to Elvis in many ways. This CD is just another example. Elvis’ music was played on any type of station you could think of. I believe Taylor will be the same way. They don’t know what category to put him in because he can sing anything. All the greats can cross over into type of music they choose. Taylor Hicks will be one of those greats. Go to Grays site if you haven’t been their yet and give them all a listen. Be prepared The Right Place will blow you away it is great.

Taylor Hicks: Taylor TV Appearances

Taylor was on the American Music Awards last night. He had a new haircut. It looks really good on him. He looked really good. He just presented some award. To tell you the truth I’m not sure what now. I was to excited to see Taylor on TV again. He seemed really happy. He also got to meet Weird Al, there is pictures of them shaking hands with big smiles on both their faces. Now we are getting prepared for the rest of Taylor’s TV appearances. Taylor’s my space site has the list up. is going to air a video today at 1pm EST instead of Friday. Be sure to tune in. Gray Charles has the full Runaway song up. It is great. I can’t listen to it with out wanting to move about and dance to it. Some say they don’t like it. I however love it. If a song can make me cry, think or dance then it has done what it should do. That is exactly what the Runaway does it makes me want to dance. It also makes me want to see a video of it with Taylor movin and grovin to it. Dream Myself Awake is also there it is just a small clip of the song but what I have heard so far is great is seems to me like a fast tempo love song. Taylor’s voice in both sounds excellent.

Now back to Taylor TV appearances. Taylor’s lists of shows from now through December are below,

11/29 Xmas at Rock
12/01 Leno
12/05 GMA
12/06 Regis
12/10 Christmas in Washington
12/11 The View
12/12 Satellite Media Tour
12/13 Martha
12/14 Megan
12/14 CBS Early Show

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Whomp Music

Whomp Music!! The Soul Patrol has been ready for Taylor Hicks’ new style of music and he does not disappoint. This morning when I got up I went straight to to see if the clips of Taylor’s new CD were up yet. “Runaround” is up and on fire. I have been playing the clip over and over. I can’t wait to hear the whole song and the whole album. I am anxiously awaiting the next clip to go up sometime today of “Dream Myself Awake.” Whomp Music has hit and it is a welcome change. I love the beat, the feeling it gives you to get and dance and best of all the sound of Taylor’s voice.

The world is about to experience Whomp Music by Taylor Hicks and I think it will be very well received. “Soul Thing” “The Deal” and also “Hell of Day” (Hell of a Day if purchased from Wal-mart) will also be on the CD and all Taylor Hicks fans know and love these songs. It will be great to hear them on the new CD and see how Taylor changes them even though I love them the way they are. The titles of the other songs sound like they will also be great. You can listen to the clip and see the titles of the songs on the CD by going to Gray

Dec 12th can’t come soon enough Christmas will be early this year and it will sound so great to the ears. I hope music videos of the songs aren’t far behind The Soul Patrol needs to see Taylor movin’ and grovin’ to some great Taylor Hicks Whomp Music.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Taylor Hicks New CD Song Listing has Taylor Hicks CD Listing up and tomorrow morning we will get two hear two songs previewed off the CD. This is like waiting for Taylor Fridays at Now the Soul Patrol will be storming over to Grays in the morning to hear Taylor’s new songs. You can bet that as soon as I wake I will be checking. The song list sounds like it will have some very good new songs on the CD. I love that The Deal and Soul Thing will be on it. I am getting my copy at Wal-Mart so I will also get to hear New Hell of a Day. Can’t wait for 12-12.

Just now put up at Grays a audio blog from Taylor about The Runaround song on the CD. Head over to Grays site now and listen and see the songs on the CD. Will I sleep tonight? I don’t know may wait and see if Gray puts up any other surprises.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Taylor Hicks: National Anthem

Well HE DID IT. But of course The Soul Patrol knew that he would. Our man Taylor did the National Anthem and he did it like all things he does all things, GREAT! I never watch the NASCAR Races I am not into racing. However knowing Taylor was going to be there I tuned into NBC at 2 PM. I didn’t realize it was going to be an hour to see Taylor but it was worth the wait. I was nervous and hanging on every word he sang praying for him he didn’t mess up. I didn’t think he would but nerves can get to anyone. I am sure as happy and as proud as he had to have been he was also nervous. Could we tell it though? NO! Once again Taylor you hit the ball out of the park. I loved how happy he seemed at the end and the movements I loved hearing the crowd cheering and whistling when he was announced. Way to go Tay!!!!

See and hear Taylor sing the National Anthem

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Interview with Donna Reynolds Idol Thoughts and Foxes on Idol Writer

I recently interview Donna Reynolds she writes for Idol Thoughts and Foxes on Idol. Here is some of the interview.

What do you feel made Season five so popular?
The show has gained popularity every year, but I think season five was the most talented to date, and it was well-balanced in terms of musical styles. There was something for everyone – whether that is country, pop, rock, R&B, or Taylor!

Why do you think Taylor Hicks has become so popular?
Taylor is a musician, not just a singer or performer. His musical roots go deep, and he appealed to all of us who were sick of the cookie cutter pop singers that have long dominated Idol. Taylor “feels” the music and was able to bring the audience into his performances. I also think that his acknowledging his fans on a weekly basis made them fiercely loyal.

Have you got to meet Taylor?
I have not met Taylor (yet). He was very well-insulated, and I was not able to make a connection. I'm working on it, though!

Click to read the rest of this Interview.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Taylor Hicks Do I Creep You Out?

I was just at and viewed the New video. They call it Do I make you Proud? Yes Taylor you do and you made me laugh like crazy to. The video has a little bit of everything. From Taylor being interviewed and discussing the New CD and when he started playing Harp, Guitar and writing songs then we hear some of Hell of a Day. Taylor looks so happy and like he is having lots of fun. Then it Do I Make You Proud Taylor talks about Do I Creep You Out from Sweet Al. Then Taylor starts to sing and I was laughing so hard. Instead of singing the verse Do I Make You Proud? Taylor sings Do I Creep You Out? He was having a lot of fun and you can tell he is happy over the Weird Al parody. it’s all in good fun and Taylor knows it. I have to say this is my favorite video yet of Taylor at rehearsals. It shows us the fun and happy side of Taylor. It was truly great to see him so happy and relaxed. I for one want to see more of this. Taylor asks Do I Creep You Out? The answer is defiantly NO! Taylor may excite us, he makes us smile, he makes us proud and he often makes us THUD. However, he never Creeps Us Out!

Taylor Hicks: Things Happen

I reported a few days ago that Taylor was supposed to call into the radio station Big106 this morning. I, like most of you listened from 8 A.M. - 10 A.M. EST. The call did not come through. The radio station was called by a couple people and they kept expecting him to call, he did not get to. We all have to remember Taylor is a very busy man. Something must have come up. Also remember Taylor is in California, the show ended at 7 A.M Cali time so Taylor may have still been asleep. I am sure though Taylor will let us know something about what happened whether it be through Gray Charles or some other way. But don’t fret we still will get our Taylor fix. Remember still has a video getting ready to air in a little bit. Sunday we get to hear and see Taylor before the NASCAR Race on NBC when he sings the National Anthem.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Top Ten Gift Ideas for a Taylor Hicks Fan

I just had an article published titled Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan. Would love you all to give it a read. Maybe you will get an idea for a gift or you can send it to someone who will buying for you. This will be their hint of what you want for Christmas. Here are of a few of the Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan on my list.

1) New Taylor Hicks CD – Due out in stores December 5th. Even if you know they are planning to buy a copy they would still appreciate a second copy to put in the car or to keep as a collectable. You can also preorder the CD so it will be shipped the day of its release.
6) Donate Money – The Soul Patrol supports Kid One Transport and Studio by The Tracks. Charities that is near and dear to Taylor Hicks heart. You could donate money to these great causes in your loved one’s name. Give them a card stating that you did this. Trust me you would make their day when they realize you cared enough to help these charities. It is also a great to help charities that really need it while giving a gift to a loved a loved one.

Click here to read the rest of the Top Ten Gift Ideas For a Taylor Hicks Fan. If you have other ideas for more gift suggestions leave a comment there and let every one know.

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Friday

It’s almost time for Taylor Friday. has a preview clip up of what is coming up tomorrow. It looks like it’s going to be a good one. Taylor seems to be happy and having fun. I thought it was funny Taylor talking about Weird Al’s Do I Creep You Out? He calls him Sweet Al. If you haven’t seen the preview yet be sure to go to and see it. Then tune in tomorrow to see the full video. Also don’t forget Taylor Friday starts tomorrow between 8 - 9 A.M EST. Taylor will be calling into Big 106 and you will able to listen to it at their

A Look Back in Time of Taylor Hicks

Tonight I decided to do some more searching to see if I could find some more news about Taylor that I may not have seen before. I was also looking for anything interesting as a Look Back in time of Taylor Hicks and I found something that at first got me scared and then I thought nope this is someone trying to scare fans. Well I clicked on the link and was smiling by the time I was done reading. I didn’t seen this piece of writing when it came out in March but I imagine those who did was scared at first also. It said Taylor Hicks is dying. Thank God they meant dying to be the next American Idol. The article also goes on to say Taylor Hicks is the blackest white man to ever enter the American Idol competition. That phrase reminded me of Elvis. Remember those who heard Elvis sing without seeing him thought he was a black man. Elvis had soul in him and you could hear it his voice. So that is another Tayvis connection. Another part of the article worth mentioning is “While Taylor seems to be in perfect health today, there's just no telling what condition his condition will be in next week, though one expert suggested it may be "blue(sy), gravelly, herky-jerky and perhaps even spastic." The last part of this piece is the caption under Taylor’s picture “The only sincere American Idol contestant to date.” Well that is My Look back in time of Taylor Hicks for today. To read the rest of the article click here

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Jib Jab Weird Al Do I Creep You Out?

First SNL did a Taylor parody. Then Weird Al wrote the parody Do I Creep You Out? Now Jib Jab a site very popular for its cartoons has a cartoon up of Weird Al's Do I Creep You Out? If it's true that Humor is a high form of flattery than Taylor must be feeling very flattered right now. In a years time Taylor has come a long way. He sure doesn't have to try and get people to notice him anymore, quite the opposite now. He may be wishing he could hide a little every now and again.

Do I Creep You Out Send To Friends Funny Animations at JibJab">

Taylor Hicks

I log on today and read something that makes my day. mentioned me by name in reference to the news that Taylor will calling into Big106 Friday morning it will be broadcast at there site and then he is singing the National Anthem Sunday on NBC. For just an ordinary blogger that is big news, or maybe little things make me happy. Ok enough with the self gloating. Just two days until we get to see another video of Taylor Hicks at Rehearsals. Tayday can’t come soon enough I love seeing the new videos each week. Keeping up with everything Taylor is becoming time consuming he is a very busy man; hopefully he is getting at least a little free time to enjoy his life. One thing is certain though with Taylor Hicks he does what he can to keep fans informed of what is going on. No one can say Taylor Hicks ignores his fans. He even leaves us little audio blogs at Gray Charles site That is so Cool!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wedding Cameras

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Taylor Hicks Friday

Taylor Hicks Friday will be a double dose this Friday. As usual will be showing a clip of Taylor. We will have to wait and see if it will be a Interview, Performance or Rehearsal. Either of the three will be great. However this Friday at 8 am Taylor Hicks will be calling into a local radio station in Miami. Paul and Young Ron will let us listen to the stream of Big106’s broadcast by going to Just go to the Paul and Young Ron Section to listen to the stream online.

Then after a great Friday tune into NBC Sunday because prior to the Nascar Nextel Cup Ford 400 that is being held at the Homestead Miami Speedway. Taylor will be singing The National Anthem prior to the start of the race. Tune into NBC Sunday at 2PM EST.

This will a great weekend of Taylor Hicks. Friday kicks it off and then Sunday we get to hear Taylor’s soulful voice sing The National Anthem.

Taylor Hicks: Pre-Idol

Ok I can’t sleep so I log on to my pc and I start surfing Taylor Hicks name. I thought I have seen and heard all things Taylor. Especially everything Pre-Idol. However, much to my delighted surprise I found something I hadn’t heard before. I thought I would share what I found with the rest of you as I am sure there are others like me who haven’t heard this. My search landed me at
I started reading and some of I have heard about before. “Taylor Hicks originally appeared on Tapestry, WBHM's locally produced arts and culture program, in December of 2005. Tapestry airs Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m.” “Described as a soul singer, Taylor Hicks is known for setting "soul fires" from panhandle Florida honky-tonks to the modern day chitlin-circuit of the old South. He's entertained with high profile artists such as James Brown, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Drive by Truckers, and Robert Randolph. Taylor is currently collaborating with contemporary blues legend Keb Mo. This is all pre-idol.

So I scroll further down and discover a Interview I had never heard before. It still amazes me how Taylor was never discovered and signed pre-idol. I don’t understand how someone could hear this man sing and pass on him. I guess that goes too show the bigwigs in the Music industry do not know what the majority of American’s really want to listen to. Thank God for American Idol if it wasn’t for them we would have never heard the amazing talent of Taylor Hicks. That would be like never having a Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Conway Twitty, or Bruce Springsteen.

Go give a listen to the link above. I promise you will love hearing Taylor sing and talk pre-idol. I am off to see if I can find more hidden treasures.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Extra!

Taylor was just on Extra. It was a small clip but seeing even just a second or two of Taylor is great. The little piece of the song they played seemed like it is going to be a love song type with an up-tempo beat. Once they get the music mixed in with vocals, I am sure it will be a beautiful song. I just wish Extra and the other shows would give us a couple minutes worth of the song to hear. It is however great to see Taylor doing what he does even if it is only for a few seconds.

He is going to be on a lot of television shows in the near future and hopefully we will get to hear a full song of his new CD soon. Extra, Extra we want more Taylor!

Taylor Hicks: Rehearsals

Just went to Rehearsals and saw the video of Taylor singing Georgia on my Mind. Once again Taylor Hicks was amazing. Taylor takes everything he sings and makes it his own. He has done that from the start and continues to do it. I loved the harp playing, Taylor is just as amazing with the harp as he is with his voice. What would we do without Rehearsals?

Rehearsals give us our Taylor Hicks fix each Friday. The wait for Taylor’s CD to come is hard as we are all anxious to listen to this album and get to hear a whole CD worth of Taylor’s beautiful voice. However, Rehearsals is allowing us to sit in on Taylor’s rehearsal process and it is a great way to enjoy Taylor while waiting on the CD to release. Seeing Taylor’s rehearsal process is amazing as we get another glimpse into his music life and the process of what makes this man and his music so amazing.

An update however the CD was due to release on Dec 5th but now it will not release until December 12th. I, as I am sure the rest of you, was anxiously awaiting the 5th, however its only a week later and Gray Charles reports Taylor is up beat about it because it gives him another week to work on the music. So that is good enough for me. I trust Taylor knows what he is doing and wants to make sure we get the best possible music from him that he can deliver. At least we have Rehearsals to go to and hear and see Taylor perform, that should hold us over until Dec 12th.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Gadgets

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Taylor Hicks

Tomorrow is Tayday. Once again Rehearsals will be putting up another video. This one will be Taylor singing Georgia. If you want to hear Taylor’s sexy voice you can visit to hear audio blogs from Taylor. In the most recent one Taylor sounds very happy. It’s also less than a month away before Taylor’s CD hits stores on Dec 5th. Between the audio blogs at Gray Charles, the videos at Rehearsals, and the TV appearances that are getting ready to start airing we are getting to see and hear a lot of Taylor and fans are loving it. Hopefully we will soon be getting a song from the CD and then a video.
Greatest American Idol

Taylor Hicks: Kellie Pickler

Taylor was my pick on American Idol I knew he was something unique and every week like the rest of the Soul Patrol I anxiously awaited his song choice and I was never disappointed. I believe Season 5 was the most talented season yet. Even though Taylor was my choice to win I knew there were several others who would make it Kellie Pickler was my second favorite. She was my husband first choice. I just got her CD and am happily surprised. Kellie Pickler’s CD is even better than I expected it to be.

Kellie Pickler will have an amazing career. I like all the songs on the CD. This Small Town Girl has a terrific voice and the songs on the CD are great. Even a couple that will make you tear up a little. “I Wonder,” “My Angel” (this song reminds me of my own Grandmother and my Mother in Law) and “Wild Ponies” are perfect examples of that. “Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You” will be a great song for people going through a break up.

“Small Town Girl” and “Red High Heels” are feel good dancing songs. Love the eat cheese burgers not calamari part in Small Town Girl. Made me smile and remember the conversation on AI. Kellie Pickler is very talented and I bet this CD will end up winning lots of awards and some will end up being extremely popular country songs.

I have Kellie Pickler’s CD and enjoy it very much. Now I can’t wait for Taylor’s to release gotta hear over and over our Soul Man’s album. Please lots of videos to.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

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Taylor Hicks on TV Shows

Get ready for an explosion of Taylor Hicks on TV shows. On November 21st he will be on the American Music Awards.

PRESENTERS ANNOUNCED FOR THE “2006 AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS,” AIRING LIVE NOVEMBER 21 ON ABCReleased by ABC it says that “Presenters scheduled to appear include Nicole Richie, Tori Spelling, Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton, Gavin Rossdale, Nickelback, Katharine McPhee, Tommy Lee, Mario Lopez (Dancing with the Stars), Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty), Kenny Babyface Edmonds, William Shatner (Boston Legal, Show Me the Money), Carmen Electra, Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken, Greys Anatomy stars Isaiah Washington and Justin Chambers, Taye Diggs (Day Break), Ryan Seacrest, Tony Hawk, Linkin Park, Chris Brown, Ice Cube, Chingy, Sean Paul, Tyrese, Frankie J, Brian McKnight, Hannah Montanas Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus, Chamillionaire, JC Chasez, JoJo, Sarah Silverman, Weird Al Yankovic, Jesse McCartney, Cheetah Girls, Wendie Malick (Big Day), Kirk Franklin and cast members from High School Musical. “

Taylor is going to be with some of the greats in the business and I bet they will have more viewers than ever before when the Soul Patrol tunes into see Taylor on Te American Music Awards. I sure hope he also performs a song from his new CD. TV is going to a lot more entertaining with the media blitz of Taylor Hicks on TV Shows starting. Weird Al is scheduled to appear to maybe we will get lucky and he will perform “Do I Creep You Out?”

Taylor Hicks:,Georgia on my Mind is set to give us another great glimpse of Taylor Hicks Friday. To the thrill of the Soul Patrol the song this Friday will be Georgia on my Mind. The whole Soul Patrol is getting prepared to start a Thud that will shake the world, or at least as The Soul Patrol once again bombards the site on Friday to see the video and re-watch it over and over again. Rehearsals is a site that The Soul Patrol is becoming addicted to visiting as they are feeding the Taylor Hicks fix that all his devoted fans so love to have fed.

There is one thing about being a Taylor Hicks fan that is a great advantage. Taylor loves to gives us little tidbits of him here and there to feed our addiction. All summer long during the AI Tour LiMBO shadowed the tour playing at different venues and some times Taylor joined in on the fun to the thrill of The Soul Patrol. He has kept fans updated through and now through we get to see Taylor as he rehearses and the fans are loving Fridays now know as Taydays. If you haven’t been to then visit today they have several videos of different musicians. It is a great site and I can wait for Tayday!

Video montage created by a fan
'>"> name="wmode" value="transparent">

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Taylor Hicks Obession

Do we, “The Soul Patrol” have a Taylor Hicks Obsession? Is it because he is a celebrity? A new article states that might just be the case, I however do not think this is so. The articles says “By now almost everyone in the US knows that the winner of American Idol 2006 was 30-year-old Taylor Hicks, a soul singer, songwriter and musician shrouded in obscurity for a decade, before rising to prominence in the fifth season of American Idol. It goes on to say people have Celebrity Worship Syndrome, or Celebrity Obsession Syndrome -- or even Mad Icon Disease. They all describe an unhealthy obsession with the lives of the rich and famous. According to those who say they know, about a third of us have it to some degree.” So do we have a Taylor Hicks Obsession?

Taylor Hicks came on American Idol as just an ordinary guy looking to live his dream. Fans fell for his voice, charm and personality. He was not a celebrity when the voting started. He was a guy who wanted to share his talent with the viewing public and the viewing public loved him and said, “Yes! This is the American Idol we want”. So no we don’t have a Taylor Hicks Obsession at least not because he was a celebrity and everyone jumped on his coat tales.

However, now, The Soul Patrol may have a Taylor Hicks Obsession but again it’s not because he is a “celebrity”. It is because we saw him do his utmost best each week. We saw him take criticism and insults from Simon with a smile on his face. We know how much he respects The Soul Patrol. He does everything he can to keep us up to date on what is going on with his career. This ordinary guy next door has a voice that is heavenly and when he pulls out the harp the fans knees turn to butter. But he is also a caring and nice man so if The Soul Patrol as some sort of syndrome called a Taylor Hicks Obsession I don’t think any member will be seeking to get rid of it. Please leave a comment and tell everyone about your “Syndrome”. We will discuss how to “Keep It.”

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Greats Perform What'd I Say

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Once again a new video of Taylor Hicks is going to up at I know I am not alone in being anxious to see Taylor perform “What’d I Say” I decided to go view Ray Charles version to get me even more ready for tomorrow, and what I found was not only Ray Charles Version but several others including one of Taylor’s. So let’s all GET THE PARTY STARTED and click the links below to view the videos. ENJOY!!!!

First of Course Ray Charles

Jerry Lee Lewis

Roy Orbinson

And I saved the Hottest Two and my Favs for Last

Elvis (HOT)

Taylor (HOT)

Can’t wait for the video of Taylor Hicks “What’d I Say” to go live tomorrow.

Taylor Hicks; What'd I Say

Great News Soul Patrol another video of another Taylor Hicks video will be up again this Friday at Taylor Hicks newest rehearsal video will be his Idol Ray Charles, Song “What’d I Say” has this posted at their site.

Taylor Hicks - another release this Friday.
Attention Soul Patrol
As you suspected we have another Taylor Hicks video being released this Friday."What'd I Say" keeps giving The Soul Patrol our much needed Hicks Fix. They know how huge The Soul Patrol is and how much we love to see Taylor Videos and they are keeping us all happy. They sure know how to keep a fan base coming back for more. Once again The Soul Patrol will bombard the Rehearsals website for out Taylor Hicks Fix. The videos are excellent quality and the sound is great, of course with Taylor’s voice it couldn’t help but be a great sound. If you haven’t checked out Rehearsals yet do so now. They have lots of videos of musicians who are rehearsing. It just so happens that American Idol Taylor Hicks is all the talk right now. I can’t wait for Friday. TGIF is what the whole Soul Patrol shouts each Friday.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks New CD

Taylor Hicks New CD is being discussed at all the fan boards. Everyone is highly anticipating its December 5th release. We have all heard that Taylor has had many offers from great musicians to work with him on the CD. So far from things Taylor has said in interviews we have gotten a few clues as what to expect from the CD. We know of course that Taylor’s wonderful voice will be the main thing. However here is what has been said so far

1) There will be one Ray Charles cover. And Taylor said it is a lesser known song
2) Taylor recorded the Ray Charles song in Ray Charles Studio.
3) Bryan Adams wrote one of the tracks.
4) Robert Randolph is playing on one of the tracks.
5) The Tower of Power will be featured playing horns.
6) John Mayer co-wrote one of the tracks.
7) There will some songs written by Taylor.
8) And to the delight of fans Taylor will play harmonica in some of the songs.

Taylor has also said the CD will be modern, up-tempo, a few balled type songs and Whomp with Ass. Taylor Hicks New CD can’t come soon enough for The Soul Patrol. Can’t wait to hear the great music on the CD.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams

Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams are teaming up. I see a great song in the making. I have always loved Bryan Adams songs. Growing up as a teenager in the 80s (yes I’m showing my age lol) I always loved listening to Bryan Adams. Taylor is going to be singing a song written by Bryan Adams. Whether this is a new song or an old one is not known yet. Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams I think will make a great collaboration. I’m sure.

Taylor knows how to take any song and make it his. His voice is so soothing and Bryan Adams is a great song writer. I am so looking forward to getting the CD and hearing the song that is a Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams collaboration.

Taylor won’t tell what the name of the song is. He says he wants to keep some secrets so people will be excited to listen to the album and see what is on it. Taylor Hicks loves to keep his fans in suspense and excited about the future. That is what keeps his fans so excited. He teases us every now and then with little interviews here and there, videos released every so often at and just a little info about his CD; just enough to keep us saying GIVE US MORE!!!! We love getting our little shots of our Hicks Fix. However, at the same time we are so excited for the full blown Hicks Mania that is sure to hit, at least with the huge fan base of The Soul Patrol. Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams, what a great idea, Taylor knows how to pick em.

Taylor Hicks Shares a Secret with Bryan Adams
Posted Oct 31st 2006 10:51AM by Jolie Lash
Filed under: Rock, Pop
Taylor Hicks has teamed with Canadian pop-rocker Bryan Adams. Along with plenty of his own material, the 'American Idol' Season 5 winner will feature a song by the 'Boys of Summer' singer on his debut album, set to drop by Christmas. "There have been some great songs that have been given to me, a Bryan Adams [track] being one of them," Hicks told AOL Music. "He sent me a song that's just so killer, man. Ray Charles taught me it doesn't matter who wrote it -- as long as you can sing it, feel it and perform it, you'll know."

Taylor Hicks: Taylor on TV

Taylor Hicks is going to be on TV a lot in the near future. He is going to be on several shows such as Oprah, The View and Regis and Kelly. Prime Time is also going to be Taylor Time. Yesterday it was reported that on November 29th he will be on NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center. Today the report is he will also be on NBC Christmas Tree Lighting (11/26 on NBC at 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.), The Billboard Awards (12/04 on FOX at 8:00 p.m.) and TNT Christmas in Washington (12/17 on TNT at 8:00 p.m.). The Soul Patrols first TV glimpse of Taylor so far is set to be on The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (11/23 on NBC from 9:00 a.m. to noon). Looks like we better be setting out Tivo’s and VCR’s to record so we don’t miss out on any of the shows Taylor Hicks will be on.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Christmas in Rockefeller Center

On November 29th the Soul Patrol will get to see Taylor Hicks as he performs on NBC’s 'CHRISTMAS IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER’. A press release was just released at stating that CHRISTINA AGUILERA, STING, BETTE MIDLER, TAYLOR HICKS AND LIONEL RICHIE, and Grammy-award winning artist JOHN LEGEND will perform on NBC'S 'CHRISTMAS IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER,' NOVEMBER 29 (8-9 P.M. ET/PT).

NBC can count on high ratings that night as the huge fan base known as The Soul Patrol tunes into watch Christmas in Rockefeller Center to see their American Idol Taylor Hicks.

An excerpt from the press release is “Hicks, the 30-year-old Birmingham, Ala. native captured the hearts and minds of more than 63.4 million people who voted him this year's American Idol, is recording his debut album for Arista Records. His first single, "Do I Make You Proud" debuted at No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100, the Single Sales chart and the Pop 100, with more than $190,000 sold its first week of release. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every CD, digital download, ring tone and ring back benefits the American Red Cross.” Christmas in Rockefeller Center 2006 will be a huge hit. There isn’t a Soul Patroller who will miss show.

The Soul Patrol loves to get every glimpse of Taylor Hicks that they can. Fans have rushed to to catch the videos they are sharing of Taylor Hicks as he rehearses. NBC should have a record breaking viewing audience for Christmas in Rockefeller Center when The Soul Patrol tunes their TV to NBC on November 29th.

Taylor Hicks: LMBO

All members of The Soul Patrol know who LiMBO is. LMBO is Taylor Hicks pre-Idol band. However we all know these guys are more than just that. They are extremely talented group who many fans got to see over the summer when they shadowed The American Idol Tour and played several gigs. Many times Taylor sat in and sang and played guitar and harmonica. The chemistry between Taylor and LMBO is fabulous. I stumbled onto an article I would love to share with you all. An Elliot Yamin Fan got to meet and greet the band and is just as taken with them as The Soul Patrol is. These guys are set to make it big. They are a great bunch of musicians who love what they do. In this interview they each tell how Taylor got them in his band. Here is an excerpt.

Brian: I was playing with a band called the Ground, which me and Zippy were in, in Tuscaloosa. The University of Alabama is where we met. Zippy and I have played together, probably seven or eight years now. We were playing a bar. His [Taylor’s] band was down in Mobile. He walked by where we were playing, and he heard me playing the piano. And he made a comment to one of his buddies, “Man, I want a keyboard player like that in my band.” Two weeks later, cause I was living in Nashville at the time, he was playing in Nashville, and his bass player knew me. So, the bass player goes, “Taylor, this keyboard player really wants to sit in.” And Taylor’s like, “No. We’re in Nashville. We want our game to be on. Nobody’s sitting in.” Then, finally, Clay Connor, his bass player at the time, convinced Taylor to let me sit in. So, I show up in Nashville. I set up, do sound check, and Taylor goes, “Were you in Mobile two weeks ago playing at this bar?” I was like, “Yeah.” He’s like, “Join the band.” I said, “I haven’t even played yet.” And he’s like, “I don’t care. I heard you play. You’re what I want,” and then, the rest is history. That’s how it happened.
For The rest of the Story about LMBO go here

Taylor Hicks: The King of Rock and Roll

The King of Rock and Roll, that’s all a person needs to hear to know the conversation, is about Elvis Presley. Elvis came along when a generation needed something or someone to get excited about. The girls swooned over Elvis, falling in love with every lip curl or pelvis thrust he gave. The men wanted to be Elvis. The King of Rock and Roll created a phenomenon that had never been seen before.

Even decades after his death Elvis is still a legend, he is still The King of Rock and Roll. What keeps Elvis so alive in people’s hearts generation after generation? Elvis was a true southern gentleman. He loved his Mother, respected women, was incredibly generous and he loved his fans, he realized without the fans he wouldn’t have had the success he had. Elvis has always had and continues to have a very loyal fan base. They have kept Elvis’s name and music alive, for other generations to experience and love.

The King of Rock and Roll will never die has he will forever live in the hearts of the all the fans from his incredibly large fan base. This fan base continues to grow everyday because Elvis is truly a National Rock and Roll Legend.

A new artist on the scene, Taylor Hicks has been compared to Elvis. Some do not understand this comparison; however it is easy to see the comparison. Taylor like Elvis has come when a generation needs a change and Taylor offers that change. Taylor also, like The King of Rock and Roll, loves his fans and realizes none of his success would be possible without them. Taylor is also a southern gentleman. The women THUD over Taylor. Same meaning as swoon however, THUD is just a new word for a new generation. The 50’s and 60’s saw the emergence of The King of Rock and Roll. Now the millennium is seeing another legend in the making in Taylor Hicks.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Taylor Hicks Music

Taylor Hicks is keeping fans informed of his goings on, by leaving messages on boards and through Fans also get to see videos at of Taylor rehearsing for upcoming shows he will be doing. Today fans noticed Taylor is also mentioned with country music. Taylor Hicks Music can not be stuck in one category. Taylor is a very versatile artist that proved it each week on American Idol, when he sang every type of music that was presented to him expertly. Taylor Hicks music is soul, however Taylor can master any type of music put before him.

When listening to Taylor’s CD “Under the Radar”, I have always felt it had a country vibe to it. Taylor’s song The Fall also reminds me a great country song. Some fans will argue Taylor Hicks Music isn’t country and they don’t want him to be country. I disagree with this, country music is a very stable music outlet and the fans of country music artists stick completely with their favorites.

Elvis Presley was and still is The King of Rock and Roll, however. Elvis also sang gospel and country and was just as greatly appreciated in those avenues as rock and roll. Taylor Hicks music also is the type of music that can go over into pop, soul, rock and roll and country. Taylor’s voice is a pure joy to listen to. I could so imagine Taylor singing a beautiful heart felt country song that would top the charts and go on to be a classic.

I for one say, don’t put Taylor Hicks music into one category and limit him to the success that he can rightfully achieve. If you go to at CMT you will see that they have a little article up about Taylor. If you go to you will see Taylor’s “Under the Radar” CD is listed there. It appears that CMT also feels Taylor’s music would fit very well in to the country style.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Taylor Hicks Quizzes

Fans of Taylor Hicks know quite a bit about him. But do we know everything, or do we remember as much as we think? I have found a few Taylor Hick’s quizzes. What better way to test fans knowledge of their Idol Taylor Hicks. These Taylor Hicks quizzes are easy questions. However, there may be a question or too even the most devote fan might not know the answer to. Either way it is just fun to take a quiz now and then, and what better quiz to take then about Taylor Hicks. After you take this quizzes would love for you to come back and comment. Especially if you do run into a question that stumped you. Let’s have fun with these and get a discussion going about Taylor Hicks quizzes. The links are below.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Hollywood Nights is set to release another video this Friday of Taylor Hicks singing Holly wood Nights. Bob Seger first made this song popular. Now fans are thrilled to be able to hear Taylor Hicks version of Hollywood Nights. During the American Idol tour Taylor sang this song and fans loved it. However, so many of us that didn’t get to attend the tour shows are thrilled for our chance to hear Taylor sing this song. is sharing videos with the public of Taylor Hicks rehearsing at the studio for his upcoming CD and private shows that he will be doing. Hollywood Nights as been one the most talked about songs that Taylor sang on tour and getting to see and hear him sing, clearly without background noise interfering, is sure to be a real treat.

Taylor Hicks is able to take any song he sings and make it his own song. His voice is soothing to the ears and no matter the mood you are in you can’t help but smile when you hear this southern, charming man open his mouth and sing. Taylor’s enthusiasm, enjoyment and love of music is contagious to anyone around him and any one within ear shot. Hollywood Nights is sure to be a hit at with The Soul Patrol once again racing to the site on Friday to get another glimpse of Taylor Hicks our American Idol and future legend.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks New CD

A press release was just released this morning from Arista records. Taylor Hicks New CD that is due for release on December 5th 2006 is being produced by The Grammy Award winning producer Matt Serletic. Taylor Hicks new CD is being highly anticipated by fans. December 5th can not come soon enough.

In the press release Taylor says that Matt Serletic gets where Taylor is coming from and Taylor says he completely respects the mans smarts. Matt gets Taylor and fans are thrilled with the news. Matt Serletic says Taylor is phenomenal vocalist and experienced artist. This is not news to Taylor fans. It is just great to know that Taylor Hicks New CD is being handled by such a great producer.

Matt Serletic has worked with some great artists such as Areosmith, Matchbox 20 and more. Taylor Hicks New CD will be one to surely be on the watch for. John Mayer has worked with Taylor also on this CD. John Mayer did the music and Taylor wrote the lyrics. This song is one fans are anxiously waiting to hear. Taylor Hicks CD is set to set The Soul Patrol on fire. You can bet that once it releases the boards will be on fire from fans posting. The excitement for this CD is one that I bet hasn’t happened in a very long time. Something about Taylor Hicks just creates emotion and excitement in people that haven’t felt this way since the days of Elvis and the Beatles.

To read the press release, click on the above title to be redirected.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Soul Patrol is becoming very popular to the Soul Patrol. Friday we got our Taylor Hicks fix, which we have been craving. When aired the videos, of two of Taylor’s song that he played while rehearsing, Hell of a Day and What’s Going On. Not only did we get to see these wonderful videos but we are told there will more footage of the rehearsals that Taylor did. The Soul Patrol is anxiously awaiting the upcoming videos and putting our two cents in of what we would like to see next.

The one thing that all members of The Soul Patrol agree on is, give us any video of Taylor. As one fan put it “I would enjoy hearing Taylor read the phone book as long as he put a few growls in it.” Why has Taylor Hicks become so popular? Why does he have such a huge and strong fan base? One thing for sure is we do love to hear this man sing. His voice is truly heaven. However, this is not all there is to our love and support of Taylor. He embodies what all women feel a man should be. He cares deeply for his fans, he keeps us in the know of what is going on, he is gentleman (the world really seems to be lacking those kind of men now a days) and he puts his heart into his music and entertaining his fans, he enjoys what he does and his excitement is contagious.

The Soul Patrol supported Taylor Hicks from the beginning of American Idol and his fan base grew everyday, and continues to still grow each day. The Soul Patrol is a force to be reckoned with and will stick beside Taylor, all through his long career.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Hell of a Day gave fans a glimpse into Taylor Hicks as he was rehearsing. On October 20th 2006 at 3 P.M EST fans logged straight on to to see their idol Taylor Hicks perform Hell of a Day and What’s Going On. Fans have anticipated this moment since it was first reported that there would be a video up at to watch Taylor rehearse, and we were not disappointed. Both performances were excellent. However, my favorite was Hell of a Day.

It was a Hell of Day for fans to get to see Taylor Hicks and it is just proof that Taylor has a hell of a lifetime of music ahead of him. After one of Taylor’s performances on American Idol Paula Abdul said “The Soul Patrol is on Fire”. Well the good news is The Soul Patrol stays on fire because Taylor is constantly giving us something new and exciting to look forward to.

December 5th will be another Hell of Day of Taylor Hicks and The Soul Patrol as this is the day Taylor’s new CD will be released. The Soul Patrol is patiently but excitedly waiting to race to the stores and purchase it has soon as it is released and fans are also preordering the CD. You can bet if you have a fan of Taylor’s on your list, a sure fire gift to get them will be Taylor’s CD. The first time Taylor Hicks was seen on American Idol was a Hell of a Day and there is many more coming, for many years ahead.

This is from

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taylor Hicks: & The New Elvis

We have been patiently waiting for Taylor Hicks to air on Tommorrow is the big day, everyone has wondered what he will sing, and yesterday we got a 15 second preview of Hell of a Day. Today the big news is at Taylor Hicks will perform What's Going On and Hell of a Day.

News also reports that Taylor Hicks is set to launch from his American Idol beginnings to become a major voice in pop music. Vibe Magazine reports in the November issue, that Taylor Hicks is the new Elvis and saying he dances funny misses the point: Taylor Hicks is the embodiment of the last fifty years of popular music. All of Taylor's fans agree with these statements completely. will show Taylor's singing and entertaining ability to a whole new group of people. His fan base is continuing to grow everyday.

The New Elvis is set to explode in a big way. Taylor Hicks has become a phenomenon, some claim to not like Taylor until they see him perform then they become a fan. better be prepared for the onslaught of fans that will coming through the door to the site in huge masses as soon as they start airing Taylor Hicks at To read more click above on the title.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks on TV

Taylor Hicks on TV? Yes we get to see Taylor Hicks and lots of him. The first opportunity is this Friday 10-20 on They will be airing videos of Taylor during rehearsals for his upcoming CD. The talk is that we won’t necessarily get to see performances of the songs for the new CD, that it will possibly just be cover songs and a couple of Taylor Hicks songs released before Idol. Either way fans will be tuning in too see a glimpse of their Idol. Be prepared also to see lots of Taylor Hicks on TV.

Thanks to a great marketing campaign we will also be able to see lots of Taylor Hicks on TV. As reported at Taylor is set to be on TV many, many times coming in the near future. There is no dates yet released to the public however.

Oprah is one of the opportunities. This is one I am really going to be keeping an eye out for. Oprah is a great woman who treats people with respect and when someone has talent she makes sure they know they are doing well. I think this will be a very interesting episode. Taylor and Oprah will be a great combination. Some of the others are Regis and Kelly, Dateline and TNT Christmas in Washington. To see the others on the list visit Gray Charles. Be prepared to watch a lot of Taylor Hicks on TV.

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks CDs

Most fans already know that there are now 3 Taylor Hicks CDs. The fourth and most anticipated one is set to come out December 5th. The 3 previous Taylor Hicks CDs are In Your Time released 1997; Under the Radar released 2005, and his single from American Idol Do I Make You Proud/Takin it to the Streets.

Those who just watched Taylor Hicks on American Idol and liked him and voted a couple times and then when the show was over they didn’t keep up with him, these fans may not realize there were 2 previous Taylor Hicks CDs. Because Taylor released these on his own and was not discovered by anyone he was able to compete on American Idol.

Fans who have heard the songs on these Taylor Hicks CDs love them; Taylor’s soulful voice really shines through. The Fall is my up most favorite. Many fans do not agree with my opinion but several of Taylor’s songs remind of a great country song. The Fall, Hell of a Day, and Heart and Soul could easily fit the country sound and would be played a lot on Country Music Radio.

I have written an article titled Taylor Hicks CDs which I talk about the CDs and where they can be bought.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Taylor Hicks: The Libra Sign

I am a Libra born October 10th, and as any fan knows Taylor Hicks is also a Libra born October 7th. So I decided to look up Libra and found some pretty interesting information. It is funny how your birth sign seems to match you so well. I don’t practice astrology but I do think it is interesting that the sign seems to match. You can view the full Libra description by clicking above.

Some things I found interesting are; Libra’s can succeed as administrators, lawyers (I have always wanted to be a lawyer though besides taking some Paralegal classes never succeeded), antique dealers, civil servants and bankers, for they are trustworthy in handling other people's money. Some Librans are gifted in fashion designing or in devising new cosmetics; others may find success as artists, composers, (Taylor Hicks is a song writer, music composer, singer) critics, writers,( I have love writing since I was a child) interior decorators or welfare workers and they have an ability in the management of all sorts of public entertainment.

Libras have good critical faculty and are able to stand back and look impartially at matters which call for an impartial judgment to be made on them. But they do not tolerate argument from anyone who challenges their opinions. My family and friends get so aggravated with me because once I get an opinion on something I will argue my point on the matter. They sure know my favorable opinion of Taylor. And as far as Taylor Hicks, his opinion of song choice was what he whole heartily believed in and he fought for his choice

Libra governs the lumbar region, lower back and kidneys. Its subjects must beware of weaknesses in the back, and lumbago, and they are susceptible to troubles in the kidneys and bladder, especially gravel and stone. They need to avoid overindulgence in food and especially drink, for the latter can particularly harm the kidneys. I just had surgery to remove my gall bladder because of stones.

Alright fellow Libras see how your sign matches you and let us know.

Taylor Hicks: Of course he has a Poetic Heart

Ok I'll set this straight. A couple people who have seen the start of this blog asked me why I would call it Taylor’s Poetic Heart they say that Taylor Hicks is a singer not a poet. Well I beg to differ. A poem is a song waiting for music, Taylor just so happens to be able to add the music also. A poem comes from your heart, with feeling and emotion whether it be from happiness, pain or just being silly. Taylor Hicks sings and writes from his heart. His songs that he has written have come from his own feelings and emotions. Someone who can sit down and put their feelings into the written word, whether it is to simply keep and call it a poem or to add music to and call it a song has a poetic heart. So you see Taylor Hicks indeed does have a Poetic Heart. Any objections?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks Legend in the Making

This season of American Idol was the best season yet. The was lots of great talent and many will go on to succeed in a long career, However, the winner Taylor Hicks stood out from the beginning. When he first walked in many viewers weren't sure what to expect. Then this man opened his mouth and magic began. Simon of course said Taylor Hicks shouldn't go through and since Paula and Randy said yes Simon then said he would never be voted further. I will never forget when he came in to the room playing the harp. I thought ok this guy is gonna fly right though and of course he did. Each week this gray hared handsome soul man won more and more fans. He always knew what song to sing, how to react to Simon's rude comments and how to get the fans to love him. Simon said he shouldn't go past the audition. But Ha Simon was wrong. Taylor Hicks made it through each week and WON! I have much more to say about Taylor Hicks coming in the future and will post any news that comes about. Lets watch together as Taylor Hicks becomes a legend.