Thursday, November 02, 2006

Taylor Hicks; What'd I Say

Great News Soul Patrol another video of another Taylor Hicks video will be up again this Friday at Taylor Hicks newest rehearsal video will be his Idol Ray Charles, Song “What’d I Say” has this posted at their site.

Taylor Hicks - another release this Friday.
Attention Soul Patrol
As you suspected we have another Taylor Hicks video being released this Friday."What'd I Say" keeps giving The Soul Patrol our much needed Hicks Fix. They know how huge The Soul Patrol is and how much we love to see Taylor Videos and they are keeping us all happy. They sure know how to keep a fan base coming back for more. Once again The Soul Patrol will bombard the Rehearsals website for out Taylor Hicks Fix. The videos are excellent quality and the sound is great, of course with Taylor’s voice it couldn’t help but be a great sound. If you haven’t checked out Rehearsals yet do so now. They have lots of videos of musicians who are rehearsing. It just so happens that American Idol Taylor Hicks is all the talk right now. I can’t wait for Friday. TGIF is what the whole Soul Patrol shouts each Friday.


Candy said...

I find I can't wait to run over here and read what you have to say every day! You make sure we are right in the room with you, and I just love putting myself there! I can't WAIT till tomorrow! TGIF indeed!


Cindy Wright said...

Thankyou very much Candy for the nice comments. Glad you enjoy.