Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams

Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams are teaming up. I see a great song in the making. I have always loved Bryan Adams songs. Growing up as a teenager in the 80s (yes I’m showing my age lol) I always loved listening to Bryan Adams. Taylor is going to be singing a song written by Bryan Adams. Whether this is a new song or an old one is not known yet. Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams I think will make a great collaboration. I’m sure.

Taylor knows how to take any song and make it his. His voice is so soothing and Bryan Adams is a great song writer. I am so looking forward to getting the CD and hearing the song that is a Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams collaboration.

Taylor won’t tell what the name of the song is. He says he wants to keep some secrets so people will be excited to listen to the album and see what is on it. Taylor Hicks loves to keep his fans in suspense and excited about the future. That is what keeps his fans so excited. He teases us every now and then with little interviews here and there, videos released every so often at and just a little info about his CD; just enough to keep us saying GIVE US MORE!!!! We love getting our little shots of our Hicks Fix. However, at the same time we are so excited for the full blown Hicks Mania that is sure to hit, at least with the huge fan base of The Soul Patrol. Taylor Hicks and Bryan Adams, what a great idea, Taylor knows how to pick em.

Taylor Hicks Shares a Secret with Bryan Adams
Posted Oct 31st 2006 10:51AM by Jolie Lash
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Taylor Hicks has teamed with Canadian pop-rocker Bryan Adams. Along with plenty of his own material, the 'American Idol' Season 5 winner will feature a song by the 'Boys of Summer' singer on his debut album, set to drop by Christmas. "There have been some great songs that have been given to me, a Bryan Adams [track] being one of them," Hicks told AOL Music. "He sent me a song that's just so killer, man. Ray Charles taught me it doesn't matter who wrote it -- as long as you can sing it, feel it and perform it, you'll know."