Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taylor Hicks GAC and American Idol

Ok tonight was fun. I have been so busy with moving haven’t had much time to check in to Taylor Land lately. Tonight I went to the Boogie and found out Taylor Hicks new song Seven Mile Breakdown. Was going to be GAC Fight Nights radio. Taylor song was against James Otto and Taylor won!. This means a few things. First Taylor was heard on Country Radio, 2 he beat James Otto with a great song, and 3rd it will be played again tomorrow against someone us. So go here
to listen tomorrow the show airs at 9 pm central. Then when Taylor’s song plays call 1-866-943-4221 and get your vote in for Taylor. Also Taylor will be on American Idol tomorrow night singing Seven Mile Breakdown. I need to finish moving tomorrow but if not done by 9pm then I will just have to finish Thursday.

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