Friday, October 17, 2008

Articles about Taylor Hicks

There have been many, many articles written about Taylor Hicks. It would take forever to search and find them all. So today I am just going to focus on the articles posted at Associated Content. I am a content producer at the site. I myself have written quite a few articles on Taylor but there are several others at the site written by other content producers. Mostly glowing reports but some not so glowing.

I will list the links to each article.

Taylor Hicks buys Lakefront Property by Amy Gayle

American Idol’s Taylor Hicks by Leigh Egan

Where is Taylor Hicks Now? By Adriana Cherry

Taylor Hicks – Little Known Facts About by Kassidy Emmerson

Taylor Hicks performs in Kansas City by Amy Gayle

American Idol’s Taylor Hicks Rocks Chicago’s House of Blues by Amy Gayle

American idol’s Taylor Hicks Looses it by Sara Martin

Taylor Hicks Selected as Grand Marshall for Mardi Gras Celebration & Endymion Parade by Karen Gross

The Next Step for American Idols’ Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks Launches Own Label by Claudia Oakenfull

A few Articles by Me
Taylor Hicks an Interview with Cindy Wright

The Taylor Hicks Experience
Taylor Hicks the Soul Patrol

Taylor Hicks Taking it to the Streets…

There are many more articles. Too many to list. Go here to see the full list

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Taylor Hicks Golfing Pictures?

My sister is vacationing in Florida. Her husband is a big golf lover. She told me he is thrilled because there are lots of places for Orlando golf. So I remembered Taylor also enjoys golfing and I emailed her some pictures of Taylor on the golf course. She thinks he looks very handsome in his golf attire. I was only able to find a few pictures of Taylor on the golf course. If you have or know of some great picture of Taylor o the course please send me the link to them so I can show her some more of these great pictures.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What are Soul Patrollers and Who is Taylor Hicks?

I went yesterday to try and find a good used car. I stopped at one car lot and the guy had several cars and vans but none of them were what I wanted. Either because of price or the vehicle itself. The man kept having us follow at him to look at yet another vehicle.

When I still found nothing I wanted he said I have a bus for sale out back you might be interested in. I laughed and said no I don’t think I need a bus. He laughed and said well ok if you are sure. The next words out of mouth had my husband saying here we go again. I told the man well the bus may be a good idea if I can get a bunch of Soul Patrollers together to go see a Taylor Hicks concert.

The man asked, what are Soul Patrollers and who is Taylor Hicks? Is that some kind of religious thing? I started laughing; my husband said did you have to ask? I told the guy some about Taylor. He said he likes Ray Charles and Sam Cooke so I told him he ought to check out Taylor Hicks.

When we left the man said he would have to see if he can find Taylor’s CD. I told him if not go online and you can order them. I don’t know if he will or not but at least now he knows who Taylor Hicks is and what a Soul Patroller is.

In the theme of a bus here is a video. A oldie but goodie The Adventures of the Purple Bus.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Live Videos

So in an earlier post I covered Fan made video montages of Taylor Hicks. Now I think it is only right to cover some of my favorite live Taylor performances. YouTube is filled with great videos of Taylor performing whether it is in concert or on television. There is a sure to a song favorite for everyone. Taylor Hicks never fails to give 100% to anything he sings so without further ado here are some great videos.

The Right Place on the View

Sweet Home Chicago

Take the Long Way Home

Heaven Knows


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Taylor Hicks Photo Montages

Taylor Hicks is a very popular subject for fans to use to make YouTube photo montages. Fans sometimes use one of Taylor’s own song to help with promoting the song or they may use a song by another artist if it reminds them for some reason of Taylor. In this post I will be sharing with you some of favorite montages.
Heart Attack

Love Man

Just One Look

Soul Thing

He’s So Shy

And a couple I have created
Taymeo is Romeo

Get Up and Move

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Taylor Hicks Forums, Blogs and Websites

There are so many websites. Forums and blogs based around Taylor Hicks and most are run by fans of Taylor Hicks. Sometimes finding a good site can be hard. In the post I will list several of the sites. If you are too new to the Taylor Hicks fandom then this will be a great place for you to start if finding places that will provide lots of information on Taylor Hicks. Join in on the forums and chat and makes some friends with people you have at least one thing in common with, Taylor Hicks.

TAYLOR HICKS Official Website
Taylor Hicks - The official website for the American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks.

Taylor Hicks - MySpace
Official MySpace profile for Taylor Hicks from American Idol season 5.

Taylor Hicks
Fan site of Taylor Hicks which features picture gallery, discussion forum, news reports, and lyrics of songs performed by Taylor Hicks.
Taylor Hicks' Official Soul Patrol Headquarters
Fan site for the gray-haired American Idol contestant Taylor Hicks. Find T-shirts for sale, performance sound clips, podcasts, videos, and more.

Taylor Hicks HQ
Membership for the Taylor Hicks Headquarters web gives you the latest Taylor Hicks news, photo galleries, contests, ticket pre-sales, message board, chat room and more.

Taylor Hicks - AOL Music
Taylor Hicks videos, bio, albums, and more.
Taylor Hicks from American Idol Fan site Forums - Powered by vBulletin
Fan site forums for Taylor Hicks, the American Idol winner in 2006.

The Taylor Hicks Community
The Taylor Hicks Community - Bringing together soul patrol fans to share news, concert information, music education, soul music, blue-eyed soul, whomp and their love of Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks Inspired.
Taylor Hicks The Capitol Fourth Rehearsal! ... Taylor Hicks says, "I Came From Alabama With A Banjo On My Knee" ... spirit of Taylor Hicks and his inspiration ...

Taylor Hicks . . . and other guilty pleasures
... Categories: Taylor Hicks ... Taylor Hicks Early Works (for a fan whose nearest Target is ... Categories: Guilty Pleasures • Modern Whomp Records • Taylor Hicks ...

Taylor is the Boogie!
(And don't think your kind words on message boards like Taylor Is The Boogie! ... Taylor Hicks Official Site. Visit The Boogie Board. Etc. Boogie Shirt Shop! ...

The Real Deal Forum
The Real Deal forum is a discussion board for the season five American Idol winner. Taylor Hicks. Singer, Song Writer, Author and Actor!

The Blues Historian
Taylor Hicks is finding out what it it like to be a bluesman. Corporate music companies who have squandered and destroyed the music business and radio ( I mean when is the last time you have seen music on MTV, or VH1?
Blues Historian -

It’s A Soul Thing
Put on your seatbelts because we're gearing up for the next chapter in the wild ride that is Taylor Hicks! He's off to start pre-production on his new CD in Nice, France, where his producer, Simon Climie, lives. ...
It's a SOUL Thing! -

A Caryling
I planned to do a real thinky piece about this "cutting edge deal" Taylor Hicks signed recently. I wanted to examine Taylor's interviews from the last week, analyze them, do a bit of know, allow my college degree to fly ...
a-Caryling -

Tays Harmonica
Happy 32nd birthday to Taylor Hicks today! Since it’s Taylor’s birthday, I thought I’d post some “early” pictures for today’s post. In this first picture, Taylor is celebrating his eighth birthday. This next picture is of Taylor (in the ...
righthickssave -

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