Saturday, December 02, 2006

Taylor Hicks: is getting prepared to give us more Taylor Hicks. On December 8th we get our usual Tayday. They will show the video of Taylor Hicks rehearsing “You are so Beautiful.” Then on 12/12 we get a special video. This is the day of the release of Taylor’s CD Taylor Hicks. We will all be rushing out to get Taylor’s CD. Don’t forget to visit Rehearsals though and see what the special video will be. We also still get Tayday on 12/15. With all the TV appearances, rehearsal videos and Taylor’s new CD we are getting a healthy dose of our Hicks Fix.

Though truly I don’t think it is ever enough. My husband says I’m addicted and going to over dose. I say what a great way to go. It’s an exciting time for Taylor Hicks and The Soul Patrol. I am sure Taylor has pulled in lots of new fans with the amazing appearances he has done on TV. Seems like every performance shown just gets better and better and Taylor gets hotter and hotter.

Last night on Leno Taylor sure figured out how to use that camera and those eyes created a lot of thuds all over Soul Patrol Land.

Taylor Hicks: Runaround on Leno

I'm Speechless

Smokin' Hot

Friday, December 01, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks e-card/ jukebox

You need to check out the Taylor Hicks e-card/juke box. You can e-mail this to anyone whether it is a Soul Patroller or someone you want to check out Taylor’s music. You can add a message to the Taylor Hicks e-card /jukebox. The 3 songs that we hear at his site are played over and over for your enjoyment. I am listening to it now Taylor’s wonderful voice playing over and over. We can send our e-cards this Christmas in Soul Patrol style by sending everyone in our address book this Cool Taylor Hicks e-card/ juke box. Add a little message telling them Merry Christmas I have sent you some great music to hear by the wonderful man Taylor Hicks.

Taylor Hicks: Tayday

It is Tayday. Once again we get a lot of Taylor Hicks today. First this morning Taylor Hicks will be on the radio with Ryan Seacrest. As of this posting it has not aired yet so you can still catch it go to and click on listen live. And of course is giving us our usual Taylor Hicks fix. This time it is Living for the City, be watching for it to go live. The best yet is tonight on Jay Leno on NBC when Taylor Hicks will once again be on with his Jay. I cannot wait to see this and you can bet Taylor will be singing Runaround. I cannot wait to see him perform this song on Leno tonight. Tayday is once again going to be great. TGIT!!! (Thank God it's Tayday)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Runaround

I did not get to see Runaround on TV. However Taylor Hicks Runaround is now up at I love this song more and more every time I listen to it at Taylor However after seeing it performed just now by Taylor that is it. It is my favorite song. Taylor is just amazing he is a true musician in every sense of the world. If I ever seen anyone have so much fun while they are out there singing it is Taylor Hicks. Every time I see or hear Taylor Hicks it just seems he raises the bar higher and higher.

On AI when Taylor did Jailhouse Rock and In the Ghetto that was the moment I was convinced without a doubt that he would win. I am a huge Elvis fan and Taylor just won me even more over if that was possible when he did Elvis so well. I did not think he would top it. Then finale night he came out playing that harp and rockin it. I thought ok that is the top. However after seeing Taylor Hicks doing White Christmas and Runaround I now am convinced he will keep raising the bar higher and higher and keep leaping right over it.

Some think Runaround is not Taylor but I think it is exactly Taylor. Taylor Hicks is so talented he can take any song and make it a winner. This song will be topping the charts and if I ever get to see Taylor perform it live I will be extremely happy. Taylor keep doing what you do we love you for it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hick's Rockin White Christmas

I tuned into Christmas at Rockefeller Center. Where I am at I knew I would only get to see Taylor Hicks sing White Christmas. I know White Christmas is a slow song and I love fast Christmas songs. However since Taylor was singing it I knew I would love it.

Taylor started the song as usual I am loving, seeing and hearing Taylor but I am so wishing I could see and hear him do Runaround. Well all the sudden when I least expect (well ok I knew Taylor would make it his own. However we got more than expected.) Taylor Hicks kicks it in and Taylorizes the song.

Taylor completely rocked this song out. With him scatting, movin and grovin. He was all smiles. I could tell he was having a blast and I thought there you go Taylor show them you can rock it out. Then the harp comes out. I was smiling right along with Taylor. My husband was watching Jericho in the front room I kept yelling for him to get to the bedroom and listen to Taylor Hicks rock it out. He ignored me oh well his loss.

This is the best version ever of White Christmas. I was thoroughly pleased and proud that Taylor Hicks once again made it do it what it do. The Soul Patrol knew what we were doing when we spent all that time voting for Taylor Hicks. All the doubters will soon be changing their tune.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Upcoming Interview with Taylor

I am in a very good mood today. The site I write for has been working to get me an interview with Taylor Hicks. I was not getting my hopes up that this would happen. However today I log on and one of editors has sent me a message letting me know that if I am available it will be scheduled. I give my contact information. I then receive a forwarded message from my editor and I am very ecstatic now. Come Monday as long as nothing happens I will get to Interview Taylor Hicks. Here is the body of the e-mail I received.

Cindy will get a call from either Fanscape or J Records at the number you provided. From there we will conference in Taylor . The time is confirmed for 3pm EST on Monday, December 4. I will let you know if anything changes – because it often does! Thanks Mike

I know come Monday I will be very nervous but also very happy to speak with Taylor and get to ask him some questions. The article will be able to be read at the site mentioned above and I will post something here also. It is so great that Taylor Hicks and his PR people are letting me have this interview. Wish me luck everyone!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Taylor Hicks: Soul Patrol we have a challenge at Gray Charles

Ok Soul Patrol, GrayCharles has given us a challenge. Taylor Hicks CD is set to release 12-12 and as of 7:30 EST this morning it was #59 on the Amazon charts. Grays challenge is simple for a huge fan base like the Soul Patrol to do. Get Taylor Hicks CD to # 20 today well we did it. At 12:15 it was #19 and #2 on Movers and Shakers. Some lucky poster on that thread will receive singed copy of Under the Radar. Next challenge get Taylor Hicks to top 10 in next 24 hours. Five lucky posters will receive a signed copy of Taylor Hicks New CD if this happens. I know we can do it. We can get Taylor to #1. Also proceeds that Gray receives from ordering through his link will go to a charity of Taylor’s choice. Come on Soul Patrol lets do it for Taylor the Charity and a big plus for us. We get Taylor’s Great voice to listen to. Go to Gray’s now get in on the challenge let’s show what The Soul Patrol is made of.

Update 1PM EST #18

Update: Ok Soul Patrol Get Taylor to # 5 and some lucky poster will get a personal phone call. Best Thankyou I can imagine. Get over to Grays.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Taylor Hicks: See if your compatable

Ok Soul Patrol do you want to know if you are compatable with your Idol Taylor Hicks? If so click to see if you are good match with Taylor Hicks.

Match yourself with Taylor Hicks