Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review of Whomp at the Warfield

I finally was able to watch Whomp at the Warfield. I was very pleased with the concert. More so than I thought I would be. It starts out with the song Gonna move. The audio and video are excellent. There are many closeups of Taylor Hicks.I heard they block out the audience to much which in some instances I wish the sound was louder at the end of the songs but I have seen many of Taylor's videos on You tube and the audience was so loud it overshadowed Taylor's voice so I am glad the audience sound was toned down so you can just hear and enjoy Taylor's voice.

Taylor showcases the talent of the band many times and that is great as all those playing with Taylor are great talents. For me the concert just got better and better as it went on. Taylor is able to get the band to do what ever he wants with just the wave of his hand.

I have only been to one concert and I was so wrapped up in watching Taylor and taking pictures I did not notice the way he controls the band so effortlessly. I also was in the front row so I only was able to see the reactions of those in beside me or directly behind me. With Whomp I was able to see the audience clapping, signing and dancing along. Many argue Taylor's fan base is OLD women. I even saw report say his fans are in the nursing homes. I know this is so not true but it was nice to watch the video and see all age groups and men and women. Maybe those who like to say different should watch Whomp and notice the audience. Better yet go to a CONCERT.

You can see Taylor and the band are having as much fun as those in the audience.

My Friend is one of my favs in the concert. Love Brian Gallagher playing the horn he sounds amazing and when Taylor brings out the harp he puts the magic into the song.

The Deal is another stand out performance for me. I have always loved that song. Then comes Hold onto your Love. This is a song I never much liked. I know I am one of the few. I didn't notice it with the concert I attended but I did notice it on WATW and I have changed my mind I now enjoy the song very much. Maybe it has to do with Taylor tagging in Ray Charles song Lonely Avenue. The way Taylor sings Now my Room has got to windows but the sunshine never shines through. The way he sings that song is amazing one of the best tags I have heard Taylor do. Simply amazing.

Like I said this concert just gets better and better. Next is Wherever I lay my Hat. I never liked this song when it came out by the original guy but when Taylor's CD Taylor Hicks came out and I heard his version, his voice, I loved it. Taylor puts a lot of feeling into it during WATW and I have been playing The Distance since it came out but I think I am going to pull Taylor Hicks back out and play it I forgot how much I loved these songs.

You also get to see Taylor doing his wacky dancing a lot. People can say he can't dance but he makes you smile when he does so he is doing something right.

By the time he gets to Heaven Knows I notice how much he is sweating. Pretty obvious how he is getting so slim. He is working off all the calories he takes in. If we all did aerobic dancing as often as Taylor does we would be slim and trim. Maybe thats the key put in Taylor's CD and dance and jump around the whole time it is playing and do this everyday.

The Maze is next this is a song that grew on me overtime and I love now. Taylor Tags in Warm Love and plays some Harp again. LOVE LOVE this harp solo.

During The Right Place Taylor's voice is so crisp and clear and watch him control the band with his hand.

The Runaround. Love this song and the beat of the drums in it. Taylor gets to dance and have fun during this number and so does the audience. Love Taylor's turning around and around in this song. He has fun with this song. Some more harp. One thing I notice with Taylor and the band they can jump right into the tags and back into the song without missing a beat. If a person was to be hearing all of these songs for the first time you would not even know its one song with parts of another song tagged in. That is true professionals at work.

You might think this getting ready to be the end of the concert but you need to stick around there is LOTS more to come.

Out comes Taylor once more. Thanks the audience and start singing one of my Favs The Fall. He sits on a stoll and just sings. This is one of the reasons I am glad the audience is toned down so I can just hear his voice singing this song. Just Taylor and a guitar.

Taylor sings a song by Eric Clapton and rocks it out but I don't know the name of the song someone help.

Naked in the Jungle is next and Taylor showcases the band. Goes into Dance to the music and Taylor plays some organ.

Now we are at the end of the concert and Taylor is jumping AED dancing around having fun and does a little dance on the speakers.

I loved Whomp at The Warfield. I am so glad I finally got to see it. I sure hope it comes out on DVD in the future so I can buy a copy. I recommend any Taylor fan and any fan of great music to watch this when ever it is aired again. If you don't get the channel than go to someones house and watch it or have them record
it so you can watch it at a later time. Whomp at the Warfield is well worth the wait.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

I haven't posted much lately as with working at Walmart and summer being here I am usually at work or working in my vegetable garden or in the pool. But now I have a few minutes. Well I should be in bed as I have to work tomorrow but I keep thinking about the death of Michael Jackson and I know I will not rest until I post my thoughts.

This is a Taylor Hicks blog but I have covered other artists before and no matter what controversy surrounded Michael Jackson the past years, music saw a sad day on June 25th 2009.

There are some things that happen in life that you never forget where you were and what you were doing the day it happened. Like the day Kennedy was killed, the Day Elvis Died, the day 911 happened and now the day that Michael Jackson died.

I was sceduled to work at Walmart on Thursday from 10:30 amd to 7pm. Before I left for work I heard the news Farrah Faucett had died from her battle with cancer.

I went to work and around 3:30 a customer came in and was at the register next to me and I heard her say Michael Jackson just died. I swear it seemed as if Walmart had went awfully quiet. We asked if she was sure and she said I just heard the news. You could see we were coming to terms with the news.

I felt sadness I have been a fan of Michael Jackson for my whole life even when he was just a kid and singing with his brothers. Rockin Robin was my first song I remember loving of his well also ABC.

I remember rushing out to buy Thriller and loving going to my Grandmas to watch MTV to see his videos. My Aunt would say your Grandma doesn't like this kind of music and my Grandma said you hush this girls love this guy and he is a good looking guy they are doing fine watching this. Plus he is the Jackson's baby brother. I loved my Grandma she knew what was important to preteen Granddaughters and never deprived us of enjoying it.

Before Thriller though there was a song called Farewell My Summer Love. I was spending the Summer with my Grandma and I had a crush on the boy next day. i would call the radio everyday and ask them to play Farewell My Summer Love. They played it every day and then I would hear it again being played before I fell asleep.

About 12 years ago at a yard sale I saw a album Michael Jackson Farewell my Summer Love. Below it said Never before Available and I grabbed this album. One because it was the first Michael Jackson song I related to a boy and 2 because my Grandma supported me so much in my love of Michael Jackson. I have that album still. I have his Thriller album I bought when I was 18, I have his Bad album and I have The Best of Michael Jackson dated 1975. With Ben and Rockin Robin among others.

I know the controversy concerning Michael.I know he messed himself up over the years with surgery's that should have never been done. I believe Michael had some issues in his life.

With all that said I separated all of that from the music and I stayed a fan. Michael Jackson was one of a kind. He had talent beyond words. He put a impact of music and dance like no other before him and no other since.

God is the only one who has a right to judge someone, because he is the only one who knows the truth of everything and he is the only one to know what is in someones heart and soul.

God bless the family and friends of Michael Jackson they are the ones who are suffering the most. They are the ones who knew and loved Michael and they are the ones who will wake each day and face the day without him in their life.

Here is a video to Farewell My Summer Love. I think it is fitting. Farewell Michael Jackson. You will be missed but your music will go on for generations to come.

And this is a video I found of Michael singing Gone To Soon with Pictures of Michael.

Ans then this video We are The World. I remember when this happened I loved the song, all the different singers I loved at the time, Ray Charles was one of them. Michael put this all together and gathered them all together to raise money for Africa.

And lastly Say Say Say Simply because I have always love this video

Monday, June 01, 2009

HDNET Gone - No Whomp at the Warfield again. Time Warner Pain

I am so aggravated right now. It was announced on The Boogie Board that Taylor Hicks Concert Whomp at the Warfield would air again on HDNET in June. So a little over a week ago I contacted my cable company Time Warner to sign up for HDNET. The channel was turned on and no one said a word to me about the fact that I may not get the channel come June.

I then found out that June 7th at 3:30 EST Whomp at the Warfield would air. I used my guide to fast forward to that date and I set my DVR to record it as I have to work that day.

Yesterday I went to my scheduled recordings to make sure it was still set. It was not so I went to channel 770, well I tried to but it would not go to the channel. So I checked my guide and the channel did not show in my guide.

Today I contacted Time Warner and asked why it was no longer showing in my guide. I now find out this.

Time Warner Cables agreements with HDNet and HDNet Movies have officially expired. Both channels currently reside on our pay Premium HD Tier which is available across our footprint.
HDNet will only allow us to keep these channels if we move HDNet to the Digital Basic Tier. We believe HDNet is a premium product and should be sold as part of an optional premium HD tier, exactly how we have currently been carrying HDNet and HDNet Movies. After extensive negotiations, we have parted amicably with HDNet. Consequently, Time Warner Cable will drop HDNet and HDNet Movies across our footprint on or before May 31, 2009.

When I ask why I was not told when I signed up that I would not be able to get the channel I got the above answer again. Talk about a runaround. The fact is that I believe they did not tell me because they thought maybe I would just keep what ever they offer in replacement. I told them I do not want their replacements I only wanted HDNET so I could watch a Taylor Hicks concert.

I think it says a lot for company that does not bother to tell a customer “oh that product you want will not be available in a week are you sure you still want it?”, and what it says is not good.

She also said “Based on what you are telling me, it sounds as if you really enjoyed watching HDNet and/or HD Net movies and are frustrated that you can no longer access them through your Premium HD Tier.” Well duh what was her first clue? Maybe the fact that I said “Why was I not told this when I signed up for the channel?”

I know without a doubt they knew this was going to happen when I signed up but they did not give me this piece of information. If you ask me this is a horrible way to run a business and just makes me not want to sign up anything else because I never know when they will decide to just up and take it away and try and give me some stupid replacement I did not ask for.

It is so aggravating. First I did not have HDNET when the concert first aired but I thought no big deal I will just buy the DVD. Than the DVD never happened. I then find out it will air again so I sign up HDNET and the all the sudden the COMPANY decides to take the channel without a warning. I just give up I will not see the concert and I might as well give up trying.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Seven Mile Breakdown Video

I haven't had much time online. I started a new job last week and have been away from home most days and to tired at night to do much. Today is my day off though and I am so glad it is today. Taylor Hicks new video for Seven Mile Breakdown came out today. Enjoy the video

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taylor Hicks GAC and American Idol

Ok tonight was fun. I have been so busy with moving haven’t had much time to check in to Taylor Land lately. Tonight I went to the Boogie and found out Taylor Hicks new song Seven Mile Breakdown. Was going to be GAC Fight Nights radio. Taylor song was against James Otto and Taylor won!. This means a few things. First Taylor was heard on Country Radio, 2 he beat James Otto with a great song, and 3rd it will be played again tomorrow against someone us. So go here
to listen tomorrow the show airs at 9 pm central. Then when Taylor’s song plays call 1-866-943-4221 and get your vote in for Taylor. Also Taylor will be on American Idol tomorrow night singing Seven Mile Breakdown. I need to finish moving tomorrow but if not done by 9pm then I will just have to finish Thursday.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moving, Bacon Brothers, Kevin Bacon

Things are finally starting to settle down around here. The house is nearly complete. Roof being finished tomorrow. We have already moved in but still have to finish getting stuff out of the old place. The house looks really nice. I am very proud of my husband and his brother for all the hard work they put into making this house into our home. Hubby wants to tell me how to decorate though lol He wants my autographed pics and CDS hung in hallway huh? Nope sorry they stay in main room. I sure have enough wall space for them and everything else.

April 16th I had the amazing opportunity to interview The Bacon Brothers about their music and then I was able to speak with Kevin about his early days in acting. I have always been a fan of Kevin’s. I remember when he started on Guiding Light and then when he was gone Grant Aleksander/aka Philip Spauding cam on the show and for the longest time I thought they were related because I thought they looked so much alike. The Footloose hit the big screen and I have been a Kevin Bacon fan ever since. So being able to interview him and his brother was a special opportunity to me. You can read them here Bacon Brothers Kevin Bacon

I will be posting after pictures of the house soon.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Upcoming - Interview with The Bacon Brothers

Boy it sure has been a hectic April around here. We are preparing to move and we have been remodeling the place we are moving into. It looks 100% different than it did the day we agreed to move into it. Last week I got an email Wednesday asking if I wanted to interview The Bacon Brothers on Thursday? This is something I knew for awhile was going to happen at some point and I was anxiously awaiting this opportunity. But we have been so busy and I am so wore out I was tempted to ask to reschedule. But then I re-thought and you just don’t turn down Kevin Bacon and ask to fit him into your schedule. So I did the interview. I first spoke with Kevin and Michael Bacon both about the Bacon Brothers and then I spoke with Kevin Bacon about the early days of his acting career.

I have submitted the interviews and hopefully really soon they will be published. When I look back to 2006 to when I got that first interview with Taylor Hicks it seems to kind of come full circle. What I mean is this. At the time I started doing interviews there could have no better choice for a person to interview first than Taylor Hicks. Well besides maybe Elvis Presley and we all know that wasn’t possible. So anyway I have had several interviews with other musicians since that first Taylor Hicks interview and even a couple more with Taylor too.

When it was announced Taylor was going to be starring in Grease as Teen Angel I loved the idea. My two favorite movies of all time are Grease and Footloose. So to be granted an interview with The Bacon Brothers and then get to speak with Kevin about his movies is just major icing on the cake.

When I go on the search of new movies I always search out the name Kevin Bacon to see if he has any new movies out. I have seen every movie that he has been in. I even watched him when I was a pre-teen when he was in the soap Guiding Light. I have always been a huge fan of Kevin Bacon. Guiding Light is supposed to end in September. I so hope they change their mind about that.

Before I even had internet I would call the video store and ask if Kevin had a new movie out. So for me having the first interview that is in regards to an actor and have it be Kevin Bacon is just exactly what I would asked for if someone would have said who is the actor you want to interview. Umm John Travolta and Will Smith would be my next choices now and Kevin Costner.

As soon as the interviews are published I will post links to them. Even if you are not a fan of The Bacon Brothers or Kevin Bacon I think you will enjoy the interviews anyway.

Couple videos below of The Bacon Brothers and yes of course some videos of Kevin Bacon.

Go My Way (The Ipod song) New Single

Go My Way (Live on the Late Late show)

New Years Day Live (My Favorite)

Boys in Bars The Bacon Brothers

Rails and Ties (Movie I highly recommend)

Just because I think this is funny

HBO Movie Taking Chance (Bring Tissues)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Still hard at work on new house

Still keeping busy getting house ready to move in to. Just wanted to share with you my celebrity wall. I got all my musician/celebrity pics hung today. Still working on more ideas. Hopefully we will be done soon and can move in and relax. Saw Taylor's behind the scenes footage video of What's Right is Right. Loved it. Love seeing Taylor in the lighthearted mood and having fun.

In case someone doesn't know who each person is in the pictures. There is Elvis of course, Taylor Hicks obviously, Bucky Covington, Chubby Checker,Judd Starr, Tom T. Hall, Kevin Bacon and Charlie Sheen

Monday, April 06, 2009

I haven’t been posting much because I have been very busy. First we are moving in May. The house we are moving into we are completely remodeling. It is a beautiful house but needs lots of fixing up. From replacing floors, new carpet, painting, doors and so much more.

Then last Monday my Mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 21 years ago and has been in nursing home since 1996 went into hospital. She was dehydrated and she was so constipated her stomach was swollen and distended. She got out Wednesday and is back in nursing home. Thursday my brother in law got mad at something and put his hand through a window. Guess he thought that was a smart thing to do. Cut main arteries in wrist and had to have to have surgery. He almost died, lost lots of blood and on way to hospital he lost control of his bowels. They said he came very close to dying. So last week was a rough one.

But for now things are back to normal and we are trying to get this house done. The hardwood floors are being laid today. It has beautiful and big archways in the door ways and double glass doors. I plan to stencil designs above the archways to draw attention to them. Below are a couple pics of the house before remodel.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Taylor Hicks in the Zone, to go “THE DISTANCE”

As all fans of Taylor Hicks know, his new album is titled The Distance. I have previously given my review of the album so this will not be another review. Except to say I am still loving it, a couple songs that were not my favorites have now grown on me and are enjoyed by me as much as the others that I loved from the first listen.

In my previous post I posted the song “You Send Me” that Taylor sang when he was on Idol. I went back this morning and listened again. Randy, Paula and even Simon loved the performance. Simon even called it magic. But the comment that caught my attention was made by Paula.

When I interviewed Taylor after reviewing the CD I asked him why he titled the CD “The Distance”? You can read his reply to that here. He replied that he would leave that up to the imagination. So in listening to the comments of “You Send Me” Paula said that Taylor was finally in the zone to go “The Distance”. You can hear this at around 4:32 in the clip below. This could very well be what the title of the CD represents. Taylor is now in the zone to go The Distance. I think with this album he will do just that.

Don’t bother telling me about sales reports, I know them and I think they are just fine. Sure I would love to see Taylor at the top of the charts but I would much prefer he stick around for a long distance of time and not just rocket to the top and then vanish. I believe this album will continue to sell for quite awhile. The songs will start to touch more hearts and Taylor Hicks will be around for The Distance. He is the zone to stick around and go The Distance.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taylor Hicks Motown Week

Last week was Motown week on American Idol. While I enjoyed a few performances, I still couldn’t help but think if Taylor Hicks would have been competing last week with the Idols this season he still would have come out on top. So I went on the search to find a song Taylor covered that would have fit into Motown week. “You Send Me” is a song Taylor sang on Season Five and I love it hearing as much now as I did then. Shortly following the passing of Sam Cooke, Motown Records released We Remember Sam Cooke, a collection of Cooke covers recorded by The Supremes. This album contains many great Sam Cooke Covers and “You Send Me” is one of them.

So Taylor would be able to sing “You Send Me” during the Motown Theme week. Below you will see Taylor Hicks singing “You Send Me”, Kris Allen singing ,Adam Lambert singing and Danny Gokey singing watch each video and then cast your vote on the side bar for the winner then leave a comment with your thoughts.

Kris Allen “How Sweet it Is”

Adam Lambert “Tracks of my Tears”

Danny Gokey “Get Ready”

Taylor Hicks “You Send Me”

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taylor Hicks Regis and Kelly March 27th

I posted wrong information the last couples days. I reported Taylor Hicks was going to be on Regis and Kelly March 26th. That is wrong he will be on tomorrow March 27th so be sure to tune in.

Taylor Hicks Regis and Kelly March 27th

I posted wrong information the last couples days. I reported Taylor Hicks was going to be on Regis and Kelly March 26th. That is wrong he will be on tomorrow March 27th so be sure to tune in.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taylor Hicks News For March 24th - Videos and More

Taylor is still holding firm on the Media base chart at #22 this week. Tuesday of last week he had 145 spins, he is up 5 spins to 150 today.

You can watch 4 videos with Taylor and his band from the 2007 tour at Vimeo, graciously shared by Charcoal.

Don’t forget you can still vote Taylor as Alabama’s Top Icon until 11pm tonight.

TV viewing reminder – Don’t forget Taylor Hicks will be on Regis and Kelly Thursday, performing his single “What’s Right is Right”.

THR.Com is doing a video series of interviews with past American Idol alumni. Below is a video with Taylor Hicks.

Remember to keep requesting “What’s Right is Right” at your local AC Station.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Vote Taylor Hicks - Alabama's Top Music Icon

Vote now: Alabama's Top Music Icons is down to the 8 Elite. For the past few weeks you have been able to vote for the Top Alabama Music Icons. Taylor has bypassed several such as Jimmy Buffet and Nell Carter. Now it is on to the Top 8. Taylor Hicks is against Hank Williams. You have until Tuesday at 11 PM to cast your votes in each bracket. So be sure to head there now and get your vote in. let’s help get Taylor voted Top Alabama Music Icon. Go here to cast your vote now.

Also remember to keep requesting “What’s Right is Right” at your local AC station.

Taylor Hicks News March 23rd

Taylor was scheduled to be on Regis and Kelly March 2nd but a storm in New York kept him from being able to get to the show. The show was pre-recorded the next day and will be aired this week Thursday March 26th. Taylor will be performing his new single “What’s Right is Right”.

Other Hicks news for March 23rd:

Taylor’s single “What’s Right is Right” is #22 on the AC media base chart, with 150 spins in the last 7 days, up 7 spins from last week’s 143 spins. Keep requesting the single at your local AC station.

Taylor and the cast of Grease hit the stage this week at the Golden Gate Theater in San Francisco this week. The San Francisco Examiner has a great article up about Taylor Hicks.

Excerpt from article:

For Hicks, the role couldn’t come at a better time. After nabbing top “Idol” honors in 2006, he was thrust into the spotlight and expected to produce musical miracles. He may have done that with his distinct bluesy style, but critics wondered if any “Idol” winner could reach the heights of Kelly Clarkson.

Some creative reshuffling took place after the release of Hicks’ self-titled first CD. He chucked Arista Records and went solo, producing his latest outing, “The Distance,” on his own. It just hit stores. Go here to read more.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is being an “invested” fan a plus or minus?

Is being an “invested” fan a plus or minus? What I mean is this. We all have several musicians that we enjoy. I have a taste for music in many different styles. I have at this time 4 musicians that I really enjoy listening to. Of course anyone reading this or anyone who knows me knows that Taylor Hicks is at the very top of that list. That list also includes an Indie Artist Judd Starr and country music stars Bucky Covington and Luke Bryan.

I am interested in what 4 men accomplish in their music careers. I support all 4 men differently and I feel differently about each. But am I overly invested in any of them or even all of them?

A fellow blogger/friend published a post called Keeping it Real, which as all fans of Taylor Hicks, know is also a title of one of his songs on his new album released March 10th called “The Distance”. So in this post she gives a list of items that can let you know if you are a casual fan or a fanatic. Neither is a bad thing though, in my opinion, unless of course you have crossed the line into stalking or ignoring your loved ones, who are really what matter in life anyway.

So I decided to see how the list relates to each musician that is ranking in my tops list.

So first I will cover Judd Starr. I am a fan of his for a few reasons. One - I love his voice/music, two - he is a dedicated musician, three – he is an awesome guy who really cares about and appreciates those who support him and enjoy his music. You will not find a musician who puts more time and effort into letting his fans know how much he truly appreciates what they do for him. Judd Starr is an independent artist and he has also created music for many television shows and movies. But do I qualify as a casual fan or a fanatic? So from Chills list these are the ones I can relate to in regards to my support of Judd Starr.

1).When one of his songs plays in a restaurant or supermarket, you have to suppress the impulse to tell everyone to, “Shhhh, listen, that’s Judd Starr,” and you can’t wait to tell your “Judd” buddies about it.
That hasn’t happened but if I did hear one of Judd’s songs I might just be tempted to do that. I would be so thrilled for him to hear him played I would want to hear the song not chatter or chopping carts. LOL I would come home and tell my family and yes I would tell online buddies. I would also write Judd and tell him. I would want to give the very good news to make his day.

2.You TIVO all of the television appearances within your Dish’s reach and go online to search for the ones you couldn’t get.
If he appears anywhere on TV you can bet I will. Again I would be so thrilled for him I would not miss seeing him on TV.

3.You bought a “few” copies of his new CD.
I have one of each CD. Does that count?

4. You have a Google alert on Judd’s name and anyone even remotely associated with him.

Just Judd. Hey I run a MySpace fan site about him. If there is some good news to discover I need to know so I can post it and then congratulate Judd.

5. Do you own a blog and/or Judd-related fan site?

As stated above a MySpace fan site. I have also written some blog entries at my blogs about him and interviewed him.

So am I casual fan or fanatic?

I think I am in between. I so want to see Judd succeed in all he does and share his talents with many, many people. If he were to hit the “big” time I would be jumping up and down and be so excited for him. But if I qualify as a fanatic then so be it. Nothing wrong with wishing the best for someone.

Next Bucky Covington, for those who stumbled on to this blog and have no clue who Bucky Covington is, he was on American Idol the same season as Taylor Hicks. I was not a fan of Bucky’s during the season. A few months after Idol was over I interviewed Bucky about his debut CD. Bucky was so funny and sweet during our phone conversation I purchased his album. I loved it and a few months later my daughter and I went to see Bucky in concert.

I was still not really into Bucky yet. I liked his CD but I went to the concert for two reasons. I got free tickets because I had interviewed him and my daughter and I needed some time together. The concert got rained out and Bucky could not put on a concert, however this did not stop Bucky. Well many were waiting in the bleachers thinking Bucky was just going to come in the stands and sign some autographs we were all pleasantly surprised. Bucky brought a guitar, his twin and another band member with another guitar into the stands.

Bucky did an acoustic set right there in the stands. I became a big fan that night. I was surprised to see that since the concert was canceled and Bucky could have just left. He did all that he could to please the fans that had withered the summer storm and played for us anyway. But am I a casual fan or a fanatic?

Here are the items from the list that describe me in regards to Bucky Covington.

4.You’ve worn hand-designed t-shirts to concerts because the commercial ones are not unique enough. If you did not go the t-shirt route, you scoured the closet in search for the top with the lowest cut neckline and pulled out the Miracle bra.

I made my daughter and I both tee shirts to wear to the 3rd concert of Bucky’s that we attended. We also each gave him a gift.

9.You TIVO all of the television appearances within your Dish’s reach and go online to search for the ones you couldn’t get.

I watch some shows Bucky is on when I know about them. If I am not missing a show I normally watch. But If I miss something on TV I will go to YouTube or Bucky’s MySpace looking for a video.

1. You bought a “few” copies of his new CD.

2 of his CD. One got all scratched up in a car wreck so I had to have another

3. When conversing with other fans, you refer to his band members by their first names *only* as if talking about absent friends.

I know his twin brother Rocky’s name and point him out to those who do not know about him. I also know he has a band member called Ducky. Though I cannot tell you what exactly he does.

4. You have a Google alert on Bucky’s name and anyone even remotely associated with him.

I have a Google alert but I don’t always check them all out.
Two more I will add. Whenever Bucky is near my town I make sure to go see him in concert.

I have a autographed CD and Picture and I have one more picture that I want to get autographed.

I think I am just a casual fan. But I sure can’t wait to get his new CD and hoping he schedules a show near us this summer, so maybe a little more than casual.

Luke Bryan

I received an email one day asking if I wanted to interview Luke Bryan. At the time I did not even know who he was. I Goggled him and found the song “All my Friends Say” I had heard this song before and loved it, I just did not know who sang it. I purchased Luke’s album after the interview and like each song on the album. So am I a casual fan or fanatic with Luke Bryan?

1.You’ve worn hand-designed t-shirts to concerts because the commercial ones are not unique enough.

Yes ok once again I had a shirt made special. It is now autographed.

2. You have a Google alert on Luke’s name and anyone even remotely associated with him.

Yes I have a Google alert on Luke to. If there is a concert in my area I do not want to miss it.

3. Do you own a blog and/or Taylor-related fan site?

I started a blog but haven’t kept up with it. Maybe I will start doing that.

Once again I am a casual fan, but will purchase new CD and go to any concerts near me.

Taylor Hicks

I think I know the answer before I begin but here goes

1.You’ve used vacation time to follow Taylor on tour.
If I had vacation time and the money I would do this. But I haven’t

2.You’ve paid $100 or more to upgrade your concert seat from 10th row to 3rd, just so he can see your hand-made signs and posters.
Not into signs and posters. But if I could afford it I would pay $100 extra for 3rd row. However the concert I went to I was front row for a lot less. I got lucky.

3. You’ve worn hand-designed t-shirts to concerts because the commercial ones are not unique enough.
Yea I wore a hand designed shirt.

4. You have pen-pals in foreign countries.
I know of fans in foreign countries and have posted alongside them on message boards

5. When one of his songs plays in a restaurant or supermarket, you have to suppress the impulse to tell everyone to, “Shhhh, listen, that’s Taylor Hicks,” and you can’t wait to tell your “Taylor” buddies about it.
I would tell those with me to shh listen Taylor is playing. As a matter of fact he was playing in Wal-mart once and my little girl said “Hey Mom Taylor is playing”. I stood still and listened with a big smile on my face. It was late at night and there was no one around us so no embarrassing episode.

6.You TIVO all of the television appearances within your Dish’s reach and go online to search for the ones you couldn’t get.

7. You’ve participated in a “cell cert.”
Yes, one time but want to join in more

8. You bought a “few” copies of his new CD.
I have the promotional copy I was sent, I bout from iTunes and Walmart. Need target copy yet.
I have 3 Taylor tee-shirts, a deck of playing cards with his face on them, a charm bracelet with pictures of Taylor, I have all magazines with Taylor in them, I have a scrapbook with all articles and interviews I have written about Taylor and lots more stuff.

9. You have a Google alert on Taylor’s name and anyone even remotely associated with him.
Only about Taylor

10. Do you spend more time on Taylor-related sites than you do with your job or family?

I spend quite a bit of time on them but mostly in daytime when everyone is gone and late in the evening.

11. Do you own a blog and/or Taylor-related fan site?

Yes you are there now

12. Do you post comments on a blog and/or Taylor-related fan site daily?

Yes, Yes

So in conclusion I can probably be classified as a fanatic over Taylor Hicks. However, I am hurting no one. I spend time with my kids and husband and every weekend I am at other family members homes. I enjoy all things related to Taylor and I love his music but I also love my family and they know it.

So is being an “invested” fan a plus or minus? I think it is plus. I love music and I follow some great musicians and it is part of who I am. If I am happy and enjoying life in all aspects it not only benefits me, it benefits my family. We go to concerts together so it gives us more time together as a family. That is a great thing.

But then there is one other side to the dilemma. While I have other musicians I like and some that I follow regularly to some extent. Taylor Hicks is the main one that I follow all the time. I know how many CD's he sales, I know whenever there is any news about Taylor. I know the bad things that are said along with the good. I know when sales are not their greatest or when someone just wants to take a pop shot at Taylor for no other reason than they think they are cleaver.

Sometimes knowing all that gets me upset when I read the put downs or out – right lies. I do not have this happen with other artists because I do not know that much about them.Besides Judd Starr.

I do not know when bad things are said about Bucky or Luke. I purchase their music and go to concerts but I don’t get pissed off about bad publicity or rude/untrue comments. Because I usually don't know about it.

So as all things there are good things and bad things to being an invested fan but for good or bad I am right here for the ride. It is most times an amazing and fun ride that I enjoy very much.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Picture of Taylor Hicks at 13th Race for a Cure

Picture and excerpt of Quote found at

Despite being openly mocked on the show that made him a star, "American Idol" Taylor Hicks isn't hiding in shame. The season five winner came out to perform for the runners at the 13th Annual Susan G. Komen's Race For The Cure event, which raises money for breast cancer research."

Taylor Hicks Sings Seven Mile Breakdown and Start Spangled Banner March 15th 2009

More Videos of taylor Hicks at the 13th Annual Susan G. Komen's Race for a Cure Sunday March 15th

Seven Mile Break Down

Star Spangled Banner

Taylor Hicks Interview at Susan G. Komen's Race For The Cure

Taylor Hicks Performs at 13th Annual Susan G Koman's race for a Cure

Pictures of Taylor Hicks at The Susan G. Komen 13th Annual Race for a Cure
Picture 3 is Taylor Hicks, Poppy Montgomery, Judy Reyes and Emily Procter

Taylor Hicks performed at the Susan G. Koman Race for a Cure yesterday, March 15th. When “What’s Right is Right” was first released I mentioned that I could vision that song being about a couple goig through the fight of cancer. I thought of that because of these lyrics in the song.

I don't wanna go,
A single night without you,
I don't wanna know,
What an empty bed is like.
When you laugh I'm laughing,
When you cry I'm crying.
What's wrong with you is wrong with me,
What's Right is Right.

This I promise you forever,
With you all the way to the finish line,
And we're gonna cross that bridge together,
Marching step by step, walking side by side.

I felt that if a man was with the woman he loved during her fight with cancer that those lyrics would fit perfectly for the situation.

Video of Taylor Singing What's Right is Right at the Event

You can hear the guys of the Inside the Edge Radio show talk a little about the happenings yesterday an hear Taylor singing “What’s Right is Right” live at the event by going here

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

It Began with Taylor Hicks….Good Things Were to Follow

I have interviewed several musicians but most who follow my blog only know of my Taylor Hicks interviews. Lately some have asked about my other interviews and I thought I would address that here, for all who are interested to see any other interviews. To date, I have interviewed around 16 musicians.

It all started when I became a fan of Taylor Hicks. I had been writing articles at Associated Content for a couple years before I started writing about Taylor Hicks. I had written several articles at Associated Content about Taylor Hicks. I interviewed fans based on their experiences when they saw Hicks in concert. At the time, I did this strictly because I was interested in all things in regard to Taylor.

However, one day I received an email from an Associated Content manager asking if I wanted to interview Taylor Hicks. I had never interviewed a celebrity before so I was shocked to say the least at the offer. To be honest I was very skeptical that it would actually happen. I was given a date and time and then it was canceled. I thought yeah, ok this will not happen. Then I got an email with another date and time. The call came through and I conducted my first interview and it was with Taylor Hicks.

Then I was offered an interview with Katherine McPhee. I was not a fan of Katherine’s so I almost turned this down. But then I rethought and if I wanted to break into the field of interviewing musicians I knew I would have to accept it. The next thing I knew I was asked to interview Kellie Pickler. From there I was building a list of those I interviewed and I would request interviews with others, such as Chubby Checker and Bucky Covington.

I remembered that if it was not for American Idol I would have no clue who Taylor Hicks was. I started looking for independent artists and checking out their music. If I liked what I heard I requested an interview. The next thing I knew I was getting emails from various management agencies asking if I would like to interview people like Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan and others.

All of these interviews with other worthy musicians can be found at my Celebrity and Musician Interviews Blog.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Discussing The Distance with Taylor Hicks

I interviewed Taylor Hicks on March 5th about his new album "The Distance" that will be available march 10th. Here is the link to the interview.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Interview With Taylor Hicks- This and That Info (For Now)

I spoke to Taylor Thursday evening around 7:15 EST. He was in a great mood, you could tell he was excited about the album and everything going on his life right now. In a little bit I will have an article up at AC with questions relating to the CD, Video and a couple about Grease. As I wanted the article to be about his CD I did not use everything for the article. So below you will see questions and answers to things you might be interested in. As always Taylor likes to keep his fans in suspense so a few of the answers did not clarify much. But if we knew all there was to know at all times then the fun would be gone out of discovering new things. I hope you enjoy what is here and I will post a link to the article at Associated Content as soon as it goes live.

You were at Regis and Kelly taping a segment Tuesday and Van Morrison was also there that day to perform. You got to watch him perform?

Taylor - Yes, I got to watch him perform. I also met Van and they said they watched me. It was one of those meetings that you never thought in a million years that you would encounter. I’m just really excited about that.

How did you come up with the idea of what to title the CD? Did you just title it after the song The Distance or was there something more to it?

Taylor - I leave that up to the imagination.

A list of credits for the album states that you played the piano on the album is this true?

Taylor - No, that’s not true.

Which song from the album is your favorite and why?

Taylor - Because I had so much freedom and creativity to release this record any one of them are my favorite in their own right.

You have some cover songs on the album, how did you decide the songs that you felt were the best for you to cover?

Taylor - I just spent years listening to all of them and decided when I made that record that I wanted to make, that I would put them on it.

Do you plan to make another video for your next single?

Taylor - I do.

Any idea yet what the next single may be?

Taylor - Not gonna tell ya. (Laughing)

I laughed said I knew you wouldn’t But can’t hurt to ask.

Are you planning to release some of your songs to the country market?

Taylor - Maybe

Are you going to be on Idol this year?

Taylor - Plan on it.

Do you know when?

Taylor - Uhhh not yet.

You are singing the single What’s Right is Right each night after the curtain call of Grease, will the song you sing change when a new single is released and are you going to occasionally sing other songs off of The Distance?

Taylor - Maybe.

What has been the most exciting experience for you over the past couple years?

Taylor - Meeting Van Morrison two days ago.

What advice would you give to someone trying to get that break into music?

Taylor - Be persistent.

Back in the summer you said that a female mega-star may be recording one of your songs. Can you tell any more about that?

Taylor - It’s on hold still.

Taylor a question from some fans is they have noticed that you have a couple jackets with grey/black buttons and on the left sleeve there is a red/brown button. Is there a reason for this, like a lucky charm or something?

Taylor - Maybe.

I think he knew he was driving me crazy with the 1 and 2 word answers lol You could hear it in his voice. But Hey I got great info about CD so I’m not complaining.

How do you keep the excitement built for yourself each night singing the same song?

Taylor - Well it’s got to be a great song and that is a great song.

You have been overseas and performed, where would you like to go next?
Taylor - I would like to go to Bali.
Will post link to the best info shortly. Update- probably post link tomorrow sometime. I need sleep.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Bonus Tracks For Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Taylor Hicks New CD comes out March 10th and there will be 3 bonus tracks.Now it has been announced which outlet will have which bonus track.

itunes will have the bonus track Yes We Can
Walmart will have the bonus track Hide Nor Hair
Target will have the bonus track Indiscriminate Act of Kindness

I will have to get a copy from each outlet. I want all three songs. Who else is buying all three versions? If not all three which ones are you planning to buy?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Listen to The Distance on AOL

You can listen to Taylor Hicks new album here

below are lyrics to a few of the songs

The Distance

I saw an old friend yesterday
Guess we both had too much to say
Seems we’ve taken different sides
All caught up in politics and pride

If we can get beyond the blame
I know we’d see we’re still the same
The Distance between us will fade
They’ll be no distance between us someday

In that distant land across the sea
They are people just like you and me
They just want to see their children grow
And feel the same love we all know

When we get beyond all the hurt and blame
And realize we’re all the same
The distance between us will fade
They’ll be no distance between us someday

We can rise up toward each other
We can build a bridge brother to brother
Take the steps….. we need to take
To get us to a better place
Where the distance between us fades away
They’ll be no distance between us one of these days
One of these days

We can rise up towards each other
We can build a bridge brother to brother
Take the steps we need to take
To get is to a better place
Where the distance between us fades away
They’ll be no distance between us one of these days

One of the these days
We can rise up towards each other
We can build a bridge brother to brother
No distance.. between us one of these days

New Found Freedom

New found Freedom…. I’m leaving the past behind
New found Freedom…. Making up for lost time
Dug a little deeper…… Moved it on down the line
Musta been sleepin…. It’s about time I opened my eyes

When I walk….. I walk with confidence
I hold my head up high
When I talk I’ve got a positive since of who I am inside
New found freedom whoa ho oh Let the light be my life
New found freedom whoa ho oh Gonna spread my wings and fly

It’s no secret where I’ve been before
Turned that corner… standing at the front door
Startin down a new road…. Leaving the other side
Gonna release it…. Breaking away the ties that bind

(When I walk) I walk with confidence…I hold my head up high
(When I talk) I’ve got a positive since of who I am inside
New found freedom whoa ho ohh Let the light be my life
New found freedom whoa ho ohh Gonna spread my wings and fly
When the earth shook that’s all it took to make a change in me

It’s a new way a new day…things aint what they use to be
New found freedom…New.. Found.. freedom Let the light be my life
New found freedom New.. Found… Freedom gonna spread my wings and fly

When the earth shook it’s all it took to make a change in me
It’s a new way a new day…things aint what they use to be
New found freedom…New.. Found.. freedom Let the light be my life
New found freedom New.. Found… Freedom gonna spread my wings and fly
New found freedom new..found..freedom let the light be my life
New found freedom new..found.. freedom gonna spread my wings and fly
Freedom freedom let the light be my life
New found freedom whoo ho oh New found freedom gonna spread my wings and fly
Freedom freedom let the light be my life
New found freedom gonna spread my wings and fly
Freedom freedom standing at the front door New found freedom gonna spread my wings and fly
Spread my wings and fly
(music Stops)

Maybe You Should

I look around this room’
And feel the pull of tender years
Before we knew enough
To be afraid of all our fears

Baby there was no corner
We couldn’t fight out way out of
And every thought of leaving left us leaning on this love
We had it all you know, before you started letting go
If you can walk away tonight, give it up for good, throw it all away, like we swore we never would

If you can tear down everything we built, deny everything we felt, I guess there’s a lot
That I misunderstood
If you can leave here tonight
Baby maybe you should

Baby I just keep on seeing all that moonlight shining down
The way our love could light up this little Alabama town
So I keep holding on to hope
Still finding reasons to believe
Cause all I ever got from you, was always just enough for me

But if it’s not for you, do what you’ve got to do
If you can walk away tonight, give it up for good, throw it all away like we swore we never would
If you can tear down everything we built, deny everything we felt
I guess there’s a lot that I misunderstood
If you can leave here tonight, baby maybe you should
If you can leave here tonight, baby maybe you should
Maybe you should

Keeping It Real

Her Daddy had the money…. All the milk and honey… she never had to pay any dues
Don’t know what her name is… but man she sure is famous… she keeps herself all over the news
They’re playing close attention… the new Inside Edition… Is feeding all they can to her fans
She’s got the paparazzi… behind her Macerate… Their snapping off as much as they can

I say why, why, why has it got be such a big deal?
We try, try, try… I’ve come to the conclusion.. we’re living an illusion.. better off just Keeping it real
Better off keeping it real

She got a brand new movie..bout giving up the bootie… she showed it all and nobody cared
And made her such a mess..when she didn’t get the press so she went and cut off all her hair

I said why, why, why haS it got to be such a big deal?
We try, try, try… I’ve come to the conclusion.. we’re living an illusion.. better off just Keeping it real
Better off keeping it real

Harmonica solo

I said why, why, why haS it got to be such a big deal?
We try, try, try… I’ve come to the conclusion.. we’re living an illusion.. better off just Keeping it real
Better off keeping it real

He said he didn’t do it.. they couldn’t hold him to it… he smiled and walked away a free man
The glove didn’t fit him…. the jury said acquit him…. It all worked out the way that he planned
But he Couldn’t live without it… he wrote a book about it.. yea everything he did that night
They didn’t get him for the crime…but he’s gonna do the time… cause he’s got to get back in the spotlight
I said why, why, why haS it got to be such a big deal?
We try, try, try… I’ve come to the conclusion.. we’re living an illusion.. better off just Keeping it real
I’ve come to the conclusion.. We’re living an illusion.. better off just Keeping it real
Better off keeping it real
Oh we’re better off just keeping it real

Woman Gotta Have It Taylor Hicks/Elliot Yamin

Taylor: (Fella's I wonder would you mind if I talked to ya for a minute. You know, sometimes we have a tendencies, or should I say we forget, what a woman needs every now and then. That is if you wanna keep your thing together. Listen to me now)

Do the things that keeps the smile on her face
Say the things that make her feel better everyday.
Then you got to stay on your p's and q's. If you don't, the woman you can easy lose.

Whoa oa oa I, Oh I had a love, a love and I lost her, and no one can help me share the pain that she caused me. Ohhh, a woman's gotta have it, I believe, she's gotta know that she's needed around. When you kiss her, you gotta make her feel it, everytime boy, she wants to know that she's not walkin' on shakey ground. Ohhhh, yeah.

Elliott: Well, think it over.
Taylor: Think it over
Elliott: Think it over my brother. Don't take for granted the smile
(Taylor and Elliott)on her face.
Elliott: Check a little bit closer, you might find
(Taylor and Elliott)a tear trace.
Elliott: Maybe the girl might never say a
(Taylor and Elliott) mumbling word,
Elliott: but you gotta make sure that her voice is heard.

Taylor: Whoa Ohhh Ohhh I had a love,
Elliott: Had a love
Taylor :, a true love and I lost it,
Elliott: Yes I did
Taylor: I'm suffering all this pain that that love caused me. A woman gotta have it,
Elliott: Woman gotta have it
Taylor: I believe
Elliott and Taylor: she's got to know that she's needed around
Taylor: you gotta make her feel it,
Elliott: You gotta make her feel it
Taylor: Anytime boy
Elliott: Every time boy
Taylor and Elliott: she wants to know that she's not walkin' on shakey ground.
Elliott: Ohhh Yeah.
Taylor: WHOAAAAAAAAAA Yeee ahhh
Elliott: Yeah, yeah, yeah Think it over yeah whoo hoo
Taylor: What ya trying to say boy?
Elliott: yeah you know a womans gotta have it
Taylor What ya tryin to say guy?
Elliott: You got to please her, you got to
Taylor: What ya tryin to say boy
Elliott: I said a womans gotta have it Oh yeah all right
Taylor: What ya tryin to say boy?
Elliott: A womans gotta have it, you know she does
Taylor: What ya tryin to say boy
Elliott: You got to give her her what she wants when she wants it yea
Taylor: OHHHH what ay trying to say boy?

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Request at Open House Party TONIGHT!!

If we can get WRIR played on Open House Party it would be major coverage for the song. OHP is played on over 150 stations. Lots of these are monitored stations and also show up at giving lots of voting when it is played. Here is a little info about OHP for those who do not know.

Open House Party is an American radio show hosted on Saturday nights by John Garabedian that promotes itself as "the biggest party on the planet". It focuses on playing contemporary hit radio (CHR) music. started in 1987 and is syndicated by SuperRadio to more than 150 stations in the U.S. A companion program, Open House Party Sunday, hosted by Philadelphia, PA WRDW-FM radio DJ Kannon, also runs on the next evening on many stations.

Both programs are broadcast live (in Eastern and Central time only) via satellite from 7:00 P.M. to midnight (in Eastern and Mountain time) or from 6:00 P.M to 11:00 P.M (in Central and Pacific time). Some stations only broadcast OHP on Saturday, while others broadcast it only on Sunday, while most broadcast it on both Saturday and Sunday.

Some stations only broadcast a portion of OHP to make room for a local or another syndicated program. Many stations rebroadcast OHP from midnight to 5:00 A.M. (in Eastern and Mountain time) or 11:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. (in Central and Pacific time).

I called them last week and they told me they do have the song. They also have cool little segments on the show that our requests could get them to feature WRIR for.
These are a few of the segments heard each week on the show:

• Rate The Record:John Garebedian plays a new song each week and listeners call in to say what they thought of the song.
• Who Sings It?:John plays a song and listeners call and guess the artist in order to win a prize pack.
• Satellite Mega-Mix:John talks to one of the world's top club DJs and a dance mix of up to 3 songs is then played.
• Research Rich:Mediabase president Rich Meyer gives his company's list of the week's top 5 songs(based on radio airplay) and then John plays Meyer's pick for the "Hot New Song of the Week"
• The Big 3:John plays the 3 most requested songs of the night. After this, there are usually one or two songs played afterwards and then the show ends.

Listeners can call 1-800-669-1010 to make song requests during the live show.

You can go here to see if you have a station in Your area broadcasting it

Kelly Clarkson is on the show tonight. Maybe they would play WRIR to talk about a fellow American Idol having a new song out.

You can email requests at

I think if we are going to request we should really listen to the show. I know lots of the music isn’t something we all like but I would think if they received tons of requests but not lots of new listeners they probably would not like that. You can find a station playing it online of listen on your radio. I listen to the show almost every weekend my kids love it so that would mean lots of young people would hear Taylor’s song.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Get What's Right is Right Played on VH1 Top 20 Saturday

You can help get Taylor Hicks' new video What's Right is Right on VH1 Top 20 Countdown tomorrow. Got to VH1 Scroll a little to the bottom of the list. You will see a wild card section. Type in Taylor Hicks and What's Right is Right then click add to list. You the need to drag it from the list over to the section beside that. After putting Taylor in number 1 spot :) then drag other videos you like over to the boxes and click submit.

Come on you on go vote and lets get Taylor's video on VH1 it will help his single and gain new fans. We all know seeing and experiencing Taylor wins fans all the time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Review of "The Distance"

Review of "The Distance" New Album by Taylor Hicks
"The Distance" takes the listener on an amazing journey with songs of love, humor, heartache, the effects of war, and growing together as one

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taylor Hicks Video What's Right is Right

It is time. Taylor Hicks Video for What’s Right is Right is at Yahoo Video Premieres. It is an awesome video that showcases the concept of love and devotion without the use of sex that is seen in so many videos. So head there now enjoy a music video that is about the song and the devotion of love. Tay looks awesome in the video and love how the whole video was shot with the lighting and all.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taylor Hicks What’s Right is Right Video Premiere

Taylor Hicks new single “What’s Right is Right” will premiere this Tuesday Feb 17th on Yahoo Video Premeires. So for all of us who have been waiting patiently for a video with Taylor Hicks the long wait is almost over. Taylor is a very visual preformer and this video should help shoot the song “What’s Right is Right” up the radio charts. “What’s Right is Right” is on the AC BillBoard charts at #25.

I love this song. It is a very romantic love song about a man being there for his love through every thing, not only good times but when things are wrong. What better message on Valentines Day? Feb 17th is going to be a great day for all fans of Taylor Hicks as we finally get to see Taylor put a story to this beautiful song in the form of video.

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Picture Perfect Video Frames – Taylor Hicks “What’s Right is Right”

Jake Davis is a very talented man who shot Taylor’s video for “What’s Right is Right. Jake has been very kind from the beginning of the process in giving fans tidbits about the video and amazing frames from the video. He has amazing talent and with Taylor’s talent combined with Jake’s I am sure this going to be a wonderful video. The pictures are below but be sure to visit Jake’s blog and leave him a message while there.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say

There is an old saying that says “If you have nothing nice to say than say nothing at all.” Most of us were taught this at an early age by our parents. Now I truly believe in most instances this statement is best to be followed. There are times when it is not best to Not say anything.

Take for example telling someone who has a horrible voice that they are good and should try out for American Idol or some similar thing. If you know that their voice is absolutely horrible than I feel it is cruel to encourage them to embarrass themselves. If someone is dressed in a way that makes them look so bad they may embarrass themselves and will be ridiculed than by all means tell them. But if it is simply that you do not like the style they choose then maybe it is best to not say anything. They have a right to dress how they please. But what got me thinking about all this is people who cut down Taylor Hicks’ choices in HIS career.

There are a couple songs of Taylor’s that I don’t particularly like but that is true with all musicians. They have a few songs I do not like. But the thing is I do not go on public forums, blogs and fan sites and rag on Taylor for the songs I do not like. Instead I choose to talk about what I do like. If someone asks me if I like a song and I do not I will say I don’t but I will not write a post talking about how much I don’t like it.

Why? Because it is Taylor’s music career. It is his choice to record what music he likes. Whether I like said song or not is not going to make him change his opinion of the song he chose. But it could cause someone who stumbled across my post, which had not yet heard the song, decide not to check it out. Maybe they would have liked it but they passed on it because of the bad comments I had to say.

This is true in all regards to Taylor’s choices. I am not saying everyone has to like every single thing he does. But if you are a fan than there are things you must like. Why not concentrate on those things in what you post. If you are a fan than you should want Taylor to succeed and gain new fans. You should not want to say something that may make someone decide he is not worth checking out.

I read where someone said that they are amazed at people getting so worked up to defend a perfect stranger. See I see it such a different light. I see it this way. Why get so worked up into cutting down a perfect stranger and finding fault in everything that they do. If you do not like them than just tune them out. If you only like certain things about Taylor Hicks than just pay attention to what you do like. The stuff you do not like than just pay no attention to it. I do not like everything Kid Rock records. But I do like some of songs. If I talk about Kid Rock than I concentrate on what I do like. I recommend what I do like to others but I don’t go and discuss the stuff I don’t like. No one can please anyone all the time. That will never happen. If you are looking for someone who you will agree with everything that they do than I think you will end up being very disappointed in every person in life.

I think people seem to forget that celebrities are humans to. They have feelings just the same as the rest of us. How would you feel if every single thing you did in life was closely monitored by millions of people everywhere and then talked about it online for all to see? Do you think you would come out smelling like a rose in everything that you do? Yes I know a celebrity has to be prepared for this to happen. They chose to be in the public eye. But that does not make them any less human.

What if it was people you thought cared about you that were posting horrible things about you? Wouldn’t that make you feel even twice as bad? Fans of musicians/celebrities are supposed to be people who care about you. They are supposed to be the ones who want to see you succeed. You don’t expect them to turn on you. But it seems with Taylor that quite often happens. Some think Taylor is wrong for doing Grease. That totally makes no since to me. He is getting paid well I am sure. He is getting tons of publicity and rave reviews. He is playing too sold out venues. He is cross promoting his new CD. How could this choice be wrong? More importantly who has the right to say that it is wrong? It is Taylor Hicks life it is not your life.

How would you like it if someone was telling you that your career choice was wrong? What if they said you were ruining your life with your choice but you were doing what you enjoy and what pays your bills. Would you change just because they said you were wrong? Another example, what if someone was telling you, you were not cleaning your house right, correcting your kid’s right, treating your husband how he should be treated? Would you put up with their meddling or would you tell them to back the Fuck off?

I know we all have the right to voice our opinions just as I am doing here, just as you are able to do in comments. But maybe you should think twice about what you are going to say. Is your negative opinion going to make things change or is it simply going to maybe cause someone who might enjoy what you do not, just decide not to even check it out? If a new Taylor Hicks fan saw all the negative put downs would they bother checking around for good comments or would they maybe think “well if he can’t please his established fan base how can he please me?” Maybe they will just stop right there and never bother with checking out all of the good music and entertainment Taylor Hicks has to offer.

Your opinion is your right. But my opinion is this, if your opinion is going to cause a negative effect instead of a good one than it is best to JUST SAY NOTHING AT ALL.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Storm Causing Me Lack of Taylor Hicks Information

I have missed so much info regarding Taylor Hicks this week. I am in Ohio and the ice storm that came through has had my electric out since Wednesday Morning. Then yesterday my phone goes out. We are surviving though. Kerosene heaters and lanterns sure come in handy. Though cooking is a challenge. They are saying they hope to ave electric on Sat at 6pm but no guarantees. I am at the library right now using the WIFI access to check on what I have missed so far. So Feb 17th we will get to see Taylor Hicks video. Can not wait for that to be come available. Also saw where Taylor has gotten 19 spins on the media base chart. Awesome!! Looks like Taylor doing things HIS way is going to pay off for him. I can not wait until I get to hear Taylor’s music on the radio where I am at. Ok that is all for now. Hopefully I have my electric and everything back on soon. I am hating winter. They say we have lots more snow coming next week. Geez I am getting spring fever. Catch up with ya’all later on.

Update Electric is back on YIPPEE Phone still out but I have heat and can cook so who cares lol

Here are some pics I took Wednesday morning when I got up. It was cold and I was barefoot so i took them from the porch. In between the cars and mailbox is our road. Yea its there under the ice and snow.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Words from Taylor and Just my Thoughts

I have been debating on what I want to say in this post. I’m still not exactly sure if what I mean to say will come out exactly how I want it to. I read a blog today by Caryl. She had a meet and greet with Taylor Hicks and asked him some questions. Taylor was very open with her and gave her some information that I think is enlightening. We all know Taylor is a man who is great at giving short answers that sometimes does not give out all the information that the question is seeking. But in the last few times that someone has spoken with Taylor it seems he is giving more in-depth answers. This is what he did again with Caryl.

Last week Taylor made it known that their would be no audio or video recording aloud at the club dates he is doing while on tour with Grease. Many could not believe Taylor would say this. I thought it made since in away though. I know many people who if they can hear a song or watch a video online then they just do that instead of purchasing that product. Like the old saying says “If you can get the milk free, why pay for the cow?” I know all of us die-hard fans would still purchase anything Taylor has no matter what we have watched online. There are many people however who are not that enamored with Taylor and if they can hear/see it free they will.

I have several friends and family who have asked me to make them copies of Taylor’s music that that I have so they do not have to buy. They get upset when I tell them no and to go buy it. Some do go out and buy but most just go online and goggle for the videos and audio available or worse yet they just forget it.

Because of this I can understand why Taylor does not want it out there for people to get free and not purchase. It does not help his wallet or his standings in the music world for those who get it free and do not buy the product.

So back to Caryl’s blog post. A couple things that Taylor said that really stand out in my mind are below

Taylor: I know what the fans want but you have to create demand for yourself. That’s the key. I’m planning on playing some music from the new record but I gotta make sure that the record is effective. This record is really important to me from an artistic perspective. I have to do everything in my power to make the release as big as possible.

I agree with many who have said that Taylor’s release date for “What’s Right is Right” was changed from Jan 20th to the 27th because Obama’s inauguration is the 20th. I think that Taylor’s answer above even basically says the same thing. He wants the release as big as possible and competing with Obama will be hard. Hence the change in release date.

Taylor: well, yeah, guarded with his product. And you know, as a fan, I would think you would want to make this record as impactful as possible. The quality is what I’m worried about…I want people to hear great quality especially when you’re talking about new material. And we’ve got to create a buzz. What if I play a different song from the record in each market? You give people of piece of that and they wonder what he's going to do.

As a fan Taylor is right. I want this record to impact the music world in a major way. Taylor is on his own now. He has to make a name for himself from basically the ground up. He has to prove he has the talent and the smarts to do it his way and do it in a way to get people to notice.

People are constantly referring to Taylor has the lowest selling Idol. They don’t mention he has sold over 800,000 copies and was certified platinum. If Taylor can bring this record out and hit platinum and beyond it will mean amazing things. Or if he can just get music out their taht the masses enjoy.

Just think back to the reaction when it was announced Taylor was going to be Teen Angel in “Grease”. many thought Taylor had lost his mind and was making a huge mistake. But guess what, its Taylor’s decision to do what he feels is best for his career and “Grease” has proven to be a major accomplishment for him. People have taken notice and most have loved what they see.

So I have no doubt Taylor Hicks once again knows exactly what he is doing and it is going to turn out great. The man has loads of talent and the brains for knowing “”WHAT’S RIGHT is Right” for his life and career. Do I wish there was something out to see and listen to from his club dates and the new music? Well of course I do, I would watch and listen and I would still go buy it. But in away I am also kind of glad it is not. It is just like opening your Christmas gifts early. You love it when you get to, but when Christmas comes and there is nothing to open then the excitement for the big day is not there. Sure you still enjoy what you received but that experience of enjoying that day is gone.

When his last CD “Taylor Hicks” came out I had already heard them all online. Except for “Hell of Day” that was on the CD purchased at Wal-Mart. I rushed to Wal-Mart at midnight. I bought the CD and I was filled with excitement telling them to go get me 2 copies of Taylor Hicks’ new CD and telling them who he was. I went to the car I put the CD in before pulling out. But I had already listened over and over to the other songs. I went to “Hell of Day” and there was the excitement for hearing it for the first time. But still it was not the same excitement as if I had put that CD in not having the foggiest clue what was about to be heard. Does that make sense to anyone? Or am I just crazy?

Another answer that hit a cord in me was

Taylor: People thrive on information from me and I understand that. People use information as currency. All I can do is go out there and be who am and entertain and hopefully please old fans and make some new ones and keep working it as long as I can.

People use information as currency. Am I guilty of that? Are we all guilty of that? I started this blog strictly because I love to write. I love to have people read what I write and I love the talents of Taylor Hicks. So of course my thoughts back then were write about Taylor.

We all search for the places that give the most up to date information about Taylor. The sites that have it first or create controversy get the most attention. Is that my blog? Of course not. My blog is simply just a blog about Taylor Hicks among a long list of blogs about Taylor Hicks. I have had a couple interviews with Taylor ,do I feel that makes me special to him? No way! Do I feel that makes me special to anyone? Again nope. Does it feel good when someone reads them and say “You asked some amazing questions, thank you for asking him that“. Of course. Everyone feels good if someone compliments them on something they do. Did I ever think I was using those interviews as currency? Maybe I have gotten paid for a couple things I have written about Taylor or interviews if you call $5 to $20 pay. But I would write everything I have written all over again for just the joy of it. Most times I write the articles for free so people can read the information quickly or I simply blog about it here. The interviews I have had with Taylor mean more to me than any amount of money because for a few seconds I got to speak to the man that I voted and rooted so hard for.

But I do not think Taylor meant currency as in money but currency as far as in who has the information about Taylor. Who is “important” in Taylorland, well, who thinks they are important because as we all surely know Taylor is selling a product, his music and we are the buyers. I love getting info out there for people to read. I share the links to things I have written or interviews for people to get that info. So yes maybe in a way that is currency to. Go here read what I wrote. Yes guess we are all guilty.

But if it gets Taylor even one more fan than taht is great.

Sure he loves having fans, sure he appreciates us. Without fans he wouldn’t be where he is but we are just that.. fans. The only thing Taylor owes any of us is entertaining us. That is all he owes any of us.

Maybe we all should just enjoy the music and the man and let the business end be handled by the man we often refer to as Taylor Smart. This post has become quite long so I guess that is all I have to say. Make sure to visit Caryl’s blog and read what all Taylor had to say.

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