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Taylor Hicks - Have a Little Faith in Him

Sometimes we can get very involved in keeping up with the goings on in someone’s life that we care about. That is defiantly true when it comes to Taylor Hicks and his devoted fan base The Soul Patrol. We naturally want the very best for Taylor in everything he does. That is called being supportive but sometimes we just seem to want to see things happen at warp speed.

The music business can be very complex and things that are planned to happen sometimes have to be postponed or pushed back, sometimes canceled all together. You never know for sure know what will happen from one day to the next. Sometimes some may think (someone) in this case Taylor Hicks is wrong in the decisions he makes about his career. It is his career so whatever he is does and whenever he does it is his business. But I think that most times this thinking of he should do this and he should not do that isn’t so much about trying to control, but being afraid that something will not work out as it was hoped to work out. When you care about someone and you want to see them succeed and that can sometimes make a person worry that their success will not happen. However I think now everyone should look at Taylor’s past decisions and see that they mostly work out every time. Have a little faith in him.

For instance, I am sure many thought Taylor was crazy to go American Idol. His image did not fit for the American Idol stage. But look what ignoring the naysayers and doing what he wanted accomplished.

Some think his first CD after winning Idol wasn’t up to par. I so disagree with this. I love Taylor’s album Taylor Hicks. I play it all the time and he has sold 800,000 copies and it has been certified platinum. Now I would like to know how that is concidered a failure. He had nearly no radio play but still has sold 800,000 copies. That seems like a major success to me. I am sure there are many artists out there that wish they could sell that many. Who cares what this one or that one sold. Keeping up with the (Jones) as the saying goes has never made since to me at all. Just be yourself and be thankful for what you have and celebrate the good things in your life.

I think Taylor Hicks has a lot to celebrate and be happy about.
So then comes Grease many felt Taylor was selling out by doing Broadway and would be put down by the critics. Quite the opposite happened. Taylor made the role of Teen Angel his and owned the stage. Broadway, the press and New York loved him.
So then Taylor decides to go on tour with Grease starting in December. Again many think this decision is wrong. They feel it means Taylor won’t be putting out a CD soon and a tour won’t happen anytime soon. Then comes news Taylors CD will be out February 10th and today news broke that Taylor will be singing his single after the Grease performance every night. So we will get to see Taylor performing as Teen Angel and perform a new song plus get a CD in February.

So I think all this shows just to keep the faith in Taylor. It his career, he loves music and he loves to perform but everything takes time and planning. So have faith. It makes me think of the song Have a little Faith in Me. Below you will see I rewrote the lyrics a little to fit and also a video of the actual song.

When you think things are looking stark
And you wonder what’s going on with him
Just remember he will never lose the musical spark
And have a little faith in him
And when you wonder when there will be new music to buy
Just keep the faith, his dreams he will achieve
Just know he can combine it all for a musical weave
And have a little faith in him
Have a little faith in him

Because we’ve been supporting him for such a long time
Sometimes we may expect too much, to quickly in return
Just remember to have a little faith in him
You see time, time is our friend
Because for his talents there is no end
And all you gotta do, is have a little faith in him
Have a little faith in him
Hey hey
All you gotta do for the Soul Man
Is have a little faith in him.

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Taylor Hicks, Teen Angel, New Single

The news about Taylor and his CD set to come out February 10th keeps getting better and better. December 2nd Taylor starts touring with the National Tour of Grease as Teen angel. Many fans were upset thinking it would push back a CD release and they didn’t think there would be a new CD until after the Grease tour ended. I too thought that might be so but I want to see Taylor as Teen Angel and so didn’t mind waiting for a new CD. Then October 7th on Taylor’s 32nd birthday it was announced that his sophomore CD would hit stores February 10th Now today even more great news as surfaced.

In an interview with Birmingham News today Taylor let us in on some more great news.
The Birmingham News

Hicks is the word
Thursday, October 09, 2008
News staff writer

Taylor Hicks is rarely at a loss for words.

But he's had to contain himself this year, hearing and reading that his 800,000-unit-selling self-titled CD was a one-shot deal. That he wouldn't sign another record deal. That the 2006 "American Idol" was through.

"It's about driven me crazy to hold my tongue," Hicks says. "I've wanted to talk about this for three months, but I've been patient and trying to be smart about choosing my battles."

The battle, it seems, is over.

Hicks, who turned 32 on Tuesday, announced on his birthday that he had signed a deal to release his new CD in February 2009. It'll be on his own Modern Whomp Records label through Artist to Market (A2M), which gives the Birmingham native control over his recording destiny.

"I was offered a plethora of record deals, some traditional record deals and some non-traditional record deals," Hicks says. "It's been very hard not to just hop on the first one that was offered, but during that time when there was a lot more speculation that I might never sign one again, it couldn't have been further from the truth."

He calls the A2M deal "very cutting edge."

"In today's marketplace, having the control as the artist is key," Hicks says. "I'm in control of where I spend my marketing dollars, who I want to record with, and in control of the companies I hire out. It allows me a really focused release. Basically, I am my own record label."

What that means for the upcoming CD is that the bulk of it will be written or co-written by Hicks, who cut his musical teeth in bars in and around Birmingham.

"I've always been a singer-songwriter, and that's going to be able to surface a lot more than it did on the last record," he says. "On the last one, things had to move at such a quick pace that the actual art of songwriting couldn't really be seen on the last record."

Hicks is in pre-production of the CD now, working with producer Simon Climie (Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Faith Hill) in the studio.

"I don't have a title for it, yet," Hicks says. "I'm kind of waiting for it to hit me."

Announcement of the new record deal comes just after Hicks' stint in the Broadway production of "Grease" comes to an end, and just before he hits the road as that show's Teen Angel for the national tour beginning Dec. 1.

"It was such a success and such a great way for me to learn a new craft," Hicks says of his Broadway debut. "I feel like if I'm going to have longevity in the entertainment industry, I've got to cover all aspects. I have to reinvent myself."

The national tour of "Grease" will offer a unique hybrid for Hicks, he says.

"We're going to cross-promote this record with the `Grease' tour," he says. "I'll be allowed to perform my single in the show on tour

Most importantly, it offers fans a chance to experience Hicks live, which he says is crucial to his success.

"There's such a live aspect to me," he says. "You put me on the radio, and you can't see me, you can't feel me, you can't touch me, so it's easy to count me out in that regard. On the road, that's where you really make your mark and have your longevity."

So don't count Hicks out just yet. He's only getting started, he says, and he doesn't pay attention to the naysayers.

"I hear those things, but I'm not into the talk, I'm into the walk," he says.

So not only will we get to see Taylor as Teen Angel we will also get to hear and see him perform a new single. I for one cannot wait to get the tickets and attend the show. Like the article says don’t count Taylor out. Taylor Hicks is different than artists on the market today and I think he has the talent and the brains to pull off about anything he desires. Get your compact flash cards ready to store all the great audio, video and pictures that will be coming are way. Soul Patrol are you ready to jump on the Hicks bandwagon again for a wild ride in 2009 and beyond?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor Hicks and The Soul Patrol

Lets get this party Started!!

Today brought some great news that the Soul Patrol has been waiting for. What a great day for the news to break as it is Taylor’s 32nd birthday. The below release was just released today.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — He’s “Takin’ It to the Streets” on “American Idol” — now Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks will be takin’ it more directly to the people. Celebrating his birthday today, Hicks has tapped the independent artist services company Artist To Market (A2M) to release his much-buzzed-about new album, due in stores on February 10, 2009. The platinum-selling singer-songwriter will be releasing the new title with complete control of direction and ownership of his masters on his solely owned and operated, Modern Whomp Records label. Hicks is currently in the studio with producer Simon Climie (Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Faith Hill).
“In this digital age, when artists can connect more directly with audiences, this is a partnership that makes a lot of sense,” says Hicks. “I’m very much enjoying being in the studio with Simon working on the new album and look forward to releasing it through A2M early next year.”

“We at A2M are very excited to be working with the team at Modern Whomp Records on this release,” said Paul Ignasinski, General Manager of A2M. “As the industry continues to evolve, it’s exciting to see significant artists approach the marketplace in a new way, and truly take control over their own destiny. This is exactly why A2M was built in the first place — to provide a service platform for these artists to prosper on their own terms.”

During the last two years, Taylor Hicks has seen his self-titled Arista debut album certified platinum, performed with the likes of Willie Nelson, Widespread Panic, The Allman Brothers and Jackson Browne, toured through Asia, penned the brisk-selling Random House memoir Heart Full of Soul, spent time in NY this past summer for his three-month Broadway debut as “Teen Angel” in Grease, and will take Grease on a national tour beginning December 1.

In August Hicks’ Modern Whomp Records released Early Works (a reissue compilation of his two independent albums, In Your Time and Under the Radar) through the Welk Music Group. Hicks is also planning the release of Whomp at the Warfield, a DVD showcasing a live performance by Hicks and his band at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco.

About Artist To Market Distribution:

Launched in 2005, Artist To Market Distribution (A2M) is an independent music distributor and artist services company designed to work directly with artists, labels, and content owners to streamline the supply chain, provide flexible service solutions, and deliver new product to the marketplace at a lower cost. Over the past two years A2M has partnered with a diverse group of platinum and multi-platinum artists including Dolly Parton, Tracy Lawrence, Tommy Lee, John Michael Montgomery, Sinead O’Connor, Unwritten Law, and Tracy Byrd, in addition to critically-acclaimed newcomers, The Cool Kids. More information can be found at

SOURCE Taylor Hicks

Published Oct. 7, 2008
It is time to start getting excited agin. Not only will Taylor be traveling around the country as Teen Angel in Grease. (Which I will be seeing) we will also have a new CD to listen to and talk about on February 10th. Things keep getting better and better for Taylor.

With the News today below you will find a video that I feel fits for the new CD deal

Taylor Hicks The Deal Video by PayTheDevil

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