Monday, January 19, 2009

Words from Taylor and Just my Thoughts

I have been debating on what I want to say in this post. I’m still not exactly sure if what I mean to say will come out exactly how I want it to. I read a blog today by Caryl. She had a meet and greet with Taylor Hicks and asked him some questions. Taylor was very open with her and gave her some information that I think is enlightening. We all know Taylor is a man who is great at giving short answers that sometimes does not give out all the information that the question is seeking. But in the last few times that someone has spoken with Taylor it seems he is giving more in-depth answers. This is what he did again with Caryl.

Last week Taylor made it known that their would be no audio or video recording aloud at the club dates he is doing while on tour with Grease. Many could not believe Taylor would say this. I thought it made since in away though. I know many people who if they can hear a song or watch a video online then they just do that instead of purchasing that product. Like the old saying says “If you can get the milk free, why pay for the cow?” I know all of us die-hard fans would still purchase anything Taylor has no matter what we have watched online. There are many people however who are not that enamored with Taylor and if they can hear/see it free they will.

I have several friends and family who have asked me to make them copies of Taylor’s music that that I have so they do not have to buy. They get upset when I tell them no and to go buy it. Some do go out and buy but most just go online and goggle for the videos and audio available or worse yet they just forget it.

Because of this I can understand why Taylor does not want it out there for people to get free and not purchase. It does not help his wallet or his standings in the music world for those who get it free and do not buy the product.

So back to Caryl’s blog post. A couple things that Taylor said that really stand out in my mind are below

Taylor: I know what the fans want but you have to create demand for yourself. That’s the key. I’m planning on playing some music from the new record but I gotta make sure that the record is effective. This record is really important to me from an artistic perspective. I have to do everything in my power to make the release as big as possible.

I agree with many who have said that Taylor’s release date for “What’s Right is Right” was changed from Jan 20th to the 27th because Obama’s inauguration is the 20th. I think that Taylor’s answer above even basically says the same thing. He wants the release as big as possible and competing with Obama will be hard. Hence the change in release date.

Taylor: well, yeah, guarded with his product. And you know, as a fan, I would think you would want to make this record as impactful as possible. The quality is what I’m worried about…I want people to hear great quality especially when you’re talking about new material. And we’ve got to create a buzz. What if I play a different song from the record in each market? You give people of piece of that and they wonder what he's going to do.

As a fan Taylor is right. I want this record to impact the music world in a major way. Taylor is on his own now. He has to make a name for himself from basically the ground up. He has to prove he has the talent and the smarts to do it his way and do it in a way to get people to notice.

People are constantly referring to Taylor has the lowest selling Idol. They don’t mention he has sold over 800,000 copies and was certified platinum. If Taylor can bring this record out and hit platinum and beyond it will mean amazing things. Or if he can just get music out their taht the masses enjoy.

Just think back to the reaction when it was announced Taylor was going to be Teen Angel in “Grease”. many thought Taylor had lost his mind and was making a huge mistake. But guess what, its Taylor’s decision to do what he feels is best for his career and “Grease” has proven to be a major accomplishment for him. People have taken notice and most have loved what they see.

So I have no doubt Taylor Hicks once again knows exactly what he is doing and it is going to turn out great. The man has loads of talent and the brains for knowing “”WHAT’S RIGHT is Right” for his life and career. Do I wish there was something out to see and listen to from his club dates and the new music? Well of course I do, I would watch and listen and I would still go buy it. But in away I am also kind of glad it is not. It is just like opening your Christmas gifts early. You love it when you get to, but when Christmas comes and there is nothing to open then the excitement for the big day is not there. Sure you still enjoy what you received but that experience of enjoying that day is gone.

When his last CD “Taylor Hicks” came out I had already heard them all online. Except for “Hell of Day” that was on the CD purchased at Wal-Mart. I rushed to Wal-Mart at midnight. I bought the CD and I was filled with excitement telling them to go get me 2 copies of Taylor Hicks’ new CD and telling them who he was. I went to the car I put the CD in before pulling out. But I had already listened over and over to the other songs. I went to “Hell of Day” and there was the excitement for hearing it for the first time. But still it was not the same excitement as if I had put that CD in not having the foggiest clue what was about to be heard. Does that make sense to anyone? Or am I just crazy?

Another answer that hit a cord in me was

Taylor: People thrive on information from me and I understand that. People use information as currency. All I can do is go out there and be who am and entertain and hopefully please old fans and make some new ones and keep working it as long as I can.

People use information as currency. Am I guilty of that? Are we all guilty of that? I started this blog strictly because I love to write. I love to have people read what I write and I love the talents of Taylor Hicks. So of course my thoughts back then were write about Taylor.

We all search for the places that give the most up to date information about Taylor. The sites that have it first or create controversy get the most attention. Is that my blog? Of course not. My blog is simply just a blog about Taylor Hicks among a long list of blogs about Taylor Hicks. I have had a couple interviews with Taylor ,do I feel that makes me special to him? No way! Do I feel that makes me special to anyone? Again nope. Does it feel good when someone reads them and say “You asked some amazing questions, thank you for asking him that“. Of course. Everyone feels good if someone compliments them on something they do. Did I ever think I was using those interviews as currency? Maybe I have gotten paid for a couple things I have written about Taylor or interviews if you call $5 to $20 pay. But I would write everything I have written all over again for just the joy of it. Most times I write the articles for free so people can read the information quickly or I simply blog about it here. The interviews I have had with Taylor mean more to me than any amount of money because for a few seconds I got to speak to the man that I voted and rooted so hard for.

But I do not think Taylor meant currency as in money but currency as far as in who has the information about Taylor. Who is “important” in Taylorland, well, who thinks they are important because as we all surely know Taylor is selling a product, his music and we are the buyers. I love getting info out there for people to read. I share the links to things I have written or interviews for people to get that info. So yes maybe in a way that is currency to. Go here read what I wrote. Yes guess we are all guilty.

But if it gets Taylor even one more fan than taht is great.

Sure he loves having fans, sure he appreciates us. Without fans he wouldn’t be where he is but we are just that.. fans. The only thing Taylor owes any of us is entertaining us. That is all he owes any of us.

Maybe we all should just enjoy the music and the man and let the business end be handled by the man we often refer to as Taylor Smart. This post has become quite long so I guess that is all I have to say. Make sure to visit Caryl’s blog and read what all Taylor had to say.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taylor Hicks Happenings Jan 12th - Jan 17th 2009

This past week was a busy one for Taylor Hicks. Along with appearing in 2 shows a day in Grease. Monday Jan 12th was the video shoot for his first single “What’s Right is Right”.

A few days later Jake Davis who is shooting Taylor’s video posted a picture of Taylor during the shoot. Jake had this to say.

“We're out of the snow of the windy city and in the warmth of the edit. Since a lot of you were asking for behind the scenes photos I thought I'd give you just a little taste. I'll get in trouble if I show you too much. Taylor was a real class act and a real pleasure to work with. The video is going to be really iconic. I'll keep you posted”.

Here are a couple shots of the picture I messed with in photo collage

He was on WGN’s Early Morning show Jan 16th where he was able to play the Bozo the Clown grand prize game. This was a game that used to be on the show and kids would play for a chance to win a bike. This was a show Taylor watched as a child . Taylor donated $500 for every ball that he successfully threw into a bucket too the Boys and Girls Clubs in Chicago, he was able to get 5 balls into a bucket, the Boys and Girls Club will get $2,500 dollars. Taylor not only has talent and charisma he has a heart of gold doing whatever he can to help kids any time that he can. Taylor also performed his song The Fall from his Early Works album.

Saturday Taylor had his first after show concert at Martyrs in Chicago. The reports are that as expected the concert was amazing. Taylor sang his single “What’s Right is Right” among songs from his album “Taylor Hicks” and some cover tunes. It is also reported that Taylor sang a song by Bobby Womack “Woman’s Got to Have it”. Even more exciting is that is has also been said this song is on Taylor’s new album.

I can not wait to hear Taylor’s version. I love Taylor’s versions of “Gonna Move” and “Wherever I Lay my Hat” . I do not like the originals very much but those songs sung by Taylor Hicks are a couple of my favorites off of his album.

Gonna Move Paul Pena

Gonna Move Taylor Hicks

Wherever I lay My Hat Paul Young

Wherever I lay My Hat Taylor Hicks

I hope Woman's Got to Have it is on the new CD The Distance. I am excited to see wehat Taylor has done to make this song his own.

Taylor’s single release of “What’s Right is Right” has been pushed back again from the 20th to the 27th. I hate that we have to wait longer but being as the 20th is President Obama’s inauguration day it is probably for the best. We want Taylor’s song to get as much radio play and attention as possible the day it is released and the nation will be focused on getting out the old and bringing in the new that day not new music.

Maybe with luck the video will also be ready on the 27th and we can get both that day.

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