Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Judd Starr

Lots of you have heard me talk about Judd Starr. I really loves this mans voice, music and the way he treats his supporters. He has a new CD getting ready to come out. He has been posting lyrics to the songs on his myspace. Check him out I am sure you will love him as much as I do. If you like what you hear leave him a message and let him know, he will be glad to hear from you.

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What is American Idol about?

I recently read an article that I agree with very much in part it says “Idol has always been about someone achieving the impossible dream. It doesn’t mean much to us if we can’t relate to the people on stage. A Taylor Hicks or a Ruben Studdard, a Bo Bice or a Fantasia Barrino - these are the Idols who truly seemed to come from nowhere to realize their dreams. That makes for good television, whether they enjoy thriving careers beyond the show or not.” Go to Santa Monica Mirror online to check it out.

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Has American Idol lost its Appeal?

Many people are asking has American Idol lost its appeal. I know for me and for many others it undeniably has. I just read an article at the Santa Monica Mirror Online that talks about this. The article states that the show may have become too interested in turning out viable stars. This made for a boring and safe season. I have watched very few episodes of American Idol since season five. There are several reasons but one is that the show in season six and seven has seemed very boring.

Go here to read the rest of the article and to leave your opinion on whether you agree or Naot.