Saturday, February 07, 2009

If You Have Nothing Nice To Say

There is an old saying that says “If you have nothing nice to say than say nothing at all.” Most of us were taught this at an early age by our parents. Now I truly believe in most instances this statement is best to be followed. There are times when it is not best to Not say anything.

Take for example telling someone who has a horrible voice that they are good and should try out for American Idol or some similar thing. If you know that their voice is absolutely horrible than I feel it is cruel to encourage them to embarrass themselves. If someone is dressed in a way that makes them look so bad they may embarrass themselves and will be ridiculed than by all means tell them. But if it is simply that you do not like the style they choose then maybe it is best to not say anything. They have a right to dress how they please. But what got me thinking about all this is people who cut down Taylor Hicks’ choices in HIS career.

There are a couple songs of Taylor’s that I don’t particularly like but that is true with all musicians. They have a few songs I do not like. But the thing is I do not go on public forums, blogs and fan sites and rag on Taylor for the songs I do not like. Instead I choose to talk about what I do like. If someone asks me if I like a song and I do not I will say I don’t but I will not write a post talking about how much I don’t like it.

Why? Because it is Taylor’s music career. It is his choice to record what music he likes. Whether I like said song or not is not going to make him change his opinion of the song he chose. But it could cause someone who stumbled across my post, which had not yet heard the song, decide not to check it out. Maybe they would have liked it but they passed on it because of the bad comments I had to say.

This is true in all regards to Taylor’s choices. I am not saying everyone has to like every single thing he does. But if you are a fan than there are things you must like. Why not concentrate on those things in what you post. If you are a fan than you should want Taylor to succeed and gain new fans. You should not want to say something that may make someone decide he is not worth checking out.

I read where someone said that they are amazed at people getting so worked up to defend a perfect stranger. See I see it such a different light. I see it this way. Why get so worked up into cutting down a perfect stranger and finding fault in everything that they do. If you do not like them than just tune them out. If you only like certain things about Taylor Hicks than just pay attention to what you do like. The stuff you do not like than just pay no attention to it. I do not like everything Kid Rock records. But I do like some of songs. If I talk about Kid Rock than I concentrate on what I do like. I recommend what I do like to others but I don’t go and discuss the stuff I don’t like. No one can please anyone all the time. That will never happen. If you are looking for someone who you will agree with everything that they do than I think you will end up being very disappointed in every person in life.

I think people seem to forget that celebrities are humans to. They have feelings just the same as the rest of us. How would you feel if every single thing you did in life was closely monitored by millions of people everywhere and then talked about it online for all to see? Do you think you would come out smelling like a rose in everything that you do? Yes I know a celebrity has to be prepared for this to happen. They chose to be in the public eye. But that does not make them any less human.

What if it was people you thought cared about you that were posting horrible things about you? Wouldn’t that make you feel even twice as bad? Fans of musicians/celebrities are supposed to be people who care about you. They are supposed to be the ones who want to see you succeed. You don’t expect them to turn on you. But it seems with Taylor that quite often happens. Some think Taylor is wrong for doing Grease. That totally makes no since to me. He is getting paid well I am sure. He is getting tons of publicity and rave reviews. He is playing too sold out venues. He is cross promoting his new CD. How could this choice be wrong? More importantly who has the right to say that it is wrong? It is Taylor Hicks life it is not your life.

How would you like it if someone was telling you that your career choice was wrong? What if they said you were ruining your life with your choice but you were doing what you enjoy and what pays your bills. Would you change just because they said you were wrong? Another example, what if someone was telling you, you were not cleaning your house right, correcting your kid’s right, treating your husband how he should be treated? Would you put up with their meddling or would you tell them to back the Fuck off?

I know we all have the right to voice our opinions just as I am doing here, just as you are able to do in comments. But maybe you should think twice about what you are going to say. Is your negative opinion going to make things change or is it simply going to maybe cause someone who might enjoy what you do not, just decide not to even check it out? If a new Taylor Hicks fan saw all the negative put downs would they bother checking around for good comments or would they maybe think “well if he can’t please his established fan base how can he please me?” Maybe they will just stop right there and never bother with checking out all of the good music and entertainment Taylor Hicks has to offer.

Your opinion is your right. But my opinion is this, if your opinion is going to cause a negative effect instead of a good one than it is best to JUST SAY NOTHING AT ALL.

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