Thursday, October 04, 2007


I’ve been using a laptop for about a year and I have a cable I run from my desktop cable box to my laptop. My laptop doesn’t have wireless. But I have decided it is time to use this laptop the way it is meant to be used. I purchased a wireless router and the card I need to hook my laptop up. Now I just have to take the time to get this all hooked up and ready.


Here it is October and Halloween will be here before we know it. This means Christmas is upon us, I have already been considering what I am getting friends and family for Christmas. Taylor Hicks Items are great for Christmas gift idea. I know several people who love to read so Taylor’s book will be great for them, his CD for the music lovers and I have a couple to buy for that love decorated t-shirts so I will be ordering some Taylor Hicks shirts and such. Christmas is a great time to share the music of Taylor.

I've Neglected My Taylor Blog and I also have read New ones

Summer has really taken up a lot of my time. Even though fall is here the weather here in Ohio has been beautiful and it still feels like summer. I haven’t kept up with this blog as much I used to, because I have been out with the kids when they are not in school, enjoying this beautiful weather. I have seen some of the new blogs that have popped up finding things to dis Taylor or his GF about. I have also read lots of people complaining about these blogs. The best way to make something disappear is to simply ignore it.

These types of blogs are out to get page views and they know the Soul Patrol will rush to defend Taylor. They also know fans will also tell other fans about the crap that is being written and more page views will arise to see if someone is actually posting such stuff. Do not go to the sites, do not post and they will soon get tired of it, when they are not getting the attention they feel they deserve, and they will then disappear.

I listen to all kinds of music from Elvis Presley, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Bucky Covington and of course Taylor Hicks among many others. I don’t care if they are or are not having sex or who they having it with. I don’t care if they tell the truth or not about their personal life. Key words Personal Life.

If I knew something personal about some artist I like I would not get on the net and tell the world. I would probably tell my friends and family but that would be it. I mean really who would believe me anyway. I myself have to wonder what goes through a persons mind when they decide it is ok to make such a big deal out of someone’s life, especially when they do not even know this person. Maybe if they worried more about their own life they would not have the time to get so involved in someone’s life who is basically a stranger.

But all this is just my opinion, my two cents, for what it is worth. Actually it may not be worth 2 cents because just like the “We know it all bloggers” I don’t know shit. At least I admit to it.