Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is Taylor Hicks psychic

Is Taylor Hicks psychic? It seems like he may be. If you look back at his past CDS and things he has said and/or done it seems like at certain instances he was foretelling his future.

First you have Taylor’s first CD In Your Time with the songs Son of a Carpenter" "The Fall" "In Your Time" "Somehow" "On Broadway "Tighten Up" "Georgia" then there is Under the Radar which has the songs The Deal" "Hell of a Day" "Hold on to Your Love" "Heart and Soul "West Texas Sky" "Soul Thing" "My Friend".
When I heard on Broadway on Taylor’s first CD it seemed out of place to me. I just couldn’t imagine hat as a song Taylor Hicks would like but it’s on the CD and I love his version of it so I figured ok just something else about Taylor I didn’t understand. But now Taylor is On Broadway in Grease and that song defiantly seems appropriate now with Taylor.

Then you have the title of his second CD Under the Radar which he was until AI and he is definitely not under the radar anymore. There are many more things that make you think he may be able to tell the future. Yes I am kind of joking but if nothing else he seems to be able to make his own destiny happen quite well. Just yelling Soul Patrol helped in creating a fan base that feels very connected to Taylor.
On a different not my husband has been looking to buy a used Harleys. I have told him we can’t afford a harley he will have to settle for a cheaper bike. I also mentioned if he does get a bike we can drive it to NY so I can see Taylor in Grease as it wouldn’t be expensive to get to NY. Like he does often he just rolled his eyes at me. Men just don’t understand.

A Good Day

Today is a good day for me. I have bee trying for a couple years to loose some weight. I tried diet pills, slim fast, exercise and everything I could think of. Nothing worked. If anything it seemed I gained weight.

With the high price of gas and groceries I decided I was going to plant a garden. My husband works too much to have time to help with it, so I knew this project was going to be on my own. I tilled the ground, raked, hoed and tilled it again. I planted the plants and seed. I then decided I wanted to plant more vegetables but I didn’t have enough room in the spot. I started over again in another are. Tilled, ranked, hoed and planted. Then once a week I till between the rows and plants to keep the weeds out and hoe where the tiller will not fit.

It has been a lot of work but it has also been fun watching my hard work grow. I have started noticing my clothes are bigger on me then they were before so today I stepped on the scales and I have lost 20 lbs. 20 more and I will be down to my ideal weight.

Yes I am thrilled. I was not even trying to loose weight I was just looking for a way to save some money and have great tasting fresh food. Maybe I’ll use my yard for a garden to keep in shape LOL

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks Broadway

Taylor Hicks, as most fans know has been performing on Broadway since June 6th in Grease as Teen Angel. I will not be able to go to NY to see this performance so I felt really let down that I would not be able to see Taylor be the Teen Angel.

I should have know the SP always finds away to share videos, pictures and audio with the rest of the SP any time they see Taylor.

I have been watching the videos and looking at the pictures and reading the recaps that make me feel like I was right there in the theater. You can feel the joy, fun and excitement that each person sharing the recap felt. Taylor gives everyone who sees and hears him such joy. There is just something about Taylor Hicks that can put a smile on your face no matter what may be going in your life. Even if you are not able to go and see Taylor you can get that same feeling by reading the recaps of those fortunate enough to see and experience the soul man. I have watched the Beauty School Dropout and Curtain Call videos several times since they were posted for us to all share in Taylor’s amazing performance and I am so thankful to those who let us into Broadway with them.

Yesterday a game my daughter wanted for her playstation 3 came. It is an American Idol game. She loves it but she said she thought it would have something of Taylor in it. LOL yea even my daughter expects Taylor in everything.

Below enjoy the Taylor videos of Taylor in Grease.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Taylor is the Word- Grease is the Show

Taylor Hicks debut on Broadway as Teen Angel in Grease was Friday June 6th. I will not be able to make it to NY to see Taylor even though I would love to go very much and take my 13 year old daughter to see the sights and sounds of New York as well as see the best show in town, there is just no way I can afford this trip.

I want to see Taylor in this role very much as Grease is one of my favorite musicals, Footloose is my next favorite. So anyway I knew there was no way I would be able to see Taylor but thanks to the generosity of Taylor Hicks fans the video, audio and pictures are flowing all over for all of us who will not be lucky to get to NY to still experience our Soul Man making his mark on Broadway. Thankfully I can use copy and paste or Ctrl and D to share and bookmark all the great things to see and hear online. I would have gone through quite a lot of ink pens by now if I had to write this all down. Go here, here and here to see some great stuff from Taylor’s Broadway appearance. I know there will be lots more to keep track of as Taylor will be Teen Angel until September. Also go here to read what the lady playing Rizzo as to say about Taylor.


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