Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks Broadway

Taylor Hicks, as most fans know has been performing on Broadway since June 6th in Grease as Teen Angel. I will not be able to go to NY to see this performance so I felt really let down that I would not be able to see Taylor be the Teen Angel.

I should have know the SP always finds away to share videos, pictures and audio with the rest of the SP any time they see Taylor.

I have been watching the videos and looking at the pictures and reading the recaps that make me feel like I was right there in the theater. You can feel the joy, fun and excitement that each person sharing the recap felt. Taylor gives everyone who sees and hears him such joy. There is just something about Taylor Hicks that can put a smile on your face no matter what may be going in your life. Even if you are not able to go and see Taylor you can get that same feeling by reading the recaps of those fortunate enough to see and experience the soul man. I have watched the Beauty School Dropout and Curtain Call videos several times since they were posted for us to all share in Taylor’s amazing performance and I am so thankful to those who let us into Broadway with them.

Yesterday a game my daughter wanted for her playstation 3 came. It is an American Idol game. She loves it but she said she thought it would have something of Taylor in it. LOL yea even my daughter expects Taylor in everything.

Below enjoy the Taylor videos of Taylor in Grease.