Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is Taylor Hicks psychic

Is Taylor Hicks psychic? It seems like he may be. If you look back at his past CDS and things he has said and/or done it seems like at certain instances he was foretelling his future.

First you have Taylor’s first CD In Your Time with the songs Son of a Carpenter" "The Fall" "In Your Time" "Somehow" "On Broadway "Tighten Up" "Georgia" then there is Under the Radar which has the songs The Deal" "Hell of a Day" "Hold on to Your Love" "Heart and Soul "West Texas Sky" "Soul Thing" "My Friend".
When I heard on Broadway on Taylor’s first CD it seemed out of place to me. I just couldn’t imagine hat as a song Taylor Hicks would like but it’s on the CD and I love his version of it so I figured ok just something else about Taylor I didn’t understand. But now Taylor is On Broadway in Grease and that song defiantly seems appropriate now with Taylor.

Then you have the title of his second CD Under the Radar which he was until AI and he is definitely not under the radar anymore. There are many more things that make you think he may be able to tell the future. Yes I am kind of joking but if nothing else he seems to be able to make his own destiny happen quite well. Just yelling Soul Patrol helped in creating a fan base that feels very connected to Taylor.
On a different not my husband has been looking to buy a used Harleys. I have told him we can’t afford a harley he will have to settle for a cheaper bike. I also mentioned if he does get a bike we can drive it to NY so I can see Taylor in Grease as it wouldn’t be expensive to get to NY. Like he does often he just rolled his eyes at me. Men just don’t understand.