Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

I haven't posted much lately as with working at Walmart and summer being here I am usually at work or working in my vegetable garden or in the pool. But now I have a few minutes. Well I should be in bed as I have to work tomorrow but I keep thinking about the death of Michael Jackson and I know I will not rest until I post my thoughts.

This is a Taylor Hicks blog but I have covered other artists before and no matter what controversy surrounded Michael Jackson the past years, music saw a sad day on June 25th 2009.

There are some things that happen in life that you never forget where you were and what you were doing the day it happened. Like the day Kennedy was killed, the Day Elvis Died, the day 911 happened and now the day that Michael Jackson died.

I was sceduled to work at Walmart on Thursday from 10:30 amd to 7pm. Before I left for work I heard the news Farrah Faucett had died from her battle with cancer.

I went to work and around 3:30 a customer came in and was at the register next to me and I heard her say Michael Jackson just died. I swear it seemed as if Walmart had went awfully quiet. We asked if she was sure and she said I just heard the news. You could see we were coming to terms with the news.

I felt sadness I have been a fan of Michael Jackson for my whole life even when he was just a kid and singing with his brothers. Rockin Robin was my first song I remember loving of his well also ABC.

I remember rushing out to buy Thriller and loving going to my Grandmas to watch MTV to see his videos. My Aunt would say your Grandma doesn't like this kind of music and my Grandma said you hush this girls love this guy and he is a good looking guy they are doing fine watching this. Plus he is the Jackson's baby brother. I loved my Grandma she knew what was important to preteen Granddaughters and never deprived us of enjoying it.

Before Thriller though there was a song called Farewell My Summer Love. I was spending the Summer with my Grandma and I had a crush on the boy next day. i would call the radio everyday and ask them to play Farewell My Summer Love. They played it every day and then I would hear it again being played before I fell asleep.

About 12 years ago at a yard sale I saw a album Michael Jackson Farewell my Summer Love. Below it said Never before Available and I grabbed this album. One because it was the first Michael Jackson song I related to a boy and 2 because my Grandma supported me so much in my love of Michael Jackson. I have that album still. I have his Thriller album I bought when I was 18, I have his Bad album and I have The Best of Michael Jackson dated 1975. With Ben and Rockin Robin among others.

I know the controversy concerning Michael.I know he messed himself up over the years with surgery's that should have never been done. I believe Michael had some issues in his life.

With all that said I separated all of that from the music and I stayed a fan. Michael Jackson was one of a kind. He had talent beyond words. He put a impact of music and dance like no other before him and no other since.

God is the only one who has a right to judge someone, because he is the only one who knows the truth of everything and he is the only one to know what is in someones heart and soul.

God bless the family and friends of Michael Jackson they are the ones who are suffering the most. They are the ones who knew and loved Michael and they are the ones who will wake each day and face the day without him in their life.

Here is a video to Farewell My Summer Love. I think it is fitting. Farewell Michael Jackson. You will be missed but your music will go on for generations to come.

And this is a video I found of Michael singing Gone To Soon with Pictures of Michael.

Ans then this video We are The World. I remember when this happened I loved the song, all the different singers I loved at the time, Ray Charles was one of them. Michael put this all together and gathered them all together to raise money for Africa.

And lastly Say Say Say Simply because I have always love this video