Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bloggers Choice Awards - Taylor's Angels

Most everyone in the Soul Patrol has heard of Taylor’s Angels. Many have experienced the kindness of Taylor’s Angels. Taylor’s Angels is based on Taylor Hicks fans Taying it forward. Taylor’s Angels consist of a group of 7 ladies with hearts of gold, giving concert tickets and memberships to fans that cannot afford it. Also sending charity groups to concerts within the communities where Taylor Hicks is performing. Right now you can help Taylor’s Angels by voting for them at Bloggers Choice Awards where they have been nominated for Best Charity Blog. Go and vote today.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Soldiers Angels

Most everyone in the Soul Patrol has heard of the Proud of our Troop Drives. CDs of Taylor Hicks music are gathered from kind and caring people who donate these and they are sent to the soldiers who are risking their lives. What you may not know is how they get to the soldiers. Soldier’s Angels takes care of getting these CDs to the troops.

Soldier’s Angels sends many care packages to the troops. You can donate at the site or adopt a soldier and send them letters and care packages to brighten their days. Right now Squidoo is going to give away up to $80,000 to charity by October 15, 2008. You can go vote for the charity of your choice and for each vote the charity gets $2. Soldier’s Angels is on the list.

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Radio IO

I was surfing around the internet and stumbled onto a site I had forgotten about. Radio IO. There are so many Taylor Hicks websites and sites with video and music to listen to and somewhere along the line I lost track of Radio IO and stopped listening.

Greg from Radio IO is a very nice man who does all he can to support Taylor and other artists. If you haven’t yet read his Welcome to the Soul Patrol you should head over and read it. Also give a listen to the great music that is played at IO Idols. Here is an excerpt from Greggs welcome that I think is very touching and goes a long way in showing the dedication of Taylor’s fans.

How many of you know how the Idols channel even came about? That's right; it's all because of Taylor Hicks. Because the Soul Patrol was so dedicated to their cause, Radio IO received sloughs of emails from you guys asking us to play, "Just To Feel That Way" when the single was released. So, we thought it would be a great idea to help support the Idols of the world with a channel that played only their material. What this channel does is help bring exposure to these artists whenever they have a release. Some, you are quite familiar with like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Daughtry, but what about artists like Mandisa, RJ Helton or Jasmine Trias? And then there are the artists from similar competitions throughout the world like Leona Lewis, Will Young and Shannon Noll. Oh, and then there are other competitions like Nashville Star, Popstars, Rock Star Supernova and America's Got Talent? It is just never ending. So, to help out all of these artists and to showcase their music, IO Idols was born in 2007, thanks to Taylor Hicks and the massive power of the Soul Patrol.

So, because of your heart and dedication, I want to extend my very sincere appreciation to each and every one of you guys for all the amazing emails of sincere thanks for representing Taylor's music and just being here with IO Idols. I have never seen so much gratitude for representing one artist. It's amazing.

As we already know the Soul Patrol is a huge fan base and when we put our heart and soul into something we can get anything done, when done in the right way.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Taylor Gets Updated

Taylor has been updated and improved.
If you have not visited Taylor lately you should head over and check out the new and improved site now. Not only are you greeted by a gorgeous picture of Taylor, there are also links to many sites with videos, music and info related to Taylor Hicks. Signup over at the Soul Lounge and join fellow fans of Taylor Hicks to chat about any Taylor news and happenings.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I usually get into the holiday seasons earlier than needed. However I love the time of year from the Halloween Season until the Christmas Season is over. Today I started looking for new Thanksgiving Recipes so I get a start on some new dishes to make with dinner this year. I found a few named for Alabama such as Alabama Sweet Potato Pie. Maybe we will have an Alabama themed dinner this year in honor of Taylor. That I am only joking about, I am sure my husband would not eat dinner if that happened.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Heart Full Of Soul Downloadable Audio

I have Taylor’s book Heart Full of Soul and the audio CD of the book. Today I was searching online for downloadable audio books. I didn’t even realize you could download the audio of book online. But I stumbled onto it today. For those of you who have not read Taylor’s book if you like to listen to a book reading then you can now download the audio of Heart Full of Soul and listen to Taylor Hicks reading you his story. Go here to download the Abridged Audiobook Download for $12.50

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taylor Hicks Grease Videos

I stumbled across some videos at YouTube of Taylor singing Beauty School Dropout that I had seen before. Since I missed these I am sure others have. I saw a couple videos but these are up close and great shots. So below you will find a Clip Of Beauty School Drop Out and The Curtain call.

Beauty School Drop Out

Curtain call

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Taylor Starts The Christmas Season Off with Grease

A great start to the Christmas season will start soon for The Soul Patrol. Taylor Hicks is going to be on a national tour with the Grease show and it starts December 2nd in Providence, Rhode Island. I am planning to attend at least the Columbus Ohio show at Palace Theater which starts December 16th to the 21st and I hope to go again for the show in Cincinnati Ohio and the one in Maryland if my Aunt still wants to travel there to see her sister. My husband asked if I wanted some tire chains on my car so no snow, sleet or ice can stop me. Of course I knew better than to say yes. He would think I had lost my mind for sure. But umm maybe it’s a good idea.
To make Christmas even better for The Soul Patrol we could also use a New CD and some TV time. A Christmas song single or CD would be great to. Ok that is too much work to put on someone during the Christmas season everyone including Taylor Hicks deserves a break at Christmas to enjoy the season.