Saturday, November 24, 2007

Strange Taylor Hicks Dream

Last night I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I lived in Alabama and I was driving down the road. Every few feet there was a sigh that said, land for sale, with an arrow pointing the direction to go. I passed quite a few of these signs and they all kept pointing the same direction. I kept thinking to my self that lots of people had land to sale. Finally after passing about a dozen of these signs I decided to go the direction that one of the signs showed.

I turned left then a few miles later I turned right, and so on and so on for quite a long trip. I finally ended up in an area that simply said, this is the land for you to buy. Next to that section of land was a beautiful log home. Now I don’t mean just an ordinary log home. This was a mansion of log home.

I was figuring my expenses in my head trying to decide if I could afford to buy land and build a home. Then I heard someone behind me say “Hi Dear, can I help you with something?” I turned around, and their behind me, was Taylor Hicks, he informed me he lived in that beautiful log home. I then awoke to the sound of my ringing telephone. I hate being interrupted from a great dream.

Missing Taylor? Trouble? If we don’t get our Hicks Fix, Maybe.

Ray Lamotagne – Trouble

Taylor Hicks – Trouble

What Could you do if You Were Rich and Famous?

My kids love playing The Sims game. Ok, I confess I do to. But today my daughter decided her home needed a theater inside it. She wanted some special carpet for the theater floor. So she typed into search to find some Sims home theater carpet. She came upon a site that sells actual theater carpet for your home. Can you imagine actually having enough money and a home that is large enough for a theater? The best I could do is make 1 room in my home a TV only room and put the carpet there. A 12x18 room would only cost me a little over $700 to put the carpet in. I guess I’ll pass on that. But just had to share with you the things we could do, if we were rich and famous.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Taylor Hicks - Black Friday Push

Black Friday is a major shopping day for the holidays. Today was the big push for Taylor Hicks CD. The fans really leapt into action and Taylor’s been climbing Amazon’s charts today. Here are Taylor’s Amazon sales figures as of 11:45 pm EST. Sales Rank: #238 in Music
#1 in Music > R&B > Soul > Southern Soul

#1 in Music > R&B > Soul > Blue-Eyed Soul

#3 in Music > Classic Rock > Southern Rock

I had a friend and her daughter visit me today. They had heard me talk a little about Taylor Hicks, but they didn’t really know who he was. I showed them some videos on my PC and they listened to his music. They enjoyed Taylor so much they left my house and went to Wal-Mart to each buy a copy of his CD.

My friend’s daughter is 24 and she thinks Taylor is gorgeous. Well now anyway she said. They had seen some pictures I had of Taylor while he was idol. Today they saw all the pictures I have of Taylor. She said Dear Lord what happened to that man? He was ok before but now he is Hot! She is big into diet stuff and she asked me if I thought he had used hoodia or something. LOL

Taylor’s sales are doing great today and he also made at least 2 new fans, so all is good.

If you haven’t purchased Taylor Hicks yet or just want to get another to help his sales then follow this link to get your CD now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Taylor Fan World - We Need a CD

I can not wait for Taylor to emerge with his new CD. Not only do I need a Taylor fix, but we need to divert attention back to what is important, because some fan blogs are causing google alerts to go out that show the fans as being pretty silly. It seems some people put too much time into what girl Taylor is or isn’t dating. Worse yet one site wants to make it seem as though he committed the automate crime. Now they even brag that the national media is getting involved. Not because this story is something unusual in the celebrity world, but because the fans are so involved in it. This site is excited over this. Come on get real “if” this goes nationwide it is just going to show that site and the defense sites as being silly. So once again Taylor’s fans are going to come off looking nuts.

I won’t deny that is true for some. All fan bases have some over the top fans. However this will just label the whole fan base that way. The site who started all this crap probably needs some affordable life insurance because they have exerted their self so much in trying to prove Taylor a liar, no correction they wanted to be the center of attention and they got that, but all this had to do some damage to their heart, because really can you do this crap to a person and not feel some guilt. I am sure their conscience has to be telling them how wrong it all is. They would never admit to it though.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Missing Taylor? He’ll Not Fade Away

Buddy Holly and The Crickets made Not Fade Away a famous song that all the kids, dressed in poodle skirts danced to. I wasn’t around in the 50’s but I have always enjoyed all the music from that era. I could not find a video of Buddy Holly singing this one. I did find a video of the song however, enjoy!

And of course here is Taylor’s version


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taylor having last laugh

On the thoughts of Taylor’s career and if he did or didn’t lie, I forgot to mention one very important thing. Taylor’s checking account. I would bet money that none of the “catch him in lie worshippers” can match his money. So I guess that means Taylor has the last laugh. The more they condemn Taylor, the more they actually help. More people stumble upon the site, who may have not heard of Taylor and they go to find out more about him. They listen to his music, they like what they hear; they become a fan, which gives Taylor even more money. Yep Taylor is having the last laugh.

Sticking by Taylor

Taylor Hicks, as we all know started out playing bar gigs and weddings. There is a site out there that wants to convince everyone that Taylor Hicks is a horrible and dishonest person. Saying he lied to his fans. I myself really don’t care either way. I will still buy Taylor’s music and go his concerts no matter what. What they fell to realize, is that a few short years ago Taylor Hicks would play a bar gig and there would be many empty bar stools. No matter what comes of this Taylor will no longer have to worry about having fans to come and hear him sing and buy his music. Taylor has a huge fan base and the majority of them will not let something this stupid stop them from enjoying Taylor and his music. No I don’t drink the supposed SP Kool-Aid, I also will not drink the let’s catch Taylor in a lie drink that they offer. Elvis Presley died from a drug overdose. This did not stop his fans and nothing will stop Taylor’s fans from sticking by him no matter what.

A Soul Patrol Themed Holiday Candle

I have a friend that makes christmas candles and every year she makes me some scented brightly colored candles to display around my home during the holidays. Today she brought me a new candle that she had made for me. I wish my digital camera was not broken, so I could show you this beautiful candle. I am hoping to get a new one soon and will post the picture then. For now I will just describe the candle. It is a bright green and it says Soul Patrol. The candle sets up and there is a wick to light on each letter. Sort of like in the middle of the letters going the length of the candle in bright red is written Patrol Your Soul. So the candles reads Soul Patrol, Patrol your Soul. She said when she hears me speak of the Soul Patrol it makes her think of something religious. Because she says you need to always Patrol (monitor) what is in your heart and soul. I will not be lighting this candle even though it has a delicious cinnamon scent. I want to always be reminded to Patrol my Soul.