Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Soul Patrol Themed Holiday Candle

I have a friend that makes christmas candles and every year she makes me some scented brightly colored candles to display around my home during the holidays. Today she brought me a new candle that she had made for me. I wish my digital camera was not broken, so I could show you this beautiful candle. I am hoping to get a new one soon and will post the picture then. For now I will just describe the candle. It is a bright green and it says Soul Patrol. The candle sets up and there is a wick to light on each letter. Sort of like in the middle of the letters going the length of the candle in bright red is written Patrol Your Soul. So the candles reads Soul Patrol, Patrol your Soul. She said when she hears me speak of the Soul Patrol it makes her think of something religious. Because she says you need to always Patrol (monitor) what is in your heart and soul. I will not be lighting this candle even though it has a delicious cinnamon scent. I want to always be reminded to Patrol my Soul.