Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sticking by Taylor

Taylor Hicks, as we all know started out playing bar gigs and weddings. There is a site out there that wants to convince everyone that Taylor Hicks is a horrible and dishonest person. Saying he lied to his fans. I myself really don’t care either way. I will still buy Taylor’s music and go his concerts no matter what. What they fell to realize, is that a few short years ago Taylor Hicks would play a bar gig and there would be many empty bar stools. No matter what comes of this Taylor will no longer have to worry about having fans to come and hear him sing and buy his music. Taylor has a huge fan base and the majority of them will not let something this stupid stop them from enjoying Taylor and his music. No I don’t drink the supposed SP Kool-Aid, I also will not drink the let’s catch Taylor in a lie drink that they offer. Elvis Presley died from a drug overdose. This did not stop his fans and nothing will stop Taylor’s fans from sticking by him no matter what.