Saturday, November 24, 2007

Strange Taylor Hicks Dream

Last night I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I lived in Alabama and I was driving down the road. Every few feet there was a sigh that said, land for sale, with an arrow pointing the direction to go. I passed quite a few of these signs and they all kept pointing the same direction. I kept thinking to my self that lots of people had land to sale. Finally after passing about a dozen of these signs I decided to go the direction that one of the signs showed.

I turned left then a few miles later I turned right, and so on and so on for quite a long trip. I finally ended up in an area that simply said, this is the land for you to buy. Next to that section of land was a beautiful log home. Now I don’t mean just an ordinary log home. This was a mansion of log home.

I was figuring my expenses in my head trying to decide if I could afford to buy land and build a home. Then I heard someone behind me say “Hi Dear, can I help you with something?” I turned around, and their behind me, was Taylor Hicks, he informed me he lived in that beautiful log home. I then awoke to the sound of my ringing telephone. I hate being interrupted from a great dream.