Saturday, April 21, 2007

Taylor Hicks - My Journey as a Fan

I was a Taylor Hicks fan as soon as I saw him audition. I did not even remember his name at that time. For a few weeks I would call him the Gray haired guy. It wasn’t long before I remembered his name. I could have never guessed back then that I was about to begin a journey that would not end when Season Five of AI did.

I rooted for Carrie Underwood in season 4. When she won I was glad. But I did not follow up with what she was doing. I never even knew when her CD came out. I would hear a song Jesus Take the Wheel and for awhile I did not who was singing it. I liked the song is all I knew then I found out it was Carrie. I went and bought her CD. I like a few of the songs but the CD was played a few times. Now I rarely take it out and play it anymore.

So when Taylor won I never could have guessed that over a year later I would still be following his career. I believe I know more about Taylor Hicks than I do Elvis Presley. Which trust me is a lot. I was completely devoted to Elvis… until Taylor Hicks came along.

I have written more articles and blog entries about him than I can remember. I listen to his CD at least once every day. I look on the internet every day for any new information or videos about Taylor. Everyone who knows me knows I am a Proud Member of The Soul Patrol and a devoted fan of Taylor Hicks, they also know I will defend any false negative thing said about him and prove to them why it is false.

I have never attended a concert in my life other than seeing Chubby Checker at a fair and Mike Albert an Elvis Impersonator at a 4th of July festival. These were free events. I am not one to invest money in attending a concert. If Elvis was alive I would pay to see him, which is it.

Now however Taylor Hicks as stormed into my life. I am attending his concert in Columbus Ohio Tuesday April 24th. My husband is staying home with the kids, while I go out to concert and spend the night in a hotel with friends. This is neither something that I would have ever done Pre-Taylor nor something he would have encouraged me to do.

Thankfully my husband realizes how important this is to me. So come Tuesday I will finally see Taylor Hicks live and in person. At first I thought well after I see in concert I will have him out of my system and can finally get back to normal. Then I thought more about this. I do not think anything will nor do I want it to. Maybe now I am finally being normal, the real me is coming out. Someone who knows what she likes and wants to enjoy it and have fun. When I see or hear Taylor Hicks I get a big smile on my face and no matter what my mood is it instantly turns into a happy one. I think Taylor Hicks has accomplished what he wanted. He got his voice heard and there are thousands, millions of us who love it and the whole Package that is Taylor Hicks. He puts a smile on the faces of his fans and brings out the best in us.