Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why I'm a Fan of Taylor Hicks

I get asked a lot by people who just don't get the whole Taylor Hicks craze why I am a fan of Taylor Hicks. My first response now after so many times of being asked such a stupid question is “Because this is a free country and I can be.” I mean really who asks people why they are a fan of someone? It is like a Jeff Foxworthy redneck type of question. Should I carry signs to hand these people that says “Here's Your Sign. Get a clue.” I am a fan of Taylor Hicks obviously because I like his voice, his music, his actions, the whole package that is Taylor Hicks.

I don't go around asking people why they are a fan of whoever it is they like. So why do people feel the need to ask a Taylor Hicks fan”why”. However since some just don't get it I will try and explain.

First Taylor Hicks does not act like he is the best thing on earth. He does not care what others think of him. He is not going to change his whole being to please the critics of the world. He worked for 10 years waiting for his big break. This big break came through American Idol. Did he stop working his butt off after that win? The answer is no. After the American Idol tour was over he went in the studio and started getting his CD ready to be released. Let's back up first though.

During the American Idol Tour Taylor Hicks played in several bars after the nights show on tour was over. He had his pre-idol band LMBO shadow him on tour and they would play together to the delight of fans.

Taylor did not just center on his self. He brought his friends into the mix and helped gather them a huge following also. He also had Bucky Covington, Ace Young and Elliot Yamin play with him at these stops . Once again including others in his journey.

Did he have to do this? Once again No. He is the American Idol and he could have just went out his own and worried about his own career. That is not Taylor Hicks though. He wanted to include LMBO and the others from AI.

Now what about The Soul Patrol how are we fans treated? You can be sure we know Taylor Hicks appreciates his fans. We are kept in constant know of the goings on in Taylors career. We get messages left at his myspace site, audio blogs at Gray Charles, rehearsal videos at and so much more.

Taylor has been very sick during his solo tour. When a lot of artists would have canceled a show or two to get better, Taylor Hicks suffers through and still puts on a heck of show for his fans. He has meet and greets and he even stops by the bus on his way out to sign items for fans.

His album is one I enjoy listening to everyday. I like every song on the CD. When I play Taylor Hicks, the CD puts me a great mood. I also know I had better talk about another thing I like about Taylor Hicks or those of The Soul Patrol will call me out. Yes its supposed to be “all about the music” and I do love the Music. However Taylor Hicks is also a fine looking man. Yes I Thud, you Thud, we all Thud for Taylor. :)

So why I am I fan of Taylor Hicks? Well my question to you if you aren't is Why aren't you a fan of Taylor Hicks?” And before you go off spouting some Simon Cowell kind of crap. Let me tell you you had better be seeing Taylor Hicks live or at least watching the many videos out of Taylor before you try and explain why you aren't.