Wednesday, February 14, 2007

American Idol Season 6 - There is no Taylor Hicks

American Idol Season 6, Is there a Taylor Hicks this year? That is a definite no! At least that is my opinion. I have seen no one thus far that has even half the talent, charisma or likeability that our man Hicks had. For that matter I have seen no one that has as much talent as the top 12 in season five had. There is no one for me that I can say yes I want to see more of them. That may change as the show progresses but as of right now I don’t see that happening. This time last season I knew there would be several to make it in the music business no matter what. I had my favs by this time last season.

Ace Young, Mandisa, Kellie Pickler, Lisa Tucker, Paris and of course Taylor Hicks, were my top 6 picks, though from the beginning I wanted Taylor to win and he did. I grew to also like Elliot a lot. Chris I knew would go further also even though he wasn’t and still isn’t, the style I like.

This year I just am not into it like I was last year. Even with Season 4 I had early people I really liked such as Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice and Constantine. Maybe I am just Idoled out. It may be because last year with Taylor Hicks was the first year I really got into the show and voted and cheered along with Taylor and then he won. Maybe my Idol has already won and I just don’t care to find another. I don’t know what it is and maybe my opinion will change but right now Idol is so boring I really don’t care to watch until Taylor is on the show.

It could also be the fact that Simon has said Taylor Hicks shouldn’t have won, maybe its because he told some girl to stick gum on his face or because they seem to not acknowledge that we the American Viewers choose Taylor Hicks to win. If they want to act to like what we want doesn’t matter, than why should I even care to get into the show again? Why should I vote? Why should we invest our time and emotions in cheering someone on and making sure they win if American Idol will later say we were wrong? I know what I like and I know what I don’t like and no one can tell me I am wrong for my choices. Nor do they have that right.

I’m not saying there is no talent this year. There are a couple that may make me gain interest in the show again. I do not remember their names though. One is the navy guy who missed his wife giving birth to their baby because he was trying out for the show; the other is the woman who has a four year old little girl. Will I vote this year? I have no idea. If someone really catches my musical ear and makes me want to root for them then I may. Lets just hope the show gets better and the American Idol people acknowledge Taylor Hicks won and rightfully so, because he was the best.