Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baby Shower

My niece is having her first baby. I promised her that I would get a crib. I was supposed to get it this weekend. But a blizzard came in and kept must of Ohio at home over the weekend. It is Sunday and the roads are just now starting to be cleared. Thank God for the internet I found a site online and ordered her an Emily crib. This is this is the brand crib I used for my own kids. They are very nice cribs and hold up quite well. It cost me a little bit more this way because I used the two day shipping but at least she will have the crib in time for shower. I also got her a Taylor Hicks CD. I figured new Mommy might enjoy some good music and the baby might to.

Skin Needs Sun

Here in Ohio we just had a blizzard this weekend. We got about 8-10 inches where I live. I am so ready for spring. I can’t wait to be able to get outside and enjoy the warmth and the sun. Lord knows my skin needs some sun badly. My skin has become some light it looks as if I may have done some skin whitening. If I don’t get some sun soon I may appear see through. Yes I am exaggerating but come on I have had enough winter to last through two future seasons. One day it could be 60 degrees and the next we could have 3 inches of snow. That I am not exaggerating about. This has been a long and strange winter.

Personalized Car Items

A few months ago I as searching online for personalized steering wheel covers. I found a site that let you personalize almost anything for your car with anything you chose. From steering wheel covers to floor mats, seat covers and even third brake light that would say whatever you wanted when you put your brakes on. I can’t seem to find the site again right now. But I am also a huge Elvis Presley fan and I found a site that sells Elvis Presley Steering wheel covers and seat covers. I just wonder if there is a site that sells decals for car spoilers. I will keep searching I know with all the information on the web and all the products that are sold I will find a site for that soon. If not maybe my neice can paint a saying on my spoiler for me. If you are interested in a Elvis Steering wheel cover it is here

Fujifilm Digital Camera - Ready for Concerts

Last spring and summer I attended many concerts. Taylor Hicks, Bucky Covington 3 times and Tracy Lawrence, I took several pictures of all these concerts and at my last Bucky Covington concert my camera that I had had for many years broke. A couple months ago I started searching for another camera to be prepared for this spring and summer concert season. We enjoy outdoor concerts so unless Taylor was to come into my area during the winter I only attend outdoor concerts. So anyway I looked at many different types of cameras. There are so many too choose from, that do many different things. I however opted for a used Fujifilm finepix A340 from Ebay. My previous camera was a Fujifilm. This camera withstood about 8 years of use and with having kids who took pictures to it took some abuse also and held up quite well. I decided I felt safer with sticking with the camera model I knew and trusted. This new camera is everything I expected from a Fujifilm. Their digital cameras take great pictures in many different scenes. There is no doubt in my mind that I will stick with buying Fujifilm cameras. Now I’m ready for the concert season.