Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I have started taking the kids to play mini-golf. Now they want to try regular golf. I have been looking around to find a place that sounds good golf equipment. I found a sight Ping Golf, it seems to have good prices. The kids are starting to enjoy doing all kinds of new sports and golf is one that they are really getting interested in. Who knows maybe one of them wil be the next Tiger Woods :)


My husband has been redoing our yard. We are putting in a pond and he has been installing some outdoor lighting. We live in the country and it so dark out here. We want to make it where we can go outside at night and have family over and enjoy cooking out at night and such. The kids are excited at all the changes we are making. With the weather changing we won’t be able to enjoy a lot of this year but next summer we will probably be outside most of the summer day and night.

Florida Vacation

My aunt is going to Orlando Florida next month and invited me on an Orlando vacation with her. I have never been to Florida so I can not wait for this trip. I wish Taylor was going to be there when we go but still I will enjoy seeing the ocean and taking in all the sights of Florida. I have never seen the ocean so I can not wait to finally see it for the first time plus it will be great to spend time with my aunt.

Just cause I'm bored

I went bedroom furniture shopping the other day. I got a whole new bedroom now. My old bed was so wore out. Maybe now I will finally get a good nights rest. The set is going to be delivered today. It is a lot of work getting all the old stuff out of my room but at least when the deliver the new they will set it all up for me. Think I will have a yard sale to get rid of the old stuff. I might as well make a little money to help offset the cost of the new stuff.