Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Aunt needs to be a Taylor Fan

My aunt called me today. She is in Las Vegas; she called to let me know she was staying on the Las Vegas Strip in an Imperial Palace Las Vegas. She informed me how beautiful it is. My Aunt is 70 years old and doesn’t look a day over 50. She gets around like a 30-40 year old. She always goes to places like this and has such a great time. I think I need to try harder to get to be a bigger fan of Taylor. She likes him but not enough to travel to see him. If I get her to change that opinion then I can go with her and see Taylor so much more. :)

Telemarketers a Pain

I have recently been getting calls from telemarketers like crazy, to purchase term life insurance. It is from the same company. I have told them numerous times I don’t want it. I have told them to take me off their list and still about every other day they call again. I use to work as a telemarketer so I know the person calling is just trying to make a living but still it gets old saying over and over and over, I don’t want it. I guess that’s why I didn’t last long as a telemarketer I do not like to bug people. I wish more people were like this. Maybe today I’ll just shut off my phone before the calls start.

Missing Taylor Concerts

As must of you already know I am a self-employed freelance writer. Sometimes I make a lot with my choice of a home based business sometimes I don’t. It depends on how often I write articles or find clients who need things written. A lot of the time I get writers block. Having this blog helps some with that as I can write about anything I choose here. Which a lot of the time is about Taylor Hicks. There is always something going on in regards to Taylor and the Soul Patrol and if I still can’t think of something to write about then I can just ramble on about him. I sure wish he would come back to Ohio soon. April seems like years ago now. That is the last time I saw Taylor in concert and also was the first time I saw him in concert.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Luggage for our Travels

The Taylor Hicks Tour is about to come to an end. For just awhile. We all know Taylor loves being out there and preforming live. We all know he will be back. Many fans have traveled all over, following Taylor on many stops. We all know by now that having great luggage is a must. Some of us need to purchase our first good set to start following Taylor when the tour starts back up. Others need to replace the worn out luggage that has followed Taylor on his many stops. travelpro is a great site to check out for luggage.

Listen to Taylor in a Outdoor Kitchen

I have been searching for things to write about at my article site and I found something I had never thought about before. Most everyone loves to cook-out. We spend lots of money buying the perfect grill. We then carry our cooking and eating utensils back and forth from the kitchen to the grill area and back again. Well now we can have an outdoor kitchen. There are beautiful cabinets we can have installed around our grills. We can then leave everything we need for grilling outside in the cabnets to be within easy reach of the grill. Just imagine more time to sit around listening to Taylors Music and talking about him.

Hobbies for our Hubbies

Now as we Soul Patrol know us ladies spend a majority of our time online talking with fellow Soul Patrollers that we hold dear. We follow all the Taylor Hicks news there is. If you man is like mine he complains often he is bored. Well maybe we can help them get a hobby so they do not interrupt our Taylor Hicks Hobby. There are many hobbies that they can do such as golfing or how about slot cars and race tracks. I found a nice site where you can order very nice race tracks and more. Have them check out the site tonight well once your done with the Soul Patrol :)

Taylor Gifts

I've been trying to think of a special gift I cold give to Taylor someday if/when I meet I him. There are lots of ideas I have seen floating around and also lot's of great gifts that fans have given him already. I was thinking maybe something personalized. But I would want something unusual. I don't really know what that would be though. We all Taylor golfs maybe personalized golf balls. I'm only half joking. I wonder if there is somewhere you can get those persoanlized. Maybe with Soul Patrol on them lol. Oh well just thinking(typing) out loud.

August My Busy Month

It has been a month since I posted to this blog. I knew it had been awhile but I sure did not realize it was that long. I have had PC problems plus been busy getting out with the kids and doing things. I realized a few weeks ago that my children are almost grown and before I know it they wil no longer be living at home waiting for me to find things for us to do as a family. My oldest already moved out, he has a job and a girlfriend and I don't see him often. My other two still at home are 16 and 12. So August has been a very busy month for me. My family and I have gone on many cookouts, swimming days, fairs and concerts. I found out the first week of August that on August 10th I would get to Interview Taylor Hicks for a second time. You can read it here Taylor Interview It was so great to speak with Taylor again. We was hoping to attend a concert this summer but Taylor has been just to far away for us to go. The next tour hopefully Taylor will come closer and we can see him at least a couple times. I went to a concert in April and it was such a great concert experience I can't wait for my children to see Taylor live. We are also huge fans of country music. I found out Bucky Covington would be at the fair 20 minutes from me and got tickets for me and my daughter to attend. This concert was at the Ross County Fairgrounds. A storm stopped the concert but Bucky found a way to please the fans, you can read about this here you can also wathc Bucky singing Back when we were Gods here My daughter is completely in love with Bucky so when the concert did not turn out the way expected she begged me to find another show we could go see. A week later Bucky was going to be in Dayton Ohio so off we went on another roadtrip, this time my husband, son and neice joined us. You can read it here We all enjoyed the concert very much. Bucky puts on a great show. My daughter and I stayed after the show to get an autograph and Bucky won my daughter even more when he smiled so big at her and called her honey. Below is a video from the show.