Friday, November 16, 2007

Missing Taylor? Wonder if he is in the city?

Stevie Wonder – Living for the City

Taylor Hicks – Living for the City

Taylor Hicks Winning over the Masses

I think my husband has finally accepted the idea I am a Taylor Hicks fan. He updated my PC so it could be hooked into my TV, had the cable company schedule a time to come and turn on HDTV and got a plasma TV and plasma stand. Oh sure all this stuff is great for his TV viewing pleasure also but he knows all this makes it much easier for me watch all things Taylor and to watch them in style. I remember my Mom saying, when Elvis first came out, that most of the husbands and boyfriends did not like him. He took the attention away from them. She said it didn’t take long before Elvis’s talent and charisma was so evident that these same guys who could not stand him grew to appreciate and really respect Elvis I see the same thing happening with Taylor now. It’s all good.

Taylor Hicks Whomp at the Warfield

Taylor Hicks “Whomp at the Warfield” concert has been getting rave reviews. From those who attended the concert and from those who saw the concert on HDTV. I wasn’t able to see it, as I did not have HDTV. That all changes next week, I am having HDTV installed; I hope Whomp at the Warfield is still airing. I have also heard about a commercial video using the song The Fall. I really hope to see this as The Fall is my favorite song of Taylor’s. My cable company was trying to explain how they are going to get me set up such as saying they need to bring bulk cable. Umm Ok as I told them I don’t care how it is done, just get here and get done. I need my Hicks Fix.

Taylor Hicks TV

Thanks to MissyScarlet at TOSP for alerting fans to Taylor Hicks TV. While it may not actually be on TV it is the next best thing. Blip TV is a video sharing site. Similar too, Gofish and Youtube, however with Taylor Hicks TV as an example it is set up so each video is on the screen and plays one right after another. I am so glad my laptop has a video card that hooks to my TV. I am able to watch Taylor Hicks TV on my TV. Check it out. There are 21 songs by Taylor and 1 clip of Taylor talking to the crowd. This is a great way to pass the time while Taylor is on break.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Missing Taylor? Let's Take it to the Streets

First Michael McDonald with the Doobie Brothers – Taking it to the Streets

Taylor Hicks - Taking it to the Streets

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Missing Taylor - Day 2 - Easy

Today I am posting “Easy” by Lionel Richie and Taylor Hicks. I have always loved this song. I have been a fan of Lionel Richie for as long as I can remember. Taylor’s version is once again EXCELLENT.

Easy By Lionel Richie

Easy by Taylor Hicks

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Taylor Hicks Cover Songs

This blog is going to show all of Taylor’s AI Performances and the original artist performance. Taylor has done some excellent cover songs that were not just on American Idol. I am also going to be posting videos of these. The First is “Ain’t no Sunshine” Originally by Bill Withers.

Ain’t no Sunshine – Bill Withers

I truly enjoy Bill Withers version, however Taylor’s Version gives me goose bumps, when he starts playing the harp, that’s it I’m done. I so hope that Taylor has some songs like this on his next CD.

Ain’t no Sunshine – Taylor Hicks

Missing Taylor Hicks?

Taylor is on break writing music for his new CD. No news and no concerts is giving us all Taylor Hicks Withdrawl. We are missing Taylor. So I have decided what I will be doing, while Taylor is taking a much needed break and writing some new music for a new CD, for us all to enjoy.

I am going to start posting a video of a Taylor preformance on American Idol, there will also be a video from the original artist. Lets discuss Taylor's performance. We can discuss his performance verses the orginal or just leave a comment with what ever the videos make you think about.

Ok My first song is "Levon" I just loved it so much when Taylor sang this song. I loved how Simon admited he was wrong. It was a great nite for Taylor.

First here is Elton John singing "Levon"

And now here Taylor Hicks singing "Levon"

And I can't resist here is Sam Cooke "A Change is Gonna Come"

Here is Ray Charles Singing "Swanee River" I could not find a video of it. So I created my own. So Glad my record collection contained this one.

And here is Taylor's Audition singing A Change is Gonna Come and Swanee River

Ok let's discuss.