Monday, February 25, 2008

Paula Abdul - Is she making a comeback?

I have always been a huge of Paula Abdul. When I was in early 20s it was Paula Abdul, Samantha Fox, Def Leppard and of course of Elvis Presley that you would mpst likely hear playing at my house or in my car. When I first tuned into American Idol it was Season 3 had heard friends talking about the show and they mentioned Paula Adul was a judge on the show. That was the only reason I even tuned in to check out the show. I did not get involved in the show much until Season four when we rooted for Carrie and then of course came the Season Of Taylor Hicks. I call it the Season of Taylor Hicks because that is truly the only person I cared about at all. I liked some others ok but it was only Taylor I wanted to be the next American Idol. So during all this I kept wondering if Paula would ever sing again. Forever Your Girl and Cold Hearted Snake as always be favorites of mine. But I had given up on Paula doing anymore music. Then the other day I saw this video and was thrilled to see Paula is back. I love this video and Paula sounds as good as ever. While I may not be watching Idol these days, I am busy watching Big Brother and Jericho and hubby has to watch Lost I still am thrilled to see Paula as a song out again and I hope this is just the begining. Maybe there is a Paula Abdul Album we can expect in the future. As far as Simon I think he is obnoxious and I have many reasons to think that but that is just my opinion. However if Simon was around much I would need a air purifiers.

Dance Like Theres No Tomorrow

Cold Hearted Snake

Forever Your Girl

Samantha Fox Touch Me

Def Leppard Love Bites

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Soul Affair

It is almost May, just a short couple months away and that means it is close to time for A Soul Affair and Party for the Patrol presented by Harmony for the Soul. It is going to be a fun-filled, 2 day event. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet or have not heard of this event head to the site now and check it out. . This event will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, on May 9-10 2008. All funds raised from this event will be split between Kid One Transport and The Alabama/Georgia chapter of The Make a Wish Foundation. It will be an event filled with lots of food, fun and great music. Bands that will be performing include LiMBO (Little Memphis Blues Orchestra) also formally The Taylor Hicks Band, Spoonful James, Ricky Carden, JB Roberts and more. Let’s let spring in with the sounds of great Soulful Music and fun times. Make some memories and make some friends along the way. So drag out that fitness equipment it’s time to get into shape and get ready to party.

Sports, Music, ETC

It seems not only have fans of Taylor Hicks discovered the sounds of his soulful voice and the love of music once again they have also discovered the love of sports. Taylor has done several golf gigs and played basketball, fans have tuned into these sports to catch a glimpse of Taylor or walked around the golf course has he played hoping to get a chance to tell him how much they admire him. Some fans have even started golfing or maybe taken it back up again, played basketball and more. Taylor Hicks has given us great music and a love once again for great music and he also given fans the push to try sports they may have never tried before or had given up playing long ago. A place called Sports Authority may be a place you would like to check out you can also get Sports Authority coupons. It is always great to try something new in life because as the old saying says you never know what you will like until you try it.

Skin Problems

Here I am 41 years old and I was still fighting acne now and then. I could not figure why nothing seemed to stop me from getting the acne breakout a few times a year. I have also been getting a rash on my neck and chin for about 10 years now. The doctors kept giving me medicine for it but it always came back. Nothing is more embarrassing than going out some where and having a red rash covers your neck and part of your face. A family member kept telling me it was makeup causing it but I thought they were crazy. Almost every woman wears makeup and has no problems. For Christmas she bought me some makeup for Christmas she said if I used it instead of my current makeup she thought my rash and acne problems would be gone. I have been using it ever since. Now it’s only been 2 months but my rash is gone and has not come back. The acne I am not sure about yet as I only get it a few times a year anyway. It is mineral makeup. The makeup is made up totally of minerals and vitamins. If you are having trouble with acne or rashes the try this makeup, it may be just what you need.


I am getting ready for spring. Spring Fever hit me long before winter even started. I just purchased a new Video Camcorder and Digital camera. I got a nice bag to carry all my supplies in. I plan to attend many concerts this year. I am so hoping to at see Taylor Hicks at least once and I know of to Bucky Covington shows I will be attending. This bag makes it easy to carry all I need to record he great video shots and get those great pictures. There is even room for my cell phone and ID and such. I can fit almost anything I need in this thing besides kitchen faucets. I am sure if I needed them for some reason I would find a way to carry them also. This has been such a long and strange winter in Ohio. One day it may be 60 and sunny the next 40 and rainy and then the next could be 19 degrees or less, snow and ice and then back up to 60 again. I am so ready for the sun and fun of the spring and summer months.