Monday, February 25, 2008

Paula Abdul - Is she making a comeback?

I have always been a huge of Paula Abdul. When I was in early 20s it was Paula Abdul, Samantha Fox, Def Leppard and of course of Elvis Presley that you would mpst likely hear playing at my house or in my car. When I first tuned into American Idol it was Season 3 had heard friends talking about the show and they mentioned Paula Adul was a judge on the show. That was the only reason I even tuned in to check out the show. I did not get involved in the show much until Season four when we rooted for Carrie and then of course came the Season Of Taylor Hicks. I call it the Season of Taylor Hicks because that is truly the only person I cared about at all. I liked some others ok but it was only Taylor I wanted to be the next American Idol. So during all this I kept wondering if Paula would ever sing again. Forever Your Girl and Cold Hearted Snake as always be favorites of mine. But I had given up on Paula doing anymore music. Then the other day I saw this video and was thrilled to see Paula is back. I love this video and Paula sounds as good as ever. While I may not be watching Idol these days, I am busy watching Big Brother and Jericho and hubby has to watch Lost I still am thrilled to see Paula as a song out again and I hope this is just the begining. Maybe there is a Paula Abdul Album we can expect in the future. As far as Simon I think he is obnoxious and I have many reasons to think that but that is just my opinion. However if Simon was around much I would need a air purifiers.

Dance Like Theres No Tomorrow

Cold Hearted Snake

Forever Your Girl

Samantha Fox Touch Me

Def Leppard Love Bites