Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pet Peeve - Nope Just Pissed Off

I think I am going to start posting my Pet Peeves now and again. Today my Pet Peeve is people who make up rumors just to have something to say. I got a email from a friend (that I haven’t heard from in at least 6 months) saying that I should know that she heard on the radio that Taylor spent the last few months in a drug treatment program and that is why he hadn’t been doing any concerts.

I did not email her back I called her. I asked what station she heard this on. She could not remember. So I said well when did you hear this she replied I don’t know for sure a few days ago. I then asked when he was supposed to have been there she said I’m not sure I think they said he was there for the last 4 months. I said well that is funny. She said why is it funny? I informed her it was funny because if he was in a treatment program then they must have let him out twice a day. She said no they don’t do that. I said well he has been doing Grease on Broadway for the last few months. She hung up and wouldn’t answer when I called back. Guess I caught her in her lie and she couldn’t think of what to say.

I will never understand people who have to make up lies and expect others to believe them.

Taylor Hicks 2006 American Idol Tour –

Taylor Hicks won American Idol Season Five in 2006. I got a Google alert today and USA Today reported that the 2006 tour led by Taylor Hicks brought in $35.2 million and seats were filled at 96.1% capacity. The seasons since have not been as successful. The 2008 American Idol tour, led by David Cook, was more successful than the 2007 tour but neither sold what the 2006 tour did. The 2008 tour pulled in $29.3 million, reports Billboard Boxscore, compared with 2007’s $20.9 million and the 2008 tour seast were filled at 85.4% average rate; in 2007, that figure was 68.4%.
American Idol has been trying to brainwash American viewers to forget about Taylor. Why else would the show not have Taylor in the opening credits and so many other instances in which Simon blatantly found ways to diss Taylor. Maybe now they will show some respect.
I am not saying Taylor is the only reason that the tour did so well. Season Five was filled with many talented people. I am a huge fan of Bucky Covington also and we also like Kellie Pickler. However there can be no denying that Taylor was a HUGE drawl for the tour. It is nice to finally see some reports acknowledging that fact.

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