Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Turn in the Tide? American Idol Supporting Taylor Hicks.

When a tide turns, it goes in an opposite direction. That is just what appears to be happening with American Idol in regards to Taylor Hicks. I think it is about time. After Taylor won American Idol we heard Simon saying America got it wrong. We saw and heard Simon tell a contestant to stick her gum on Taylor’s face. Meaning the poster behind her of Taylor of course. But knowing Simon if it had actually been Taylor standing there we would have heard the same thing.

American Idol the past couple years have appeared to completely leave Taylor out of AI promotion. Hiding his posters behind plants and such, sticking it off in the corner of our TV screens and seemingly wanting to throw Daughtry (I have nothing against Chris just stating a fact) in the viewers face and leave Taylor out.

It seems that is changing now. We know Taylor will be on American Idol sometime this Season and AI has posted upcoming news about Taylor on the American Idol site the past few weeks. If you visit now you will a piece about Taylor’s request for extra’s in his video. It is the 1st Article there. I am almost positive that is a first since Taylor won. (There is a pole there to vote for your idol to, while you are there. Taylor is in the lead so far.)

Now that Taylor is such a huge success in the Broadway production of Grease, is that why the tide as turned. Is this why American Idol is now remembering that yes Taylor did win Season 5? I don’t care what the reason is, it is just awesome to finally see Taylor getting support where he should have been getting it from all along.

Another thing I find interesting, is that with Taylor’s debut self-titled album, after winning Idol, there was NO music video. But now that Taylor has his own record company (Modern Whomp Records) and his album is Independent, there is a music video that is being shot tomorrow.

The old saying is If you want something done right, than do it yourself. Seems like this is going to be true in regards to Taylor Hicks and his music.

Be in Taylor Hicks’ Video What’s Right is Right Jan 12th

For all you ladies and gents aged 16-40 here is your chance to be in Taylor’s new video for his new single “What’s Right is Right”. The video is being filmed Monday Jan 12th. Call time is 9am and you need to be prepared to be there for 6 hours. Be appropriately attired for cocktail party. The look is downtown chic with an edge. Young, sexy, modern, classy. Men please come in a suit. Women should come dressed for a cocktail party , also bring a street option. Sexy street, not cheesy. Bring a couple of different looks and tons of accessories.

Place to be:

California Clipper
1002 North California Ave
Chicago IL 60622
9 am
Monday Jan 12th 2009

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So if you live in Chicago, feel the need for a road trip or just want to be in a Taylor Hicks video then drive your car, jump on a plane or stop a greyhound and head to Chicago to support our Soul Man in his first music video. Let’s help Taylor show the music world “What’s Right is Right” and the whole CD “The Distance” is going to be amazing.