Sunday, October 14, 2007

Taylor Hicks Withdrawl - Did Taylor Spoil Us?

The Soul Patrol is going through Taylor Hicks withdrawl. A non – fan may ask how can you go through Taylor Hicks withdrawll? Did Taylor spoil his devoted fan base? Yes in a way I guess he did. In January 2006 American Idol introduced the viewing public to Taylor Hicks. Taylor found his way into the hearts of millions of viewers. Many people who had never watched the show before started to watch because wither they had caught a glimpse of Taylor Hicks as they were scanning through the channels or someone told them to tune in and see this gray haired guy who could sing like you would not believe. Others simply tuned into to see what all the fuss was about or because they saw one of Taylor’s crazy dance moves or quirky movements. Either way once they tuned in they were hooked.

Soon Taylor fans were uniting online and creating websites and talking online about this gray haired guy. Past CDs of Taylor’s were being discovered and fans were not only enjoying seeing Taylor on American Idol they were also online listening to anything recorded by Taylor Hicks.

As we all know Taylor became the 2006 American Idol. The AI concerts were selling so well that new dates had to be added. Now to give credit where credit is due season five was a extremely talented year and they all had a part in the sell outs. Taylor was also appearing with LIMBO after the AI shows were over.

Taylor was very accommodating to his fans in making his self accessible to them. Further embedding him in our hearts, the tour ended and Taylor set out to get his CD ready. Did we go through withdrawl? Maybe a little but not much. Taylor was leaving voice blogs at Gray Charles for his fans. Fans were being very devoted at relaying each and every encounter they had with Taylor. Keeping everyone up to date on his goings on.

There were countless TV appearances, radio interviews, magazine articles and just about any avenue you could think of to know where Taylor was and what was happening.

November 6, 2006 videos available became available for fans to be able to take an inside look at studio rehearsals on the site in a series of memorable performances. The excitement of Rehearsals Fridays was rampant throughout Soul Patrol Land. The site was bombarded with fans anxious to get their Taylor Hicks fix.

December 12th 2006 Taylor Hicks was released and fans rushed to their stores as soon as it went on sale. I went to Walmart at midnight to get my CD, making them go dig it out and give me my copy then. Many fans did this. But before the release of the CD once again the internet gave us our Taylor Hicks fix early. Myspace had preview clips of 3 songs off the CD a few weeks before it’s release. Then December 6th a site had the full CD available to listen to it. I do not remember now what site that was so if anyone knows please let me know.

December 14, 2006 the AOL Sessions featuring Whomp music posted on the internet. Once again fans went rushing to the site to get news.

December 14, 2006 Initiated agreement with GOFISH as first featured artist; responding to videos and comments from fans. Everyone started posting questions or making montages for Taylor to view. Then we would get video answers from Taylor.

There is so much more ways that Taylor communicated with fans and ways in which fans relayed information to other fans. There is so much in that aspect this would turn into a small book if I tried to post it all. The point is we never truly got a chance to have Taylor withdraw. We thought at times we did but really we didn’t there was so much going on.

Now Taylor has taken a much needed and deserved break. Not completely he is still out doing some things and appearing at football games and such. However there are no rehearsals now, no new gofish, and no Gray Charles audio messages. Now the Soul Patrol is experiencing their first real Taylor Hicks withdraw. So did Taylor spoil us? Yes I believe he did. Is that a bad thing? Of course not, will the Soul Patrol be able to take this withdraw and survive? Of course we will. The Soul Patrol is a united fan base and know that Taylor will be back fresh rested and ready for the excitement that will once again follow his every move. He thrives when he performs he can never stay away for long. There will be a new CD, new tour, new appearances, new concert recaps. The excitement of the first time we heard this song or saw him perform something new on TV, the first new interview many firsts surrounding the new music will be plentiful once again.

A happy, rested and healthy Taylor will be back again to spoil his fans. Just remember how it seemed we couldn’t wait for each and every thing that has happened in the past year and half, but we made it through. Half the fun of anything is the excitement and anticipation of it. I for one am very excited for the new firsts that are about to happen and will be anxiously but patiently waiting. The Taylor Hicks fix everyone is wanting will be here before we know it. The Soul Man will be back to spoil his fans and take away the Taylor Hicks withdrawl blues.

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